Can cell phones really give people breast cancer?

lololol 2010/06/28 20:07:00
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  • Lerro DeHazel 2010/06/30 19:57:21
    Yes is can
    Lerro DeHazel
    I have a feeling that my daughter would be alive today if NOT for the Cell Phone. She was just turned 28-years of age when she was diagnosed with brain cancer and then died 11-days later. She spent a lot of time talking on a cell phone to her fiance'. Of course, this kind of stuff is so difficult to prove. 20-years from now I bet that there will be law-suits to the galore. Right now at this time though; it's very difficult to prove anything relative to radiation transmitting and how much is too much, etc.
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2010/06/29 01:17:06
    Mabye it could Mabye it can't we don't know
    It might because cell phones give off radiation and radiation can cause cancer.
  • heather 2010/06/28 20:42:55
    nowadays anything will give you cancer. goverment needs to stop altering things
  • Katie 2010/06/28 20:08:35
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    Thats what I heard dont know if its true though.

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