Burger King Testing Home Delivery: Tasty or Terrible?

SodaHead Living 2012/01/19 20:43:57
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Seems like a belated move for an almost 60-year-old company, but Burger King wants to deliver ... to your house. The fast food chain has begun testing home delivery of its burgers and fries at four of its restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area, USA Today reports.


The No. 2 burger chain is hoping to edge closer to the No. 1 spot by mirroring the pizza delivery format. But there's one big problem: burgers and fries don't travel very well.

"There are some real food-quality issues here," Ron Paul (not THAT Ron Paul), president of research firm Technomic, told USA Today. But Burger King says it has the answer: a "proprietary thermal packaging technology," which "ensures the Whopper is delivered hot and fresh, and the french fries are delivered hot and crispy," Jonathan Fitzpatrick, the company's chief brand and operations officer, tells the paper.

But getting your Whopper delivered to your door is going to cost you. Minimum orders range from $8 to $10, and there's a $2 fee ($12 isn't bad if it buys dinner for at least two people). Delivery customers must live within a 10-minute drive of the store, and if you get the munchies after 10 p.m., you're out of luck. Would you order Burger King for delivery?
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  • Jenn the Psycho 2012/01/19 21:39:55 (edited)
    Jenn the Psycho
    I'm a proud eater of meat and love burgers, but this is ridiculous. Like we NEED another motivation for laziness!!

    Sure, it might create more jobs... I guess... and it'll be convenient for those who can't leave the house, but at the same time, I can see people abusing this new privilege if it happens to all BK's nationwide someday.

    Despite my answer, it's not TERRIBLE, but it's not awesome either. But with the given answers, yeah... it's more bad than good.

    I know, you can't force people to be healthy, but it's just shameful to see such laziness sometimes. So what's next, instantly TELEPORTING food to us? Pre-chewed meals so we don't have to strain our jaws? One can only hope we don't become THAT bad.

    lazy american

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  • Jennifer BSINCO 2012/01/20 19:17:10
    I have read that before too and it is a load of crap. Pizza can be healthy if it is homemade. We make it all the time with minimal cheese and lots of vegetables. Sadly, the pizza served in public schools and Pizza Hut is loaded with fat and sugar (in the sauce). Did you watch the Jamie Oliver food revolution series? Apparently French fries are a vegetable too, what a joke.
  • kraftym... Jennifer 2012/01/20 19:22:24
    By that definition, I could classify chocolate as its own food group. Yeah, school nutrution leaves a LOT to be desired.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/01/20 17:14:35
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    Living where I live there aren't many delivery choices to be made other than pizza. I hope it makes it down here where I live!
  • Joyce Brand 2012/01/20 17:11:53
    Joyce Brand
    Burger King is tastier than MacDonalds. If they can really deliver the burgers and french fries hot, then it is worth the extra charge. If they can't, this experiment won't last long.
  • Thomas Rea: Gay Christian A... 2012/01/20 17:02:50
    Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate
    It would be a good idea if you don't have to pay a delivery fee. You don't have to pay a delivery fee for pizza.
  • Sonic Thomas ... 2012/01/26 23:30:21
    I don't know what company you're using, but every company around here charges about 4.99 for delivery.
  • Thomas ... Sonic 2012/01/27 14:59:00
    Thomas Rea: Gay Christian Advocate
    Back when I did order pizza. There was no delivery fee.
  • Sonic Thomas ... 2012/01/29 17:55:09
    That was back then. We're in the now.
  • Sonic 2012/01/20 17:01:53
    as lazy as I am, I don't want those fries to get cold by the time I get home, and I'm good with NOT paying a delivery charge.
  • 13Cloud88 2012/01/20 16:58:27
    Sometimes I'm craving a Big Mac, but my local McDonald's is too far to walk & it's cold out, so I was planning on trying out this service at least once. Unfortunately I assume most of the time the burgers & fries will be stone cold by the time it's delivered :(
  • Boo 2012/01/20 16:57:52
    Good idea probably, but if it means your meal will cost you twice as much or more, like the pizza industry, I won't consider it!
  • H-Dizzle 2012/01/20 16:52:37
    Drunk nights at home are about to get a whole lot tastier!!
  • MinaM8 2012/01/20 16:43:44
    Oh god, if you're not even going to move your lazy ass to get your food -_____-

