California Legislators Approve Robot Cars on Public Roads: Do You?

Fef 2012/08/31 18:00:00
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Ready to share the road with robots weighing 4,000 pounds of metal moving at speeds up to 65 MPH? California legislators voted to approve California Senate Bill 1298 (SB 1298) that “would permit autonomous vehicles to be operated or tested on the public roads in this state.” The senate bill also added that the robot cars will “offer significant potential safety, mobility, and commercial benefits for individuals and businesses in the state and elsewhere.”

It doesn't surprise me that the state legislator in California, where Google flexes its political power, would allow the bill. It also doesn't surprise me that the state senate already wrote nearly 1,300 new laws. I actually look forward to less California humans driving on the road, particularly in Los Angeles. However, we need to verify that these robots won't suffer road rage and go all "Terminator" on us.

Legislators pass new law that would set safety and performance standards.
arstechnica reports legislators pass law safety performance standards

Read More: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012/08/robot-c...

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  • sglmom 2012/08/31 02:24:45
    As someone who is BLIND
    I truly am encouraged that these Self-Driving vehicles are going into real life applications ..
    This is going to be ..
    if the costs are brought down to where it is affordable ..
    a BIG BOON in securing independence ..
    the ability to be FREE to move around so much more ..
    for those with Disabilities
    (and definitely for the Vision Impaired/Blind ... especially me!)

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  • Ericka rosebud 2012/09/19 07:07:10
    I worked from home for a couple years, but went stir crazy. I'd like a happy medium option. I'm not locked in, per se. Just content for right now the way things are. The kids will be out of school in a couple years and doing their own thing, so I may travel or re-locate somewhere else, or, if I can get a paycheck to justify the cost of a Porsche Boxter from somewhere else, be happier with an even longer commute if I'm riding in style...at breakneck speeds - ROFLMBO!
  • Ericka Ericka 2012/09/19 07:08:09
    Tourist towns or cities with a great night-life, perhaps :-)
  • rosebud Ericka 2012/09/25 17:44:59
    Depends upon what your define as a few years.
  • Ericka rosebud 2012/09/27 06:29:13
    2 1/2 isn't a lot. Look back 2 1/2 years in your own life - didn't it just zoom past pretty quickly? Gloom and doom isn't around the corner, and before I know it, the next "few" years will zoom by just as fast. I'm not that worried about it.
  • stranger Ericka 2012/09/04 16:51:48
    if you would even dare send your kid in a robotic car your stupid! and careless! or you don't have brains and can't drive because your a puppet of the state, lol
  • Ericka stranger 2012/09/27 05:51:38
    Ah. You must have looked at some of my other answers/political views and decided you had nothing better to do than troll.

    1) My son is 15 1/2 and getting his driving permit this next month.
    2) The school is less than a mile from our house on mostly residential roads with barely any traffic at all.

    Probably best answer to your very biased and incendiary comment yet:

    3) I thought Democrats were "puppets of the state" - That is who your ID suggests you coach, isn't it? You must be very good at coaching them...to be ignorant Socks.

