Catholic Diocese halts funding homeless agency because its new director's views supporting abortion rights and gay marriage.

☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2012/03/08 21:52:34
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The Catholic Church would rather see you homeless and starving to death than disobedient to their dogma. That can't be any more fucking apparent, can it? What will they do next to turn our stomachs? A puppy kicking contest?
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SACRAMENTO, CALIF -- SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento no longer will fund programs at Francis House, a nonprofit agency that serves homeless people, because of its new director's views supporting abortion rights and gay marriage.
In a letter last month, the diocese's director of social services said the Rev. Faith Whitmore's public statements on the issues clash with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, said the Rev. Michael Kiernan, the social services director, it is "impossible for the diocese to continue funding Francis House" as part of its annual Catholic Appeal.
Each morning, dozens of poor people line up at Francis House, located in Sacramento's homeless services epicenter, for help with basic services such as housing and transportation. Now in its 42nd year, the organization is one of the largest homeless services agencies in the Sacramento region, serving upward of 25,000 people. It has an an annual budget of about $500,000.
For at least two decades, Francis House has received annual donations from the diocese ranging from $7,500 to $10,000, said Michael Miiller, a member of the agency's corporate advisory board.
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The diocese's letter made it clear that it was shifting policy and removing Francis House from its fundraising campaign because of Whitmore's affiliation with the group.
Whitmore, a United Methodist minister, took over leadership of Francis House in April after the sudden death of longtime executive director Gregory Bunker.
Within her own denomination, she has been a strong advocate of same-sex marriage. In 2008, during a short period in which gay marriage was legal in California, Whitmore openly defied church law by marrying same-sex couples. She has said publicly that she supports a woman's right to obtain an abortion.
In an interview Wednesday, she called the diocese's decision to discontinue its support "surprising and disappointing."
"I have never represented any of those positions on behalf of Francis House," said Whitmore, formerly the senior pastor at St. Mark's United Methodist Church. "I was speaking as an individual. So for me, this came out of the blue."
The Catholic Church has in recent years stepped up its political involvement on issues that reflect fundamental church teachings. It was among the primary financial backers of Proposition 8, the California measure that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.
More recently it challenged President Barack Obama's efforts to require employers, including church-affiliated organizations that object to contraception on religious grounds, to cover birth control in workers' health plans with no out-of-pocket charges.
In its letter to Whitmore, the Sacramento diocese said it respects the work Francis House does and cannot expect every organization it supports financially to "actively promote Catholic teaching."
"We can expect, however, that they or their leaders not publicly oppose Catholic teaching and that, unfortunately, is the situation in which we find ourselves," the letter reads.
Diocesan spokesman Kevin Eckery said the decision to drop Francis House as a beneficiary of the pastoral center's annual fundraising appeal stemmed in part from public confusion about the agency's affiliation with the church. Although Francis House was born at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic parish in Sacramento, it has long been non-denominational and no longer is part of the church.
However, "a lot of people still think Francis House is a Catholic charity," he said, and some are concerned that Whitmore's views are a reflection of those of the church.
Eckery said he was unsure whether the diocese had received complaints about its donations to Whitmore's agency. "But if we haven't had one yet, we would get one," he said. "We like to get out in front of these things.
"Francis House is a great charity, and we respect the fact that the director's views are different from the diocese's. But money collected during the annual appeal is very much Catholic parishioner money," said Eckery.
"Why would we ask someone to contribute money to an organization and ask them to overlook all of those things that undermine the church's teachings?"
Eckery noted that the Catholic Church is "the largest provider of charity in the country."
"It's the diocese money, and they get to decide how to spend it," he said.
The move is a small but powerful example of the line that the Roman Catholic Church walks on hot-button issues important to its parishioners.
"Clearly the bishops have been very vocal on their views about some of these issues," said the Rev. Thomas Reese, a Catholic priest and senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.
"But if the bishops are going to de-fund every organization headed by someone who disagrees with their views on gay marriage, birth control and abortion, they are going to find very few agencies to fund."
Bishop Jaime Soto approved of the decision to stop funding Francis House, said Eckery.
Kiernan, the diocesan social services director, broke the news to Whitmore in person on Jan. 24, presenting her with the diocese's letter. Whitmore notified her agency's board of directors.
The board "stands firmly, 100 percent behind Faith," said Miiller. "She had some big shoes to fill at Francis House, and she has done that very well."
Miiler said the agency "really appreciates the diocese's support over the years. But the issues raised in their letter are not our issues."
"We serve the poor," he said. "We don't have a litmus test for homeless people when they come in. We don't ask them for their position on choice and gay marriage. We just help them. But for whatever reason, the diocese made those issues a higher priority than the mission."
Whitmore said the funding hit "is not huge for us," but is nevertheless significant, especially in a stagnant economy.
"All nonprofits are struggling right now, and we can only give our clients what others are willing to give to us, so it's disappointing," she said.
Yet she has no regrets about her outspokenness on such issues, she said, and will continue to share her views.
"I feel strongly about the positions that I have taken," said Whitmore. "They are consistent with my commitment to justice, so I would never take back anything I've said, publicly or privately."

