Can poverty ever be eliminated from our society?...

swagbwoy 2012/12/14 00:51:58
Its a question i have been asking for years and still cant get an answer but i have come to the conclusion that due to certain circumstances that are foregoing in our society and world at large. i believed we are the problem that escalate and leads up to poverty,most of us need to learn good money management that is key towards braking the cycle some of us need to stop leaving above our means and life more comfortable and worrisome lives..we have lots out there who are making millions and can do much more to help but is not doing anything if only they would stretch out their hands and give more things would be better...
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  • TXredhead 2012/12/29 01:46:36
    Actually, Jesus said "you will always have the poor". There is no utopia where there is no poor. As long as there are humans who are different, nothing will be exactly the same for all.
  • TXredhead 2012/12/28 11:49:00
    Actually, Jesus said "you will always have the poor". There is no utopia where there is no poor. As long as there are humans who are different, nothing will be exactly the same for all.
  • Mike 2012/12/28 11:06:45
    Not under our present economic structire
  • TXredhead 2012/12/15 02:30:25
    Ahhh but poverty of the heart and soul is so much more detrimental. But, there is a wealth of love within us all to take care of that. After which, material poverty would probably not exist.
  • April K. 2012/12/14 16:06:51
    April K.
    Nope..In society today, there are those who rule and others who are ruled. There are always those who get the bitter end of the candy stick.
  • on time, again 2012/12/14 13:21:48
    on time, again
    My childhood was spent eating charity food while my mom and dad smoked and dad drank his beer. cockroaches and mice running inside the walls taking a shower 1 time a week. as soon as I could I got out worked my butt off,So my kids never have that life. only the indivigual can get out and he must not make excusses just get going.
  • Kaleokualoha 2012/12/14 02:59:21
    No, because poverty is relative. The least affluent segment of any society, no matter how rich, will be considered to be "poor."
  • E. Norma Stits 2012/12/14 02:04:09
    E. Norma Stits
    Yes, but the impoverished will first need to want to get out of their own self inflicted poverty. Most poor people are very content where they are because they're being taken care of by the tax dollars of people who have done well for themselves.

    Why get up at 4 am to go to work for a pay check when someone else will do it for you?
  • SezMichael 2012/12/14 01:53:22 (edited)
    depends what you call poverty. I call poverty the lack of food and shelter.If we can make sure that there is affordable housing for everyone regardless of your income, and food is available as well, I call that the end of poverty.
  • swagbwoy SezMichael 2012/12/14 03:18:54
    I totally agrees with you well said if affordable housing and food is available things will be much better but its something that we will see little of because everyone has become selfish and greedy. and then we have others who only interested in exploiting others to high and mighty...
  • SezMichael swagbwoy 2012/12/14 15:09:59 (edited)
    As long as our principal motivation in life is individual wealth for it's sake -- wealth just the sake of being wealthy, then there will always be poverty because many have to be exploited for the few. The ultimate exploitation is slavery and it has no other purpose but to create wealth. Poverty was the toxic waste product of that pursuit.
    Poverty will end when man's definition of personal success becomes self-improvement and the exploration of existence. When what is high and mighty is possessing truth, making discovery and living in the bliss of contentment.
  • Sister Jean 2012/12/14 01:21:33
    Sister Jean
    yes IF we all cared
  • swagbwoy Sister ... 2012/12/14 03:13:18
    we all need to care more for our fellow human being being wealthy does not mean you can look down on me because i need your help or i must beg and you already know whats my need...
  • Windjammer 2012/12/14 01:07:36
    True poverty was eliminated long ago but the bar keeps getting moved.
    If there weren't so many freeloaders in the system, the only homeless would be the ones who like the gypsy lifestyle.
  • SezMichael Windjammer 2012/12/14 16:09:01 (edited)
    poverty was never eliminated. In the 1800's this country's wealth came from selling cotton. The energy to produce it was, to understate it, cheap and renewable. And it created immense poverty for the benefit of a relative few. We still live with the social consequences of that pursuit.

    Dubai is a "wealthy" country but that wealth is only possible if there is incredibly cheap labor to sustain it. The more you desire material wealth, the more poverty you tend to create achieving it.

    The problem as I see it is that we've relieved ourselves of the concern over destitution by simply saying it's a character flaw. It's easier that way. We don't have to be concerned with people we think are bad actors. Make poverty a moral failing and our conscious is cleared.

    I experienced it first hand. when I was unemployed people sneered at me. Then in one fell swoop one day I was making 90k a year. I was admired, sought after, thought to have a butt worth kissing. I was exactly the same person then and now. Same values, same intellect but perceived completely different simply because of money.

    I'm going to beat you to the punch and stipulate that there are people who've made hugely bad lifestyle choices and expect us to clean up their messes. I hope that's our next conversation.
  • Willski 2012/12/14 01:01:56
    It could be, through the elimination of currency.
    But sometimes comes about with people just deciding not to work, or for some reason (whether their own doing or not) being unable to earn money. For as long as money exists there will be poverty.
  • NJW0123 2012/12/14 00:58:35
    If everyone was rich we would have no resources left on earth. You have to do your best to get ahead, unfortunately it's much more difficult now days with so many people.
  • Mike NJW0123 2012/12/28 11:08:30
    expresses my sentiments exactly !!
  • joe keeney 2012/12/14 00:53:25
    joe keeney
    Not unless you create jobs.

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