Can you Define the 'Judeo/Christian' Tradition According to the Dictionary?

Maccabaeus 2012/10/14 20:54:17

SLIDESHOW: Judeo/Christian Tradition War and Peace

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Can you Define the 'Judeo/Christian' Tradition According to the Dictionary?
It is a lie that should have never been put in the Dictionary.
It is a common sense word about the Old Testament beliefs and practices found in both religions.
It is a subtle plot by non-believers to make both religions obsolete.
It is scholarly designation analyzed and discussed in many academic periodicals.
It is a plot by Christians to convert by any means necessary
If the Dictionaries include and define it, then it must exist despite the extremists.
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Even there are more a few Jewish and Christian Scholars who, for whatever reason, simply refuse to accept the reality of the 'Judeo/Christian' Tradition, a great number of companies who publish Dictionaries and Encyclopedias continue to include a separate entry for the word 'Judeo/Christian' usually spelled with a horizontal dash '-', as in 'Judeo-Christian'. Here is just a small selection of the differently worded, but extremely similar official definition of 'Judeo-Christian'. While there are definitions for the more formal designation of 'the Judeo/Christian Tradition' but those tend to found in Encyclopedias with rather long explanatory entries rather than the short, concise set of definitions as can be seen below:

>-- List of Definitions for 'Judeo/Christian' --<

Judeo-Christian Definition #1
Ju·de·o-Chris·tian [joo-dey-oh-kris-chuhn] adjective
1. of or pertaining to the religious writings, beliefs, values, or traditions held in common by Judaism and Christianity.
Also, Judaeo-Christian. Origin: 1895-1900

- Dictionary.com

Judeo-Christian Definition #2
Alternative forms: Judæo-Christian, Judaeo-Christian
Etymology: From Judeo- + Christian. (Adjective)
Judeo-Christian: Of or pertaining to Judaism and Christianity.
Hypernyms: Abrahamic, Judeo-Islamo-Christian

- English Wiktionary

Judeo-Christian Definition #3

Ju·deo-Chris·tian: (adjective) \jü-dā-ō-kris-chən, -krish- also jü-dē-ō- or jü-dē-ō-\
Definition of JUDEO-CHRISTIAN: having historical roots in both Judaism and Christianity
Origin of JUDEO-CHRISTIAN Latin Judaeus Jew - more at jew,
First Known Use: 1899 Next Word in the Dictionary: Judeo-German
Previous Word in the Dictionary: Judeo-

- Mirriam Webster Dictionary

Judeo-Christian Definition #4

Judeo-Christian (adj.) 1. having origins in both Judaism and Christianity; of or pertaining to Christianity; as, the Judeo-Christian tradition.

- Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Judeo-Christian Definition #4a

\Judeo-Christian\ adj. having origins in both Judaism and Christianity; of or pertaining to Christianity; as, the Judeo-Christian tradition.

- GNU Collaborative International Dictionary of English

Judeo-Christian Definition #5
judeo-christian (adjective): being historically related to both Judaism and Christianity; "the Judeo-Christian tradition"

- WordNet 3.0 Dictionary (2006)

Judeo-Christian Definition #5a
Judeo-christian: (adj) being historically related to both Judaism and Christianity; "the Judeo-Christian tradition" [syn: Judeo-Christian]

- WordIQ.com

Judeo-Christian Definition #5b
Judeo-Christian (adj.) - being historically related to both Judaism and Christianity; "the Judeo-Christian tradition"

- The Free Dictionary's Thesaurus

The text just listed above written is basically a short appendix of definitions related to the specific term 'Judeo-Christian' which can also be spelled as Judeo/Christian with a '/'. While no-one really knows for sure, the first English spelling of this term was most probably 'Judaeo-Christian', which added an 'a' but still used the dash, rather than clumping them together into one word or writing with a space between them like the word 'no one' rather than 'someone'. In terms of capitalization, some writers tend to capitalize just the 'J' in 'Judeo' such as 'Judeo-christian' while a few others don't bother capitalizing any of it, as in 'judeo-christian'. Considering the fact that those who still harbor hatred towards Jews have always tended to prefer writing the designation of their 'enemy' as 'jew' rather than 'Jew', the most appropriate spelling has been, and should continue to be, 'Judeo-Christian'. This seems not only most respectful way to spell it, but the most historically accurate. The reason for this can be seen by the well understood differences in meaning between 'God' (of the Holy Bible) and 'god' (a false, non-Biblical deity).

It should come as no surprise that, because of the dominant, centuries old, Christian influence on the English language, 'God' has always been understood to connote the supernatural entity described in detail throughout the entire Bible, which Christianity has traditionally viewed as 'God the Father'. Jews refer to this Divine being as either 'Adonai', 'HaShem' or sometimes in a more casual manner by the unique designation 'G-d'. Because of the traditionally devout Jewish reverence for the name of God, a great many practicing Jews (Orthodox) will try to show their continuing respect for the God of the Old Testament with the humble combination of letters with a hyphen seen as 'G-d'. Make no mistake about it, the only reason the English language spells 'Jew' 'Judaism' and 'Judeo-' is to indicate a belief and adherence to 'God' alone, rather than any other, non-biblical 'god'. Yes, there are frequent references to other supernatural entities and deities, which the authors of the Bible usually always identified as false 'gods' not worthy enough to ever be spelled with a capital 'G', let alone worshipped and prayed to. Thus, the primary understanding remains the same in that God, by definition, can only mean the God of Judaism and the God of Christianity, and no other, not even Islam. Why? Well, the only historical for God used by Muslims is Allah, not the LORD or God, while Jews who lived in English-speaking nations have at least sometimes used the same designation as the English-speaking Gentile majority. Indeed, English-speaking Judaism understood quite well that they most certainly did not worship any god at all, but only God (of their Bible).

