Child Model Cries All the Way Down the Catwalk: Would You Cry Too?

Living 2011/06/28 21:42:42
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The modeling industry is a tough nut to crack, especially if you don't have the emotional stability to put up with glaring eyes and constant judgment.

But this young model's teary eyes made him something of a star at the Smalto fashion show in Paris, Fashionista reports.

models teary eyes star smalto fashion paris fashionista reports

models teary eyes star smalto fashion paris fashionista reports

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  • Stella Bella 2011/06/28 23:31:03 (edited)
    Stella Bella
    He is a young boy who is obviously unhappy with the situation at hand. He probably has no control over whether he wants to be a model either.

    That being said, the kid really has nice cheekbones for someone that age, but he should be able to make the decision if modeling is a career path he wishes to chose.

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  • callmebat 2011/07/02 15:19:01
    I wouldn't be crying because I'm holding Alexandre Cunha's hand. But I guess for this kid to be forced to put on makeup is kind of horrifying. He is a boy and not girl after all. cunhas hand guess kid forced makeup horrifying boy girl
  • <3^_^ 2011/06/30 13:56:41
    :( poor kid
  • I Hurt I Am In Fashion 2011/06/30 07:16:42
    I Hurt I Am In Fashion
    This unfortunate incident occurred when one Epsilon child got mixed up with the rest of Alphas and Betas.

  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/06/29 23:32:40
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    I would punch the guy who had this stuppid idea.
  • Paradox25 2011/06/29 17:59:47
    I can't blame him for crying there. Those horrible clothes he had to wear, stage fright, knowing a bunch of eyes are watching you, etc. Yeah I wouldn't know where to start here, I'd cry too.
  • Student 2011/06/29 17:59:23
    I wonder if someone pinched him B4 he went out on the runway.
  • Bilingual required sucks 2011/06/29 17:32:53 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    I would cry too those clothes are dreadful.
  • ~WinnieThePooh~ ^-^ 2011/06/29 17:31:59
    ~WinnieThePooh~ ^-^
    I feel bad for the poor kid. But I think I would strut my stuff then go backstage and bawl my eyes out! haha.
  • ally 2011/06/29 17:20:51
    It's no longer fun for the child when you see them crying while walking down a runway. The parents should stop this nonsense immediately. But I doubt that- it's the parent's dream, not uaually the child's dream to be in the spotlight.
  • Yes
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    If I was being forced to be paraded like some freak on a leash, I'd be just a little upset about to. In fact, I'd probably be dragged out there kicking and screaming.
  • Claudia 2011/06/29 17:02:25
    It looks like the kid didn't wanted to be there, besides he's too young for this things.
  • marcie 2011/06/29 16:54:56
    No but I am an adult. This handsome little guy is probably being pushed by his parents and he is obviously not a ham for crowds and camera's. I think his parents are probably the greedy type that are cashing in on their son while they can make him do something he obviously isn't happy with.
  • dawn 2011/06/29 16:54:53
    He obviously doesn't wnt to be there!
  • ernest debrew 2011/06/29 16:48:47
    ernest debrew
    For probably being so nervous.
  • Freedom.Must.Be.Flattering 2011/06/29 16:45:08
    I'm an extremely shy person, but if I was able and/or had to walk down a professional runway, I wouldn't cry. That's something grown people DREAM about, feel lucky you got a chance to do it, and don't ruin it with tears!!
  • Maleficent 2011/06/29 16:36:00
    im not exactly sure what he was crying for, if it was because of what he has to do the modeling thing and he doesnt really want to then yeah i would cry as well.
  • Michael Hertel 2011/06/29 16:31:45
    Michael Hertel
    It is not possible for us to guess why the tears, is sad, scared, hurt. or angry because he had to stop playing the game for a few minutes.
  • joe 2011/06/29 16:18:36
    The kid probably gets the best drugs, the prettiest babes, and a lot of cash for strolling down the runway. He needs to suck it up and quit his crying.
  • AlexTheFork 2011/06/29 16:15:06
    That kid is so cute!
  • KAoTicRAiD3R 2011/06/29 15:56:23
    Only if i wasn't getting paid...
  • Lanikai 2011/06/29 15:54:51
    If I was being made to do something I did not enjoy as a child, yes. We don't know why he is crying, did he fall backstage? did he get yelled at? was he abused in some way to make him perform?

