Cheese-Wheel Wedding Cakes: Tasty or Terrible?

Living 2012/03/19 02:30:30
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“Ladies and gentlemen, the bride and groom will now cut the . . . cheese.” Yes, you read that right. A growing number of modern couples really have found a way to turn a time-honored wedding tradition into a fart joke.

More than ever before, to-be-weds are shoving tradition aside when planning their big day. Can a bride wear a short dress? Sure, why not! What about a solid color or even black? More power to her! “Flower men” instead of “flower girls”? Totally whimsical!

The latest addition to the list of quirky wedding trends: wedding “cakes” made from cheese. Let us be perfectly clear—we do not mean cheesecakes. We’re talking about a “cake” assembled by stacking wheels of cheese. Once the basic structure is set, the tiered-style display is often decorated with fruits, foliage, and figurines—just like with their sugary counterparts.

After the ceremonial cutting, the “cake” is dismantled into a cheese board selection. Probably one of the biggest upsides (or downsides depending on your point of view) of opting for savory over sweet: the love of your life won’t be able to smear frosting all over your face!

What do you think SodaHeads? Do cheese-wheel wedding cakes look tasty? Or are they just terrible?

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