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  • Miss Fiona 2012/10/21 03:41:10
    It is a lie that should have never been put in the Dictionary.
    Miss Fiona
    The term "Judeo-Christian" seems to align American Christian beliefs with Zionism, thus creating a forced attachment demanding that American Christians have a duty to defend Israel. I don't buy it, and I resent any terminology used to force me into political ideologies that compromise my own beliefs as an individual.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2013/09/27 18:27:20
    LOL - we are living in a JUDEO-CHRISTIAN FOUNDED SOCIETY!!
  • Miss Fiona jeane 2013/12/19 03:54:22
    Miss Fiona
    That would explain why our society has been going down the toilet.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2013/12/19 05:19:09
    Yep no moral compass - we are now asea......
  • Miss Fiona jeane 2014/06/25 22:30:00
    Miss Fiona
    Agreed. Corporations sending jobs overseas all in the name of free trade and not fair trade. It's gold over blood, but I care about blood over gold. The values inherent in this "Judeo-Christian" society don't align with that of our forefathers.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2014/06/26 01:09:19 (edited)
    OUr history and heritage are "Judeo-Christian". We are far removed as a society from the principles.
  • Miss Fiona jeane 2014/07/03 17:53:04 (edited)
    Miss Fiona
    Pastor Peter J. Peters once said, "Being a Judeo-Christian is like being a virgin whore." Judaism and Christianity are inimical philosophies that when merged into a single philosophy simply inject Zionism, globalism, universalism, and frankly Freudo-Marxism into the Church. That's when I stand up for Christianity and not Judeo-Christianity.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2014/07/04 00:30:16
    Gee Sweetie do you know that JESUS FULFILLED THE REQUIRMENTS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT LAW - HE WAS A HEBREW - (JEW) Duh!!!!The belief in THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB is not a philosophy - that is for non believers.

    All of the MORAL LAWS OF THE MITZVOT are contained within the 1050 commands found in the NEW TESTAMENT. Jesus OBEYED THE MITZVOT.....
  • Miss Fiona jeane 2014/07/04 05:28:25
    Miss Fiona
    Judaism is inimical to Christianity, hence why the Jews demanded that Pontius Pilate put Jesus to death. Jesus may have been a Jew ethnically, but he certainly was considered a traitor by Jews of his time.

    In the Jewish Talmud, it reads that Jesus is boiling in a pot of boiling excrement. Look it up. You cannot follow Judaism and Christianity in unison no more than you can spit and swallow at the same time.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2014/07/04 05:54:16
    LOL - Sweetie we study this stuff at my BIBLICAL /SEMINARY COLLEGE DAILY. As you well know JESUS WAS LOVED BY THE POPULACE OF ISRAEL and feared by its leaders.

    "After two days it was the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. And the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take Him by trickery and put Him to death. But they said, "Not during the feast, lest there be an uproar of the people."

    NO HEBREWS ? then NO CHRISTIANITY - it is that simple. All of the moral laws of the MITZVOT are included in the 1050 commands in the NEW TESTAMENT. Jesus read from the JEWISH SCRIPTURES, KEPT THE JEWISH LAWS, LOVED THE JEWISH LAWS AND FULFILLED THE JEWISH LAWS.

    I am well aware of what is in the TALMUD (commentary) - but really only concerned about THE WORD OF GOD.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2014/07/04 05:55:11 (edited)

    How many times do the writers of the New Testament quote the Old Testament? An index in the Jewish New Testament catalogs 695 separate quotations from the books of the Old Testament in the New (Jewish New Testament Publications, Jerusalem, 1989). There are many other passages where the Old Testament is referred to , as in cases where an Old Testament figure is mentioned, but no specific scripture is quoted. Depending on which scholar's work you examine, the number of quotations and references in the New Testament to the Old may be as high as 4,105 (Roger Nicole, The Expositor's Bible Commentary , Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1979, Vol. I, p. 617).

    NO HEBREWS? - THEN NO CHRISTIANITY. It is as simple as that. Old Testament - CHRIST CONCEALED - New Testament - CHRIST REVEALED.
  • Miss Fiona jeane 2014/07/04 06:03:48
    Miss Fiona
    You certainly are very educated on Biblical text and can claim that Judeo-Christianity should exist, but granted that it leads to Christians having to fight Zionist wars in the Middle East and lead to foreign entanglements, I cannot subscribe to such a system. Christianity's fine, but Judeo-Christianity hasn't served the West well, and that includes the 360,000 soldiers from the War on Terror who've suffered traumatic brain injury when they shouldn't have even been in combat situations in Iraq anyway.
  • jeane Miss Fiona 2014/07/04 16:05:48
    People, because of their human nature fight against people who are different. It will eventually lead the human race to try to annihilate each other. We are quickly headed down that path.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/10/14 21:44:24
    None of the above
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
  • Sister Jean 2012/10/14 21:13:21
    None of the above
    Sister Jean
    in my heart and soul

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