Can Women Be Trusted?

So I was expanding my mind watching an MTV / E / Evil Productions program called 'Pretty Bitches' or 'These Women Suck' or 'Girls Are Evil' or something like that. Anyway, the premise of the show was to collect damaged young women who were easy enough on the eye for people to watch them without spewing bile from the pit of their stomach onto the screen, put them all in a house and then slowly let their failings and short comings come to light through a series of mentally cruel challenges.

One girl turned out to be a pill popper with a 66-year-old sugar daddy, another woman (or possibly the same one, there were a lot of blondes, it was hard to tell,) had tried to kill her brother. Still others seemed to be pathological liars, cutters, what have you. A real Pandora's Vault of the sort of girls who wonder why guys don't call them back after they carve their phone numbers into their chest whilst they sleep.

Anyway, getting to the point here, there was a section of the program where the producers ramped up the general level of discontent in the house by having the girls ask each other anonymous questions whilst hooked up to a lie detector. In this shocking section it turned out that several girls didn't trust the other girls, which was, for some reason, a real heart breaker for the women in the house.

Had these women never been to high school? High school is usually the place that women learn that other women are backstabbing two faced harpies who will turn them in for a slab of candy and a better quality life mate.

I went to an all girl's high school and reunions with friends from that time now exclusively center around who has gotten fat, who looks old, who has gotten divorced and who has engaged in scandalous behavior such as marrying outside their socio-economic status / age group. In other words, it's a joyfully shallow bitch fest in which we all bond and feel better about ourselves by merit of looking down on people who aren't there to defend themselves.

Women are the social engineers of the world. They exist in a murky world of gossip, half truths and social posturing. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, women are the more socially dangerous members of the species. Women are born with equipment that allows them to read others, spot their weaknesses and exploit them before they even open their mouths. Women who have honed these skills can make others cry with the right sort of look.

This isn't a woman-hating, woman-bashing rant. Women are awesome. They are blessed with subtle social talents that are hard to appreciate if you're not a woman. But can the average woman be trusted not to tell their friends that you've gained twenty pounds and gone down on a midget for some blow? Not in a million years.
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  • corrinne 2010/02/03 02:41:30
    I think it really depends on the type of women. To me, what you're describing is the typical "mean girls" type of friendships. I would trust all of my friends with my life. We're so close that we probably spend as much time at each others houses as we do our own. We laugh, cry and share our secrets together. A great many of my friends know things like my computer and email passwords. And why? Because there is an unspoken bond of honor among us that will never allow us to reveal anything about each other that we don't want revealed. I think a sense of honor in friendship is what a lot of girls lack.

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  • Munster 2010/02/07 18:57:42
    Here come the bashings and I'll get right to it. I'm a woman, and have a very hard time trusting other women because most women I have met seem to always have a hidden agenda. Sad stories or lying to get sympathy, trying to sway the boyfriend their way knowing fully that he's taken, lying to get to the top no matter the outcome. No thanks man, I'm better off without all of that mess. Don't get me wrong not ALL women are like that but the ones I've come across have been.

    All of these reality TV shows pick specific personalities that they know will make "interesting" television as sick as it sounds. They're exploiting these women BECAUSE of their flaws because most everyone likes to see drama unfold on television. No one can deny it because if that were so, reality television would be close to non-existent.
  • Franklin 2010/02/05 16:47:06
    Um if you want a short answer lets go with : “ Trust but verify” !

    OMG Hope I can't believe you have the same problem I do with Blonds , they really all do look alike to me !!! And I get into trouble all the time because I can't tell them apart....
  • GLaDOS 2010/02/04 23:43:19
    I agree. Women, in general are not trustworthy in the slightest...which explains why I have more male friends, and only a few female friends who see this sort of behavior as the completely stupid, vile, bull it is. I also agree that women are evil.

    That said, there is something to being evil, you know how to get further in life with what you have, and can be more than willing to step on people to do it. However, I must say that I rather have friends I can trust, which is why I have very few that I call "friends."
  • hatshepsut123 2010/02/04 15:56:12
    there are nice people in the world too.

    also, how can you think that anyone (not just women) can keep your secret safe, when you couldn't keep it yourself and it is yours!

    some people can keep sicrets, other can't. but generally, yes i think that it is more possible a women to tell your secret than a man,because women talk to each other about relationships. men talk about other things.
  • STEFKA 2010/02/04 03:36:14
    some women are psychopaths
  • Eddie 2010/02/03 23:50:42
    Absolutely not...they are pure evil and only good for one thing.
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/03 23:48:23
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/03 23:49:39 (edited)

    You enjoy my foul mouth.
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/03 23:53:50 (edited)
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/03 23:55:52
    ha ha ha....oh wow! ha ha ha wow

    ha ha ha wow
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/03 23:58:17
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/04 00:00:13
    It's OK, I've been vaccinated for rabies.
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/04 00:28:43
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/04 01:16:01
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/04 01:17:29 (edited)
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/04 01:20:04
    I'm just that good...
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/04 01:26:00
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/04 01:44:11
    Dreams come true...
  • Isabel-... Eddie 2010/02/04 01:48:00
  • Eddie Isabel-... 2010/02/04 01:57:21

    (Dramatic pic comment, cus I got no comeback)
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