Children's Clothing Ad Has Naked Man in Background: Accident or Sick Joke?

Living 2012/01/09 21:00:00
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Looks like somebody needs to fire their editor. French clothing company La Redoute released an ad for their children's line showing a bunch of happy, smiling kids -- and a naked man in the background, Yahoo! Shine reports. The PG-13 version of the photo appears below:

"La Redoute apologizes for the photograph published on its site and is taking steps to remove it," a company representative tweeted. "We will strengthen the validation process of all brand communications for this cannot happen again in the future," they wrote on Facebook. In a statement, the company added: "An internal inquiry has been opened to determine how the error happened."

The uncensored photo was online for almost an entire day, going viral before the company removed it, according to Yahoo! And while the mishap made us laugh, we have to wonder how it occurred. Europeans are much more comfortable with nudity -- and naked bathing -- than Americans, so perhaps, maybe the people responsible for this photo didn't think having a naked man in the background was a big deal. Or, maybe it was a publicity stunt to get people talking about La Redoute (mission accomplished). Or, and this is probably what happened, maybe they just didn't notice him.

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  • Lilly 2013/01/20 11:46:27
    Sick joke
    Not sick, just kinda funny. That's not the kind of thing that goes unnoticed for very long.
  • Dave The Canuck 2012/04/09 18:31:00
    Dave The Canuck
    He's so far in the background, the photographer probably didn't notice him.
  • mm61675 2012/03/18 21:50:21
    LOL failllll
  • Ramon 2012/01/21 14:56:16
    Sick joke
  • HarryPalms 2012/01/17 20:09:09
    Where's the option funny joke?
  • brittany 2012/01/16 20:52:23
    Sick joke
    it's just like the rescuers down under made by disney.. of course it was done on purpose
  • Bob 2012/01/16 06:34:20
    Sick joke
  • ehrhornp 2012/01/16 02:47:56
    How do you know the man is naked? I certainly can't tell. Just shows that France is not puritanical if it allows nudism at its beaches.
  • devon.stearns.lautner 2012/01/13 08:09:13
    In different parts of the world people do swimm nude, the person in the back ground could of had no idea that the photograph wasn't a close up, which made the guy wonder in onto the scene by accident. It was a huge misled gone wrong. By the time the editor would've of noticed it would been when the photographer could've been tired and very misminded that a person was in the background, til it would've got sent off or the person in the dark room made a mistake. People who would do something for a sick joke would've planned it out better. Look how the simpsons eposide made fun of the statue of the artist who created David out of marble, but photography is totally different they made an error more than anything else.
  • Rachel 2012/01/11 22:50:07
    ... and funny.
  • Mustafa 2012/01/11 21:13:20
    Sick joke
    Just Nasty!! The perverts are sick!
  • Hannah 2012/01/11 04:23:25
    I Mean, There Has Got To Be SOMEBODY Who Saw That.
  • Euphrosyne 2012/01/11 03:16:38
    This doesn't have the lingering presence of a sick joke wrapped around this picture. Some guy probably was walking around on the beach and stepped in the middle of a photo shoot and the photographer took the picture before anyone noticed the man.

    It's not like they close off a whole beach just to use a small section of it to take a picture, stuff happens.
  • LesMiserables 2012/01/11 02:14:53
    Bahahahaha weird...
  • Steve Russel 2012/01/11 02:10:33
    Steve Russel
    What's wrong with naked? prudes!
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/01/10 19:36:48
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    People, it's France. Nudity does not always equal sex over there.
  • LesMise... Beat Ma... 2012/01/11 02:15:34
    thank you!
  • Lady Winters 2012/01/10 19:24:46
    Lady Winters
    it looks like the poor kids are running away from him. I would too. lol
  • AppleRoseBlossom 2012/01/10 19:19:13
  • Bruno Costa 2012/01/10 18:31:41
    Sick joke
    Bruno Costa
    That's so sick joke.
  • Alex, WolmanXX 2012/01/10 17:29:33
    Alex, WolmanXX
    Nothing Photoshop won't fix. :D
  • Sofahead 2012/01/10 17:23:59 (edited)
    Probably an accident.


    if it was a stunt, it back fired. The competition 3 Suisse is exploiting this

    This Accidental Naked Frenchman Is Now Used To Sell Swimming Trunks


    the cheeky ad reads "Clearly not everyone knows we have swimming trunks from €9.99."

