Chemical found in cola causes cancer. Do you drink soda?

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/03/07 18:41:46
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(CBS News) Can drinking soda cause cancer? A report yesterday from the U.S. consumer watchdog The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) said popular sodas contain high levels of a chemical that's used to give cola its caramel coloring - and that chemical could raise a soda-drinkers' cancer risk.

Today U.S. regulators downplayed the report, telling the public that they can continue to drink soda without fearing this ingredient. According to Reuters, the regulators claim that contrary to the public-interest group report, the Ingredient found in cola products from PepsiCo Inc., Coca-Cola Co. and other companies pose no cancerous health risks.

In yesterday's report, the consumer watchdog found Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc's Dr. Pepper and Whole Foods' 365 Cola contained unsafe levels of the coloring Ingredient, 4-methylimidazole or 4-MI. The group estimates the amount of 4-MI in the Coke and Pepsi products tested is causing about 15,000 cancers among the U.S. population.

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  • Kashee 2012/03/08 05:58:23
    I don't drink soda. I think it not good for your health.
  • Nika 2012/03/08 02:27:25
    I drink Mountain Dew every once in while. Not too often though. And I don't like any other soda.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/03/07 22:00:31
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Ironic that a site called "sodahead" isn't giving soda a lot of love. It's either giving you cancer or flavored with dead babies (I'm not joking, there are people on here who believe that). It just quenches my thirst and gives me a shot of caffeine. A perfect pick-me-up to be enjoyed in moderation.
  • www.sodahead.com/smithy 2012/03/07 19:59:47
    i drink about 8 cans of diet coke a day if not i get shakes and bad mood swings
  • scbluesman13 2012/03/07 19:48:23
    About a can or 2 a week. But I've been trying to motivate myself to cut them out altogether, since I don't like the sugar high & crash I get from them. This is just another good reason to cut them out completely, so thanks DWG!
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/03/07 19:38:20
    Mark In Irvine
    RARELY touch the stuff ... maybe 2x per year
  • John Mirra 2012/03/07 19:29:19
    John Mirra
    Once in a while ... and I usually get Pepsi or root beer.
  • I'm History 2012/03/07 19:26:41
    I'm History
    Well I drink Coke now and then,
    But I don't remember a day when I drank "1000 cans of Cokes", lol and I think I would remember a day like that.
    Because that's what it would take to get cancer from that chemical in coke, to drink 1000 cans of coke a day for several years.
    Hmmmmm, and here I didn't think a person could last two days if they drank 1000 cans of coke in 24 hours, and not because of cancer killing them, but drinking 1000 bottles of water would kill anyone I would think, because their body could not hold all that liquid !
    I bet if you drank, or ate 1000 of anything, it would kill you from plugging up your system.
    But if you don't believe me try eating 500 twinkies and washing them down with 500 cans of coke, see what happens, lol!!!!
  • RoyDMercer - IFOTFD 2012/03/07 19:21:15
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    I do an occasional blood transfusion to myself using Faygo Red Pop, but since I don't drink it, that doesn't put me at risk, right?
  • maggiemay 2012/03/07 19:08:28
    Unsweetened Ice Tea for me. ice tea hold the lemon
  • Son Of Anubis™ 2012/03/07 18:51:19
    Son Of Anubis™
    I don't drink it all that often but why would I even bother with a report from the US Government...of course they're going to downplay it...all the Lobbyists in Washington would be all over their Congress (bought and paid for) officials to disavow the report by the Public Interest Group...as I said I believe nothing , not one shred coming out of that cesspool in the capital....
  • NPC 2012/03/07 18:47:57
    The amount is so minute you would have to drink 1000 sodas a day to have cancer.
  • BUCCANEER~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/07 18:45:43
    According to SWMBO,I have too much on the brain!
  • HippiesKnowAll 2012/03/07 18:43:34
    I drink a blue cream soda about twice a week.

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