Can you help a fellow sodaheader out?

rebeccasrevenge 2012/08/19 01:33:00
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Here ya go.When can I expect my Tootsie Pop?
I'm giving you one but I'll take it back if I don't get a cherry pop.
I don't know you,I hate tootsie pops and I NEVER give raves
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I just gave a rave to someone who was trying to reach 60 thousand raves,which I thought was pretty cool,I mean he only had about 500 or so to go and I thought that was amazing,I mean how long has he been on this site,1962?
Anyway I have 200 + but I am trying for an even 500-I don't know it just sounds good.So can you help me out.I'm not begging mind you but I'll send everyone who sent me a rave a tootsie pop,just leave your address.
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