Can autism be reversed?

SAM 2007/09/21 19:17:58
Yes with lots of patience, support, and communication Autism can be reversed.
No. Autism can't be cured, but it can be treated behaviorally and/or medically.
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Autism is a developmental disorder in children often characterized by impaired communication, excessive rigidity and emotional detachment. Through McCarthy's book "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism," she reveals her struggles to reverse the effects of it on her son, Evan John Asher. She gives a hindsight and current view of how she deals with her son's autism.

Like many mothers, McCarthy interpreted all of Evan's behavior in the most positive light. The flapping of his hands. How he played (or didn't play) differently than other kids. His pre-occupation with spinning objects. These were all things she thought were just unique to his personality.

Now with her boyfriend's help Jim Carey, "There will be no certificate," she says. "It goes far deeper than that. Jim came into our life with an open heart and open arms. He's learned a lot about autism. He listens. The power of listening. It can move mountains." She calls Jim Carrey the "Autism Whisperer"
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  • Scott 2007/09/21 21:15:50 (edited)
    No. Autism can't be cured, but it can be treated behaviorally and/or medically.
    A lot of cases have popped up where people feel that a child has been "cured" of Autism. Cured is a big big word. It implies a lot of things. I don't feel that we can say autism can be "cured" when we do not fully understand the disorder.

    The thing is, autism will effect people in different ways. Some people are more functional than others and we just don't understand the differences.

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  • SAM cdub 2007/09/21 19:32:48
    Yes. Being really patient and talking to them. I watched on TV that it took a 4 year old 2 full says to learn how to count to 10. Is a very slow process and must be frustrating
  • cdub SAM 2007/09/21 19:46:08
    thats crazy...a lot of celebrities have children that are autistic. i wonder if there is a connection with "partying" and autism.
  • chilton~T~ cdub 2007/09/22 03:23:48
    No. It crosses all socio-economic lines. Parental history doesn't seem to be a factor. I never drank or did drugs, EVER, for which I'm very grateful now. The guilt would be overwhelming. I just started having an occasional drink in the last few years. My kids are over 20. It is more common in boys. I know twins where one has it and one doesn't.
  • chilton~T~ SAM 2007/09/22 03:27:52
    Samuel, do you know any kids with autism? Anyone in the family?
  • Ant~ All Woman All Amazing~ 2007/09/21 19:22:33
    No. Autism can't be cured, but it can be treated behaviorally and/or medically.
    Ant~ All Woman All Amazing~
    Sorry no cure , so i don't think it can be reversed.

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