    Well I don't even eat fastfood. But if you're going to, then the least you can do is actually go and get it...
  • tcrackel 2012/01/20 16:43:23
    I think its a good idea, but what is the point if you can't get it after 10 pm. That is the only time I don't fell like going to get it my self.
  • Mrs. Kathy Arch 2012/01/20 16:42:43
    Mrs. Kathy Arch
  • Sunny 2012/01/20 16:29:00
    Most Burger Kings have closed here in my town... Does that say anything?
  • Juanb 2012/01/20 16:25:36
  • Tree-Hugger 2012/01/20 16:24:14
    Fat people are just getting lazier! Now they can't even walk into their car to go and get their food, they can have it delivered. How long is it until they get to lazy to do that?
  • Happy21... Tree-Hu... 2012/01/20 18:45:40
    Why do you sound so shocked? The premise of food being delivered is not a new one. You've never partook in pizza delivery, chinese delivered, italian food delivered, the list is endless. And it's not just the fatties...there are like a gazillion weight watchers style clubs that deliver your meals right to your door...including weight watchers themselves I believe. You act like all the fat people got together and petitioned BK for this service b/c their laziness has overtaken their ability to think about anything other than a double whopper with cheese being slung at them from their front porch. I think you're being a little arrogant and holier than thou towards the chubsters of America or maybe you are a little round around the middle and this is how you make yourself feel better. Or maybe you're skinny and you think that makes you somehow better than the chunky monkeys. But I say if you want to hug trees (as your name suggests) than you should hug them, if someone else wants to hug a whopper with cheese without getting off the couch let them. And I should clarify my point by saying it's not just the fatties who heart fast food, a lot of seemingly skinny folks can tear up a number 2 without taking a breath as well. Ironically, I must end this to go make a grocery list. It won't include a BK broiler but it could...and that's okay. =o)
  • Cathy 2012/01/20 16:20:21
    I only picked terrible because I am not a "fast food" lover, but for those who are might find it to be very tasty as long as their food aren't cold.
  • Theresa2000 2012/01/20 16:16:21
    As much as I enjoy the occasional burger from BK, delivery service for an already fast food place is nuts. BUT on the upside... it could create a few part-time jobs for the teens.
  • Th8nos 2012/01/20 16:14:47
    TERRIBLE!!! If you cant get off your fatass to attempt to burn off at least 100 calories of the 2000 you're about to ingest, then it's hopeless!!!
  • rosebud 2012/01/20 16:09:10
    The burgers and fries will never be as hot when they get to your home as when you bring them the few steps form the counter to your table. Cold, even cooled down fries never are as inviting as those handed to you within a minute of coming out of the fryer.
  • william.stiles 2012/01/20 16:08:37
    Might as well...anyone that eats there isn't too worried about keeping in shape anyway. Bring it to them!!!!LOL
  • jacktown kid 2012/01/20 16:03:06
    jacktown kid
    Very Good place to eat
  • Mopeder 2012/01/20 16:01:39
    Sounds tasty to me.
  • New Yorker 2012/01/20 16:00:20
    New Yorker
    Codl hamburgers and fries, I don't think so.....
  • ID51 2012/01/20 15:58:22
    Add deliverty time to this and fast food isn't fast at all. Personally, I don't eat much fast food, and I live in a smaller community so it probably wouldn't happen here anyway. What's crazy is the White House is on an "eat healthier" campaign, and they'll be testing this in D.C. Wonder how long it will take them to shut it down?
  • ktorch 2012/01/20 15:47:52
    Yea, tasty if that's the sort of thing you like.
  • merlinskiss 2012/01/20 15:47:43
    When we heard this on the news, it took us 5 minutes to quit laughing. What are Americans coming to that they are so lazy they can't even get off their fat and getting fatter bottoms, get in their car to get fast food? As far as Burger King? Time will tell what it does to their "bottom line" (pun intended)...
  • rosebud merlins... 2012/01/20 16:12:06
    There's a Burger King restaurant on the first floor of the Low Income high rise building that was just completed in downtown San Diego. I think it is great, welfare recipients probably getting home delivery in that building for sure. EBT cards can be used in fast food joints.
  • merlins... rosebud 2012/01/20 17:12:51
    Your tax dollars fattening up the poor. Isn't capitalism great?
  • Rude Richard 2012/01/20 15:47:12
    Rude Richard
    Bet they'll be making a lot of trips to the White House for Bugger Boy and Fat Ass...
  • Sunny Rude Ri... 2012/01/20 16:33:02
    I don't think so sir. There isn't an ounce of extra fat on either of them. When President Obama does an occasional burger, it's at a store with real food.
  • janet Rude Ri... 2012/01/20 17:49:03
    Love your grumpy old man profile picture it surely compliments your obtuse comment. : )
  • les_gvt 2012/01/20 15:45:00
    Is it going to help the food taste better?
  • 001 2012/01/20 15:45:00
    Well, not that terrible. Pizza places often deliver to your house. Burger King will probably profit from this service. I chose terrible because I think healthy food should be cheaper and more easily available. Since it's already easy enough to get your fast food, I don't think it's a very good thing for society to make it even more easy and more popular.
  • Deb Thiessen 2012/01/20 15:39:29
    Deb Thiessen
    I dislike Burger King food and would not bother with home delivery.
  • Solitude's Shadow 2012/01/20 15:33:54
    Solitude's Shadow
    I personally don't like fast-food restaurant burgers. They make me sick.
  • CallusedSilk 2012/01/20 15:33:48
    Drunks will no longer have to leave their house to eat Burger King! Fantastic.

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