Can you talk to people in your dreams?

Tarik 2009/10/01 03:45:11
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lets say you realize that you are dreaming, can you go up to someone in your dream, ask for their name, and have a conversation with tmem?

just wondering, seems pretty interesting to me
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  • CookieĒpic~In My Aliens I T... 2009/10/01 14:04:30
    yea, this is what happens
    CookieĒpic~In My Aliens I Trust~
    I can :D , taking control of dreams is lucid dreaming its really fun! but sometimes I lose control and things turn bad.. O.o
    I once killed my cousin and I was in court and stuff<thats a dream ..
  • Alexas !!>ATTACK<!! 2009/10/01 12:41:05
    yea, this is what happens
    Alexas !!>ATTACK<!!
    i do it all the time lol
    u know, i've heard its bad luck to talk to the people in ur dreams...
  • Maine Guy 2009/10/01 07:37:22
    no, thats nonsence
    Maine Guy
    No but I can text them.
  • Miss Sarah. 2009/10/01 05:17:44
    yea, this is what happens
    Miss Sarah.
    I do it all the time :)
  • JoseSilva Miss Sa... 2011/02/04 04:07:38
  • *Love is great when you fin... 2009/10/01 04:21:34
    yea, this is what happens
    *Love is great when you finally find it*
    i have talked to a lot of people in my dreams lol then it seems so real when i awake
  • Ellie 2009/10/01 04:04:46
    yea, this is what happens
    I love dreams. Yes, I have talked to people in my dreams. I really hate to wake up. Get kinda pissed if I am awakened before the dream is done.
  • Nurse Ammy 2009/10/01 03:59:29
    yea, this is what happens
    Nurse Ammy
    You can talk to others in your dream. It just depends on the situation you're in. Dreams forewarn you sometimes.
  • Annie 2009/10/01 03:58:21
    no, thats nonsence
    No that has never happened to me. only once did I realize it was a dream and it wasn't too pretty what I did...
  • Benji 2009/10/01 03:51:59
    yea, this is what happens
    That would be fun.... Socializing in your sleep would be awesome. I wonder who I would talk to.....
  • Mecynogea 2009/10/01 03:50:33
    no, thats nonsence
    i can't do it in real life
    i don't think i can do it in dreams XD
  • Ray 2009/10/01 03:48:35
    yea, this is what happens
    When I'm very close to waking up I can talk to someone and mean what I say, but unfortunately I wake up immediately afterward :| lol sometimes in the process of talking to the person.

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