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Cheerleader Gets Flu Shot, Can't Walk

- ASHBURN, Va. -- A 26-year-old cheerleader in Virginia claims she came down with a rare neurological disorder just days after receiving a flu shot.... Read full article »
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  • Gem 2009/10/26 22:08:14
    I think that it is a stretch to say that the flu shot caused her condition- particularly since she had flu shots twice before with no complications and others who had shots from the same batch did not get sick. I could get hit by a car after receiving a flu shot but I don't think that the flu shot would be blamed for the accident.

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  • allergik2love 2009/10/26 23:11:50
    i am no terrified...to get any form of flu shot...
  • Bunny ( Amber's *Bunny*) 2009/10/26 22:52:13
    Bunny ( Amber's *Bunny*)
    On one hand, HAHA stupid cheerleader! But then again, that's sad. I'm nat getting a flu shot. Wasn't thinking abut it anyway
  • Dennis ... Bunny (... 2009/10/26 23:39:04
    Dennis C Latham
    how is it funny ? am I missing something ?
  • Alicia Dennis ... 2009/10/27 00:42:03
    Another one howling at the moon!
  • Dennis ... Alicia 2009/10/27 15:36:32
    Dennis C Latham
    that bill oreily nut too ...
    how sad
  • casperan 2009/10/26 22:51:50
    Hey guys, you know on medicine commercials when they say "rare side effects include.." This is one of those cases.

    there is no totally safe medicine.
  • Guyupst... casperan 2009/10/26 22:56:53
    facts facts facts, there you go again with facts.
  • casperan Guyupst... 2009/10/26 22:57:57
    Oh I know, it's a bad habit.
  • swimminggirl09 2009/10/26 22:50:08
    i dont think it was from the flu shot becuase a lot of people have gotten it and no one else suffers from that
  • words to live by 2009/10/26 22:48:01
    words to live by
    I don't trust anything that is made by man...
  • katy 2009/10/26 22:44:45
    that is awful! imagine be an athlete and not being able to move correctly. that is just awful. i was be so upset.
  • Blistful 2009/10/26 22:42:33
    Wow! Now that is scary!...
  • Celina10 2009/10/26 22:36:52
    I Thought It Was Pretty Clear To not Get That Shot... To Me It Feel Like Common Sense If Its Jst Experimental.
  • Jack Celina10 2009/10/26 22:38:48
    This isn't about the H1N1. It's the seasonal flu shot. You're probably had it already in school, they administer it yearly.
  • Jack 2009/10/26 22:19:52
    This is a prime example of the logical fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    "1 occured, then 2 occured. Therefore, 1 caused 2." A man ate pop tarts for breakfast, then murdered his wife that afternoon. Is it a conspiracy in the breakfast food industry? Not likely.
  • JCLadybug Jack 2009/10/26 22:25:15
  • Jack JCLadybug 2009/10/26 22:37:57
    Haha, you're welcome. I learned so much from those University English classes...
  • JCLadybug Jack 2009/10/26 22:38:53
    I thought that would be a logic (or for that matter science) class. Oh well. ;)
  • Jack JCLadybug 2009/10/26 22:42:20 (edited)
    No, we had to do some point-counterpoint essays, and just knowing about the fallacies was extremely handy. It was very easy to prove my point if I could just discredit my opposition. XD
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2009/10/26 22:11:02
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    this is another reason to not get the H1N1 vaccine

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