    Cute kid but, poor thing.
  • "H" 2011/06/29 15:49:24
    stupid kid - get that large cane with a hook on the end to get this little pansy off the stage. He already shows signs of being gay, what a shame
  • kjp71 "H" 2011/06/29 16:07:51
    You're the stupid one you silly b***h. Who knows what made him cry. Before you call anyone a pansy or gay get the facts!
  • "H" kjp71 2011/06/29 16:16:01
    oh i have the facts girly. oh i do. stupid pansy kid is walking a runway with a tear in his eyes and a sissy boy haircut. it is obvious his parents want a gay child
  • Danapwns! "H" 2011/06/29 17:13:15
    shut. up.
  • "H" Danapwns! 2011/06/29 17:45:48
    make. me.
  • Danapwns! "H" 2011/07/10 15:06:56
    What's wrong with being gay? Could you please show some sympathy. Honestly.
  • Jrogers 2011/06/29 15:46:05
    He is a beautiful little boy - but all the people staring at you would make me cry too
  • Peter Quan 2011/06/29 14:10:35
    Peter Quan
    That kid looks like he is gonna pimp slap someone.
  • Vanessa... Peter Quan 2011/06/29 15:20:36
    Vanessa Farrow
    You are too funny
  • Steph 2011/06/29 14:02:22
    poor kid, bet he was terrified. With all the stuff that goes on in that industry, I really don't think it's a place for a child
  • Alice 2011/06/29 14:01:08
    I teared up just looking at the picture. Poor little guy.... F*** his parents. A good dry one in the back, too.
  • B 2011/06/29 13:59:23
    I was a realllllly shy kid so I would be terrified of the large crowd. It would have been nice to see the older model be a little more comforting to the child...would have probably helped sell the clothes too. Poor kid!
  • DarkAngelAlliance 2011/06/29 13:57:37
    I was on stage a lot as a kid, and loved it, but i still got the fear, and tears, beforte a show, cos it's so overwhelming. You have what feels like hundreds of eye's on you, i couldn't imagine it on a catwalk, when they are just on you. Poor little lad, i want to give him cuddle and ice cream.
  • synful90 2011/06/29 13:49:44 (edited)
    another case of pushing your kid too far to do something they don't want to. plus he's in a sequin suit for god's sake! can you blame him?! lol i just don't see the point in kiddos modeling they always look like " wtf?! why am i here?"
  • DarkAng... synful90 2011/06/29 13:59:48
    Not all of them! My daughter does catalogue modelling, after watching a show on toddler models with me and asking to do it. She loves dressing up in pretty clothes (and keeping them) and posing for photo's. I wouldn't have her on a catwalk though, she gets terrible stage fright at school!
  • synful90 DarkAng... 2011/06/29 14:03:12
    well i suppose not in all cases. i don't mind if parents put their kids in because they want to be of course. catwalk is a little much and that boy just looks like he doesn't even want to be there.
  • DarkAng... synful90 2011/06/29 14:16:33
    Some parents just see their kids as a way to live their dreams. I really didn't want to let her do it, cos of the industry itself, but she was insistent, and i'm a push over :-D
  • synful90 DarkAng... 2011/06/29 14:18:27
    nothing wrong with that just being a good parent! the worst ones are those pageant moms though lol
  • DarkAng... synful90 2011/06/29 14:21:43
    oh don't! have you seen the newborn ones, mothers putting make-up and fake eyelashes on newborn babies, it's bloody ridiculous! They don't even look cute, they look freaky.

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