    Read more: http://articles.businessinsid...
  • drew 2012/01/10 17:00:50
    Sick joke
    Leave it to the French to make naked adults and children a norm.
  • Beat Ma... drew 2012/01/10 19:37:31
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Leave it to Americans to make the human body a dirty thing that always equals sex and perversion.
  • drew Beat Ma... 2012/01/10 19:56:00
    It is perversion for adults to run around in the nude in front of children, all except for the child rapist or molesters.
  • k9qts 2012/01/10 16:52:06
    Sick joke
    The editor should be fired
  • lucky 2012/01/10 16:47:19
    Sick joke
    Considering their previous ad was "Everything is Allowed" I lean more toward sick joke but it could be a joke by the employees but not the company itself. Also as others have mentioned France is not as taboo as we are here in the US, so maybe those in charge of the photo just didnt think anything about it.
  • Sass 2012/01/10 16:20:55
    Sick joke
    Yeah, right, a PROFESSIONAL photographer is going to MISS a naked man in his frame. (Sarcasm)
  • ~Doll P... Sass 2012/01/11 23:46:57
    ~Doll Princess~
    You'd be surprised what ends up in a shot-even with a learned eye.
  • Binker 2012/01/10 16:15:13
    Sick joke
    The reason I would say sick joke is because of the fact they go through these pictures with fine teeth combs to make sure the lighting and there is no blurriness to the photograph.......they would have seen him you cant miss him unless your blind!
  • Sick joke
    STEELANGEL 凸 Metal Up 凸
    Neither really. Public nudity is normal in France. In the parks, Kids around or not!
  • Lonna121593 2012/01/10 15:50:41
    thats pretty funny too tho lol
  • JuliaLoren 2012/01/10 15:39:55
    Sick joke
    you dont just "miss" the naked man. i think it was intentional. probably not known by the company, but someone HAD to see that! pretty funny though.. ;)
  • mevrick 2012/01/10 15:23:43
    sick joke would have been the naked man holding the children :D
  • Dave Th... mevrick 2012/04/09 18:35:48
    Dave The Canuck
    No, that would be child pornography and wouldn't even be a joke at all.
  • cb 2012/01/10 14:26:55
    Big Deal, nudity is not some big sin over there They are not a bunch of prudes and honestly you can't even see the guy. Who determined that he is naked and not wearing a little thong or something?

    Really what is it with some people? This reminds me of the idiots that wanted to ban Snow White years ago because a woman was 'living in sin with 7 men'. Stop projecting your own gutter-mind tendencies of children who think nothing of it. Children don't care until Sexually repressed adults start using stuff like this to give kids hang-ups over God's greatest creation-the human body.
  • Beat Ma... cb 2012/01/10 19:38:50
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Americans have two irrational taboos:

    1. Nudity/the Human Body
    2. Alcohol

    Neither are treated with respect.
  • cb Beat Ma... 2012/01/10 20:16:52
    I have to agree with you. I'll just bet everyone who is so outraged have seen CLEAR photos of more penises in National Geographic Magazine!
  • cutter's falls 2012/01/10 14:02:03
  • MeBNme 2012/01/10 13:37:47
    Sick joke
    now this pic,despite it being a "supposed" natural shot of kids,would have had some kind of editing/Photoshop or such,tell us its an accident the nude guy was in it,i say bull*hit,they knew,no such thing as bad publicity right! blehhh i dont think its that big of a deal but,inappropriate yes,being a picture with kids in it

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