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  • Nameless 2012/08/26 05:41:42
    I'm thinking kitten crushing will be next
    Yet they have a pope who thinks it was okay to rape boys... Oooookay.
  • macy 2012/08/23 23:19:49
    don't harm those it serves who are in desperate need, most holy Church....was...
    So the women who will have psychological problems because they couldn't get an abortion and the gay people who will never be happily married - they are such sinners that just to condemn their sins, the pope is going to harm even more people. Any one else think these Popes are going to hell the fastest out of everyone?
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/08/23 22:30:09
    hypocrisy is appalling,
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Catholic Charities gets over 60% of its funding from the federal gov't. SHUT IT OFF.
  • moomoof 2012/08/23 20:50:13
  • DoxieDad 2012/03/10 16:06:06
    hypocrisy is appalling,
    It is time for the Catholic Church and all other religious institutions to be treated as the business's that they really are. Outside of houses of worship and schools they should be taxed and regulated like every other business in America. These are the only business's that get to have their cake and eat it too.
  • Zombz 2012/03/10 10:21:16
    I'm thinking kitten crushing will be next
    If there is a god, He must honestly be ashamed of some of his children.
  • misterz 2012/03/09 19:43:04
    hypocrisy is appalling,
    Once again, the village is missing its idiot. Dunce Cap
  • James misterz 2012/03/11 02:04:13
    Good news! They found the missing village idiot! He lives in Vatican City in Rome yet for some reason they call him Pope or something like that.
  • misterz James 2012/03/11 20:11:53
    Very good!
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/03/09 17:36:10
    don't harm those it serves who are in desperate need, most holy Church....was...
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    God at Work.. god work
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 03:22:27
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    the sad thing is the photographer who took the photo of this child knew his fate
  • Clay Sl... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/03/10 14:25:22
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    The follow up on the story with that picture was they picked the child up, however there was never a report on the outcome if the child died or not.. My beef is with the God that would let that small child get into that shape to begin with.... While it was helping
    Tim Tebow score a touchdown....
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 14:27:15
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    the Abraham God is Cruel and what people do to each other in his name is Cruel
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 14:27:53
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    its True that catholics give alot to charity thats true
    i bet other Religions would too if the Damn Catholics didnt nearly Wipe them all out
    or Cause the problems thats why they have charirites
    the Wars in Africa the starving the disease AIDS/ HIV Terrorist Groups like Lord's Resistance Army the WARS the Genocides RAPES and other Terrible things are Caused by Organized Religion
    then they pimp out the survivors to make you feel Guilty into giving money to help them

    Man and Horse that Built Civilization
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 14:33:54
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    to me it does not make any sense that Jeffery Damher ( serial killer )
    or Ted Bundy ( Christian ) or John wayne Gayce ( Baptist )
    or Moses ( murderer / Rapist ) these people are in the Abraham Religion
    and they have all done Terrible things Damnher said he ate people because God gave him dreams to do it Ted bundy loved the thrill he got when he read the bible where it orders men to take women by force and he enjoyed killing Gayce loved playing and tormenting his victims and reading bible quotes to them
    all these men are supposely going to heaven for Repenting thier sins to god

    and Athiests/Agnostics and Pagans / Wiccans and Hindus and Buddhists who Give to Chairity who help others who never harm anyone or steal or cheat others
    are going to hell for all eternity

