Can you really know how a person feels or what you would do , unless you walked in their shoes?

Yosyp 2012/04/29 18:22:15
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I hear people presuming to know what it's like to be red or yellow black or white, saying " if I were those people , I would do this that or the other things."

Bill O' Reilly once said " If I was afghan and lived there during the Taliban I would stand up to them, overthrow that former government" But how could he know what he would really do if he was born and raised in that country? Others have said such things about The North Koreans and of other places and people.

But we don't know what it's like to be born and raised elsewhere or be of a different race.

What say you?
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  • beach bum 2012/04/29 23:58:05
    We have to walk in others shoes to really know
    beach bum
    we have to walk in their shoes first
  • METALheadMom 2012/04/29 21:04:56
    We don't have to walk in their shoes to know
    And I'm very good at it too. Don't talk to people about feelings if you can't relate to them.
  • YodaHead 2012/04/29 20:51:48
    We don't have to walk in their shoes to know
    Communicate with each other. Ask questions of each other. Respect each other. Understand each other. See how that goes fr starters.
  • Yosyp YodaHead 2012/04/29 21:02:46 (edited)
    I agree, I think much of the problem, people do tend to judge or think they know entire races, religions, nations of people they they never met
  • METALhe... Yosyp 2012/04/29 21:08:53
    Well, how do you know these "judges" DON'T know enough to make intelligent observations? Are people who ASSUME better or worse than people who "judge"? I say, they person who ASSUMES is the same. In fact, rarely do people who call others "judges" have a clue what the word even means!!
  • Yosyp METALhe... 2012/04/29 21:18:58 (edited)
    I said too many people judge because I know people who never met a Muslim for example and they presume to know everything about them, people who never met Americans, Iraqis, so on and so forth
  • YodaHead METALhe... 2012/04/29 21:37:27
    Jim used 'judge' as a verb, not a noun! To judge, is to form an opinion after carefully weighing up the facts. To assume! Means to do the same without the facts. I think you've totally missed the point. :)
  • Pat 2012/04/29 19:37:27
    We have to walk in others shoes to really know
    To truly empathize and find workable solutions for problems faced by other people, we really need to have walked in their shoes or have been involved with the same problem with other people. I think you can help them without walking in their shoes but you won't feel what they feel. How could you?
  • Bozette 2012/04/29 19:04:43
    None of the above
    We cannot know what we would do or feel in any given situation that we have not personally experienced. We also can never really "walk in their shoes", as everyone feels and experiences things differently according to who they are (their personality, culture, etc.) and their previous life experiences. We should try not to judge people when we know not what they are going through.
  • Betty 2012/04/29 18:47:16
    We have to walk in others shoes to really know
    We can never understand what another person is feeling in their situation. We all respond differently.
  • cate 2012/04/29 18:42:08 (edited)
    We don't have to walk in their shoes to know
    We don't have to walk in another person's shoes to have compassion, tolerance and understanding.
  • Yosyp cate 2012/04/29 18:45:00 (edited)
    I agree not to have compassion and understanding but can we know how another person really feels, what it's like to be them or what we would do if we were ?
  • cate Yosyp 2012/04/29 18:52:22
    No, we cannot. But we can take a moment to consider.
  • Yosyp cate 2012/04/29 18:59:24
  • Sister Jean 2012/04/29 18:35:46
    We have to walk in others shoes to really know
    Sister Jean
  • darlene 2012/04/29 18:33:18
    We have to walk in others shoes to really know
    So true. walk in someones shoes
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/04/29 18:24:04 (edited)

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