  • stranger Ericka 2012/09/27 11:56:40
    ron paul is a constitutionalist not a democrat! he went under democrat just for the fact that america is a two party dictatorship!
  • Ericka stranger 2012/09/28 04:10:21
    You just proved my point.
  • Marianne 2012/09/04 04:59:29
    As far as they are safe.
  • cesspool 2012/09/04 03:10:48
    .....Until my car drives me to the dept. of homeland security for talking about how corrupt our government is.
  • rosebud cesspool 2012/09/04 14:48:23
  • toobored54 2012/09/04 02:47:42
    My car drives better without a robot or ANYBODY in the drivers seat better than some people I see driving.
  • KoolGuyL 2012/09/04 02:34:02
    I think they will do a better job driving than most humans could.
  • Dugard 2012/09/04 00:18:02
    I really could care less.
  • MrsB 2012/09/03 21:36:41
    Can't be any worse than the human drivers.
  • Eliot 2012/09/03 19:15:36
    As long as they are well tested, then they would do wonders for disabled people, however California must accept the responsibility if anything goes wrong
  • Merhabi Daham 2012/09/03 17:55:59
    Merhabi Daham
    “...would permit autonomous vehicles to be operated or tested on the public roads in this state.”
    Really? They can now be tested on public roads? Recipe for disaster i tell you. Not only is giving the robots power a bad Idea, but people are unpredictable drivers, and that robot will not be up to the task of predicting when a drunk driver might swerve over, while a human would go "Oh, that guy looks wasted, I think i'll keep my distance." Testing robot cars on public roads is a bad Idea.
  • wildemanne 2012/09/03 17:52:24
    it would be great self driving no idiot at the control no road rage
  • stranger wildemanne 2012/09/04 16:53:52
    just computers crashing=equalling car crashes, even more unthinking stupid people! who need the government to spoon feed them and give milk to!
  • Josh Robinson 2012/09/03 17:16:39
  • 001 2012/09/03 16:37:32
    Probably a whole lot safer than most drivers I see on the road.
  • Amy ...AKA Dudess 2012/09/03 16:13:08
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    my dad is legally blind he can see a little but I think this would be wonderful for him, my concerns is about traffic around him what if someone pulls out in front of you and the car doesnt detect it.
  • stranger Amy ...... 2012/09/04 16:55:50
    how about when the computer glitches and sends him sytraigh tto the grave? or witha much worse condition then just blind? its NOT a good idea! especially not for those who can't see! if you carethat much about him, how about you drive him? or hire a driver? that woul dbe a much much much smarter and more caring decision, then putting him at the fate of a computer
  • Amy ...... stranger 2012/09/04 17:50:41
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    I have been driving him for the past 10 years and I will continue to drive him. I just know he really misses his independence.
  • stranger Amy ...... 2012/09/05 16:50:33
    and putting him in a car droven by robots, and mayb ethe government is really giving him independence? putting him at th ehands of robots is NOT giving him his independence!
    if i was blind id feel more loved if someone i love drove me.
  • Amy ...... stranger 2012/09/05 21:32:07
    Amy ...AKA Dudess
    move on
  • stranger Amy ...... 2012/09/06 03:04:09
    ? no
  • overdog001 2012/09/03 15:18:06
    Sure, all in favor. We have about 100 million drivers out there who aren't even as smart as their phones. Take the control of the hurtling death machine out of their hands, and then can spend their commute updating their facebook page instead of smashing into each other.
  • stranger overdog001 2012/09/04 16:57:12
    the very reason why they arent as smart as their phones is because they have those phones! thee cars will only make stupid people stupider and "smart" people stupider as well. unless your truly smart and say no to robotic cars! good in sci fi but not in reality!
  • overdog001 stranger 2012/09/06 16:27:26
    Or perhaps a good solution would be to require an I.Q. test for a driver's license? LOL
  • stranger overdog001 2012/09/07 02:59:00 (edited)
    says the one who proclaims to be a fighter for freedom (your mask) but supports freedom loss. lol
  • Vision of Verve 2012/09/03 15:17:58
  • dick 2012/09/03 15:10:49
    nope Detroit has already proven that they don't have it all together yet!
  • no1ymfan 2012/09/03 15:02:34
    I can finally text while driving!!!
  • SOUL4REAL 2012/09/03 14:52:49
    Everything else is "Robotic", why not "Cars" too?? Pretty soon "Robots" will be replacing humans,you talking about being "Unemployed" now? :(((
  • stranger SOUL4REAL 2012/09/04 16:57:52 (edited)
  • SOUL4REAL stranger 2012/09/04 17:20:15
    Ask,your damn self that retarded azz question!! Open up your f..king "EYES" stupid!! Most all of the auto plants have closed down because of "Robots" replacing humans!! Who the f..k said it's "Good"?? While you're asking a person all of those labels that you assuming they are,you should be working on your "Comprehension" in what you're "Reading"! The key word is "Pretty soon",will you be here to see it,is the question! A mind is a terrible thing to waste"! Go get one!!
  • stranger SOUL4REAL 2012/09/05 16:58:38 (edited)
  • SOUL4REAL stranger 2012/09/05 19:49:12
    Well,Mr or Mrs who ever the hell you are,can you "Stop" it? That's the question? I don't think you "Comprehend" well,where did I say I'm ok with everything being ran by "Robots"? Open your damn "Eyes" so you can see,with your "Blind" azz!! Please don't respond back!! Bye Fool!!
  • stranger SOUL4REAL 2012/09/06 03:04:54
    i swear you changed your first comment lol

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