    Something Does not make any Sense
    why should i be forced to worship a God who allows this
    who needs satan
    Man and Horse that Built Civilization
  • Clay Sl... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/03/10 15:24:31
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    I also found the logic in the "He found Jesus just before execution , so he will inherit the Kingdom of heaven" While condemning a rightious man with no belief to burn in hell" mentality a little sick....
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 15:40:47
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    thats why i believe there is no hell and actually no heaven either
    there is an afterlife of sorts but more like the afterlife is a rest stop your soul rests and you look back on what you have done in this life time and others and see where your going spiritually and what you need to work on and improve mentally and spiritually
    then your reborn again
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 03:22:45
  • Gloria 2012/03/09 17:07:34
    Life must be protected at all costs while IN the womb but once you're out, go...
    Can you send me some of the pope's Chippandales?
  • James Gloria 2012/03/11 02:10:02
    Sorry hun, the Pope's Chippendale's don't like girls. The Pope makes sure of that, he doesn't like the competition.
  • Thomas Rea: Gay Christian A... 2012/03/09 16:34:55
    hypocrisy is appalling,
    Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate
    Why are the doing. If the are do that the should not be called Christians at all.
  • Níl mé leat 2012/03/09 01:34:46
    hypocrisy is appalling,
    Níl mé leat
    Yet ANOTHER reason I'm glad I left
  • iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~ 2012/03/09 00:06:46
    don't harm those it serves who are in desperate need, most holy Church....was...
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    In no way do the donations to Francis House end up funding or supporting the policy positions they don't like from the director. I don't understand the concern, and don't see this as anything but punishment of an innocent party.
  • cynsity 2012/03/08 23:07:14
    hypocrisy is appalling,
    and YOURs is showing... The Church has certain belifes they have teh right and teh RESPONSIBILITY to stand fast on those beliefes as all of us do who have real faith.

    The orginization picked this person as director knowing what teh church would do becasue teh church always does this... the people are not going to starve or freeze they will either go to another orginization still funded by the church or they will go to a government funded orginization.

    That the church still funds anything social anymore is statement enough seeing as how everyone wants to see them taken down and made insignificate; replaced by government. Strange how when a government closes a shelter or cuts funding there is no uproar like this no cries about how government wants to kill puppies. And there is total silence when government steps in and closes church shelters as it has done 4 times in teh last year.
  • bricklyn cynsity 2012/03/09 03:12:20
    The church had no problem stand behind all the homosexuals and pedophiles in the priesthood and protected huge numbers of them for more than 50 years from the police. Cardinal Rat Zinger himself was the one who wrote the letters to all the bishops on the planet giving instructions not to notify any legal authorities of any reports of abuse that went on during that time.

    Now you are telling me they have the right to stand up for what they believe in? That is hilarious!
  • cynsity bricklyn 2012/03/09 03:19:50
    you are off topic, and while its not condonable its human nature to protect the people in the orgination even government orgs protect their own when their own do dispicable things.
    The HRC has a problem policing its own but so does government yet I see no condemation of government like with teh church and at least the church is working to fix those mistakes as of now it is against church law to not report and allow procusion of crimes committed by INDIVIDUALS with in the orginization... let me know when the same can be said about government.
  • bricklyn cynsity 2012/03/09 05:28:15
    The church is NOT working to fix those problems at all. The pope recently in Ireland stated publicly in a written letter to the court that he was not responsible in any way for the behavior of the priests.

    Yet it was him alone that wrote the letter to all the bishops telling them not to report any abuse to the police. The pope is just as guilty as if he had abused those children himself. He went even further and publicly reprimanded the bishops for ther lack of action in reporting cases to the police.

    Just in case you have not noticed, government officials have not been convicted by the thousand of pedophilia.
  • cynsity bricklyn 2012/03/09 18:12:18
    and get your facts right there was no letter condoning anything and there hasn't been "thousands" of cases of pedophilla.
  • Whizzy cynsity 2012/03/10 03:07:07 (edited)
    you kidding me? only in the Netherlands alone there are over 3500 cases in the last 6 months.
    no Indeed not thousands, tens of thousands more likely. Where have you been hiding the last decade?
  • Clay Sl... Whizzy 2012/03/10 14:55:13
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    It goes much deeper than we really know....Here is another report..

    NEW STATS: 10% of Catholic Priests Were Pedophiles and Still Counting, 20 to 200 Times More Than General Population
    The number of pedophile priests found so far in the U.S. Catholic Church is “extrapolated” to be as high as 10,969 according to Bishop Accountabillity.org, and they are still counting.

    The international numbers get higher as courts order release of documents in American and European dioceses. “The percentage of paedophile priests is 20 to 200 times higher than the incidence found in the secular population,”

    “To hand a child over to a clergyman means to expose him/her to a risk which is at least twenty times higher than that of handing him/her over to a teacher, to a neighbour, to a family friend,” writes Gaito from Italy. “In regard to what the Church wants you to believe; i.e., that the risk is the same, you only have to analyze the figures to realize that it is not true.”

