Burger King Vs. McDonalds

TheOriginals 2012/10/27 23:23:39
Burger King
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Which one of these restaurants would you rather to go to the most?...Burger king Mcdonalds
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  • KeithL 2012/10/29 16:01:21
  • D D 2012/10/28 19:51:38
    Burger King
    D D
    I don't really like burger King and then on top of that, while in the military, I ate a whole lot of burger king because it was on base. I hate it now even more. I will take McDonalds.
  • Ian 2012/10/28 18:46:05
    Burger King
    Burger king, but the best i ever has was Eddie Rockets Burger.
  • Crische 2012/10/28 18:08:41
    Burger King
    Although I've been trying to cut down on the fats food. Pretty delicisou every now and then though.. Wendy's
  • sloane.carmenlasher 2012/10/28 17:58:30
    I have never been a fan of BK :/
  • Miss Fiona 2012/10/28 17:37:03
    Burger King
    Miss Fiona
    McDonalds has sesame seeds inside their burgers. I remember eating a McDonalds burger at six and hearing the crunch of sesame seeds; I was disgusted and traumatized, so I have always preferred Burger King.
  • Kit 2012/10/28 17:19:17
    Burger King
    Neither wasn't an option so I chose Burger King, I actually prefer Wendy's.
  • paul 2012/10/28 16:58:40
    I don't always eat fast food.....but when I do I prefer McDonalds most interesting man eating mcdonalds
  • jt 2012/10/28 16:30:08
    Burger King
    I prefer burger king's burgers and fries.
  • KATniss 2012/10/28 16:16:49
    Burger King
    i love burger king and we don't have it here in greece. :(
    but we have another fast food named Goody's which is amazing! :p
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2012/10/28 16:16:27
    Burger King
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    i ike BK';s food much better. most everything from McDonalds dosen't taste real good to me
  • Muscle Man 2012/10/28 14:06:32
    Muscle Man
    You know who really likes McDonalds? My mom!!
  • vamp21 2012/10/28 14:05:42
    haven't been to a burger king in years, loads closed down near where I live
  • Blueskies 2012/10/28 13:12:43
    Burger King
    Don't eat at any fast food joint.
    Just carry plenty of fresh apples.
  • S and S Blueskies 2012/10/28 16:19:41
  • American Nate 2012/10/28 13:00:49
    American Nate
  • cancled 2012/10/28 12:59:13 (edited)
    Truth is they all end up the same way.

    Fat clogging your arteries and a pile of..............................
    mcdonalds cheese burger
    Mcdonalds Cheese burger or Burger king Whopper?????
  • S and S cancled 2012/10/28 16:17:09
  • cancled S and S 2012/10/28 19:11:01
  • Roy Mun... cancled 2012/10/28 16:18:54
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    oh ffs,not if you moderate hw often you eat at those places,and with the higher prices,one can't do that very often
  • cancled Roy Mun... 2012/10/28 19:13:51
    When I do go out I mostly eat at chinese restaurants, better for my health.
  • Roy Mun... cancled 2012/10/28 19:15:43
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    idk about that being any healthier
  • cancled Roy Mun... 2012/10/28 19:27:46
    Yupp, pretty much so compared to those two grease pits!
  • Roy Mun... cancled 2012/10/28 21:26:48
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    whatever you say
  • Wesloco 2012/10/28 11:45:51
    Really they both suck! Whataburger is the place!

  • Alex♥Adam 2012/10/28 11:25:45
    I generally go to McDonalds, haven't seen any Burger King branch here but now I'd rather avoid it, I don't trust the food and I'm trying to avoid junk food. /o\
  • Kezzi Morris 2012/10/28 09:10:48 (edited)
    Burger King
    Kezzi Morris
  • Rodimus Knight 2012/10/28 09:01:24
    Burger King
    Rodimus Knight
    even Better: In and Out
  • Kitty 2012/10/28 08:47:08 (edited)
    McYummy. McDonalds has the best coffee ever!!

    A guy I worked with got food poisoning from BK.....he nearly died.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/10/28 08:44:25
    Depends on my mood. I chose McDonalds because they have better fries and the beloved Mcnuggets. But if I want a Burger I go to Burger King. Also the Mcdonalds is closer to my house.
  • ☀ ~ elly ~ ☀ 2012/10/28 08:15:09
    ☀ ~ elly ~ ☀
  • HailScience 2012/10/28 07:06:13
    Burger King
    Mcdonalds is ass
  • PUNX! 2012/10/28 06:59:33
    McDonalds, there's no more Burger King in Australia anymore =[
  • alyssa 2012/10/28 06:01:58
    Burger King
    okay in order to leave a comment i had to choosen but i hate both. its like asking me would you rather eat lard or greese? would you like a heart attack on a bun or some fried artery plaque? would you like some greasy high cholesterol or some butter slathered beer belly? truth about fast food

    oh hot damn this looks delicious... this is what burgers at fast food joints are made of(: the infamous pink slime(: pink slime, the other red meat, pink slime, ITS WHATS FOR DINNER!! i am a huge health food and excercise advocate my dear(: now lets all get our lazy bums out of these computer chairs and go for a walk
  • RyokuSonic alyssa 2012/10/28 11:05:07
    Those who completely dislike fast food restaurants, even in moderation, do not deserve to have an opinion. It's like asking someone who like the anime fairytail what their favorite naruto character is.
  • alyssa RyokuSonic 2012/10/28 21:24:14
    ew stop. i am entitled to my opinion just as you are. go stuff your face with french fries
  • RyokuSonic alyssa 2012/10/29 17:25:11
    You are entitled to an opinion, but you do not deserve one if your going totally off course with you opinion because it makes you sound like an idiot. There was no "Other" option put in this question, so since you randomly chose a choice just to have an unrelated opinion makes you look like a retard. If the question was "Fast Food vs. Homecooked" it would be a different situation. I eat fast food and regular food in moderation and i'm pretty sure i'm more healthy than you, so keep hiding yourself on the internet fatso.
  • alyssa RyokuSonic 2012/10/29 19:39:28
    are you a liberal? because it seems like you love to use personal insults :P i enjoy my opinion. its just fabulous. and there is an other option because i created it in my comment!!(: and it dosent make me look like a retard that i had a valid opionion to express. you sir look like the ignorant one being forced to pick a choice and knocking all other ludicrious options
  • RyokuSonic alyssa 2012/11/03 14:52:27
    Oh great, now he randomly brings political stances into this....comfired retard, And you happened to insult me first, so as every good person should I kindly returned the favor, but now with this new response you made you really are sounding like an idiot overall. When have I said someone was forcing you to pick a choice, you can simply leave us alone and not comment if you are not interested in fast food. If your not interested in any type then why are you here, because making a comment about hating on it won't appeal to anyone or change anyones mind. I've dealt with enough dumbass trolls and hurricanes this week, this is my last comment. Have fun with you fabulously half-assed excuse for an opinion.
  • alyssa RyokuSonic 2012/11/07 03:33:44
    Half assed? Noo youve got it all wrong. I am a smart ass of the highest calliber and i love my opinion. Youre entitled to your opinion, ill grant you that.

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