Can someone really eat healthy at a KFC?

Mel 2012/07/10 04:34:07
Eating Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants: Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFCI have created this list of selected items for you to use when you must eat out. The items listed fall generally under 400 calories or so and under 15 grams of fat, so if you are going to be stuck eating at such restaurants, this is a fairly good guideline. I've also included a printable version so that you can print it out and take it with you for reference.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

ItemCaloriesFat (g)Trans Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Fiber (g)
Original Recipe - Whole Wing140803900
Original Recipe - Breast without skin or breading1502.504300
Original Recipe - Drumstick120703400
Extra Crispy - Whole Wing1901304100
Extra Crispy - Drumstick1501003600
Spicy Crispy - Whole Wing1701204700
Spicy Crispy - Drumstick1601004400
Grilled Chicken - Whole Wing804.502300
Grilled Chicken - Breast190605500
Grilled Chicken - Drumstick703.502500
Grilled Chicken - Thigh150903500
Strips & Filets
Crispy Strips (2)2501504801
KFC Grilled Filet130203900
KFC Original Recipe Filet170703601
HBBQ Wings (1)80501701
Hot Wings (1)70501500
Fiery Grilled Wings (1)704200
Sandwiches & Wraps
KFC Snacker with Crispy Strip3001404602
KFC Snacker with Crispy Strip without sauce250904102
KFC Snacker with Crispy Strip, Buffalo260905802
Toasted Wrap with Grilled filet without Sauce240806001
Grilled Filet Sandwich without Sauce2803.506000
Grolled Chicken Caesar Salad without Dressing & Croutons200605702
Caesar Side Salad without Dressing & Croutons3520901
House Side Salad without Dressing1500101
Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Fat Free Dressing (1)35004100
Sides (Individual)
Green Beans20002901
Mashed Potatoes without Gravy90303201
Corn on the Cob (3")700.5002
Corn on the Cob (5.5")1401054
Cole Slaw1801101602
Sweet Kernel Corn1103.8002
Three Bean Salad70001703
KFC Red Beans with Sausage and Rice1602.503404

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  • MJ 2012/07/12 19:35:14
  • Swan Eshdeh 2012/07/10 17:25:19
    Swan Eshdeh
    i don't eat in the KFC ...but i don't think so
  • Mel Swan Es... 2012/07/10 19:31:08
    There are very few things you can actually eat there. nothing fired I imagine
  • Swan Es... Mel 2012/07/10 19:45:21
    Swan Eshdeh
    you know here in Jordan KFC not that popular ..people tends to cook more..i believe that healthier
  • Mel Swan Es... 2012/07/10 19:52:09
    I can believe that.
  • Swan Es... Mel 2012/07/10 20:07:26
    Swan Eshdeh
  • Mel Swan Es... 2012/07/11 20:38:15
    I have friends from the Middle east whove told me they avoid places like that. The food quality is subpar and poorly prepared.
  • Swan Es... Mel 2012/07/11 21:45:55
    Swan Eshdeh
    avoid going to KFC?
  • Mel Swan Es... 2012/07/12 02:05:13
    They told me that if KFC was the last place on earth to eat, they prefer to starve.
  • Swan Es... Mel 2012/07/12 03:18:45
    Swan Eshdeh
    yes the same thing i was trying to say.i told you..we are not big fan of KFCs
  • Mel Swan Es... 2012/07/12 19:33:27
    And I applaud you for that. Wise decision
  • Swan Es... Mel 2012/07/12 19:34:50
    Swan Eshdeh
    thank you.
    so you don't like it either?
  • themadhare ~IJM 2012/07/10 04:55:54
    themadhare ~IJM
    just don't eat there often
  • Jester M.S. 2012/07/10 04:40:04
  • Mel Jester ... 2012/07/10 04:44:20
    Yea that's actually a doubled down coronary!
  • Jester ... Mel 2012/07/10 04:45:19
    Jester M.S.
    They were tasty back when they had them though.
  • Mel Jester ... 2012/07/10 19:33:24
    Tasty? Yes, and that's what they said to the emergency room doctor while they were treating his heart attack.*LOL* "But doc................it was so tasty"!
  • Mel 2012/07/10 04:36:00
    Geezuz I'm staying away from the extra crispy!

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