    The percentage of paedophiles amongst clergymen in Ireland is thirty times higher than the percentage of paedophiles amongst the common people.
  • Clay Sl... Clay Sl... 2012/03/10 14:59:15
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    In Australia alone the figures are staggering.. At this site there is a chart that tells the numbers also to include the suicide risks for those abused..

  • bricklyn cynsity 2012/03/10 18:37:55 (edited)
    You are right, there were not thousands, there were 29 million cases of abuse world wide and still counting is recording setting!

    It is people like you who are just as guilty of perpetuating the abuse on the innocent children by hiding the facts. The filth and debauchery in the catholic church is pervasive and always has been.

    A copy of the letter to the bishops can be seen at the following link

  • cynsity bricklyn 2012/03/10 21:04:25
    And when you BOTHER to look at teh world wide rates of teh same manner fo abuses for all nations as you do for teh church you will see these rates are no HIGHER at all then teh general population rates in teh same nations. The problem isn't that the church is innocent the problem is that the church is not the only people doing wrong yet you fail to acknowlede this
  • bricklyn cynsity 2012/03/10 22:59:35
    The church is the only organized group that is systematicly thumbing their nose at the legal system and trying to protect its public image, disregarding the children of the world and claiming to be innocent at the same time. That is the height of bigotry and ignorance in full motion.

    I will acknowledge that the church is prepared to take full responsibility when the pope gives a full apology for his personal role in the scandal and for the conspiracy he had a major role in perpetuating for decades. Without him and the previous pope this could have been stopped in the early 1960`s. Passing the blame onto the bishops and other clergy members is a blatant misuse of power yet again.
  • cynsity bricklyn 2012/03/10 23:12:42
    YEAH SURE your eyes are open I teach public school I happen to know it is an orginization ALSO spending millions to cover up the same type of abuses so I ask again should we condem all schoola nd work to shut them down?
  • bricklyn cynsity 2012/03/10 23:17:34
    I have never heard a more bigoted closed minded individual in my llife. Thankfully my kid is no longer in school and I feel sorry for those you teach.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... bricklyn 2012/03/10 23:24:00
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    Differance if a Teacher gets caught molesting a child they Fire and bring that teacher on charges

    Pedophile clergy in Religions hide the Pedophile priests around from parish to parish and cover up evidence of a crime was committed everything from threatening the family with lawsuits to keep quiet to making threats that they will not enter the gates of heaven for accusing a priest of wrong doing

    Priests ,Ministers, Pastors, Cardinals, in all Christian denominations
    and Evidence this has been going on for DECADES
    so a single pedophile priest now has had access to hundreds if not thousands of children
  • cynsity ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/03/10 23:33:42
    They have not done that in decades. they church actively works to have the clergy procusuted. and again this is not about THAT topic DAW you wanted to know about stopping funding... and really you sound now as hypocritical as ever you either want the church around to do the good it does and are willing to accept the fact taht every org has its bad people or you do not have an issue with teh church stopping funding and getting out of charity work because it might have values which it does its best to hold to.
    I hope considering the vitrial here that the church pulls out of every single charity work it does everywhere I hope the church starts only taking care if its own those who go in and worship and those who put in the collection plate I hope everyone who is so spiteful and hateful and cling so desperatly to the past they can not even seperate issues and work with each as best suited have to pick up the slack... lets see how well everyone does when the church no longer will make sure a family's whose house has burned down has a place to go and things to see them through... red cross certainly can't handle teh load by itself... but if teh church is soooo bad as you seem to be pushing then lets just say NO to any help they give.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... cynsity 2012/03/10 23:59:29
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    in boston the ARchdoices was Embarrassed back in late 90s and early 2000 when it all came out about Thousands of Sex abuise cases of pedophile priests and how high ranking church offices knew and did nothing and the Cardinal bishop law LEFT massachuets after evidence found he knew and covered it up

  • cynsity ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/03/11 00:07:00
    LOOK at your dates more than a decade ago and teh cases where even older than that... I am NOT condoning any abuse or harm done to anyone but again you are looking at a group like its teh ENTIRE (as in more than a billion people) group at fault.

    These are individuals who did what it is HUMAN, not christan, not catholic, not HRC, not religion... HUMAN nature to do try to keep dirty laundry in the house. EVERY group and person does this.

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