Burger King Says All Eggs and Pork Will Come From Cage-Free Chickens and Pigs by 2017: Should Other Restaurants Follow Suit?

Living 2012/04/26 17:10:38
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Are you an animal lover, particularly one with a weakness for Burger King? We have good news for you. The burger joint announced on Wednesday that all of its eggs and pork will come from cage-free chickens and pigs by 2017, The Associated Press reports.

"So many tens of thousands of animals will now be in better living conditions," said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, which has been pushing Burger King and other corporations on the issue, according to the AP.

It certainly seems like a step in the right direction. Conventionally raised eggs come from hens confined in battery cages, and most pork comes from sows that are confined during their four-month pregnancies in narrow crates, the AP says.

Increased costs have prevented some companies from going cage-free, but research shows that customers are willing to pay more for the peace of mind that comes with knowing that animals are being treated humanely.

And since Burger King is the nation's second-largest fast-food restaurant, other companies are likely to follow suit. Wal-Mart and Costco have already transitioned their private-label eggs to 100 percent cage-free, and Unilever, maker of Hellmann's mayonnaise brand, is also going 100 percent cage-free. Should other restaurants and brands follow in their footsteps?
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  • Z-Wolf 2012/04/27 02:17:48
    I can't say i's bad, because it's better than the current status. It's like saying I steal your lunch money everyday, but now I'm going to steal a quarter less because I'm nice. It's good, but still not good enough! They also need to fix that ass aftertaste for their fries!
  • Riobhca 2012/04/27 02:10:31 (edited)
    All sentient beings should be treated with respect. Cutting down on eating meat would help even more.
  • MattIsTheGeekInPink 2012/04/27 01:33:59
    Still cage free, still miserable.
    free range chicken bad
  • Sour Dime MattIsT... 2012/04/27 02:28:03
    Sour Dime
    True but a step in the right direction.
  • molly a... MattIsT... 2012/04/27 03:08:37
    molly ashford
    that is definitly true, but i do agree that it is a bit better... oh who am i kidding? we should just stop eating meat
  • Captain... MattIsT... 2012/04/27 08:12:03
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    at least they can walk around
  • Anthony... MattIsT... 2012/04/27 08:13:00
    Anthony Souls
    Funny how you try to legitimize your own ideals by showing the misuse of the term: cage free. Animals should be treated humanely and be allowed to exercise in an open area. They supply us with nourishment and should be respected.

  • MattIsT... Anthony... 2012/04/27 12:09:43
    I'm not saying "Stop eating meat" I'm saying, learn where your food comes from. "Cage free" isn't always necessarily that much better than caged, but almost all the animals I've seen on non-corporate are treated humanely, and I'm cool with that. But a lot of people see "cage free" and "free range" and don't realize that the chickens are still being mistreated.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/04/27 01:09:04
    they did what was right I ate there today would go back some fast food joints listen others don't burger king good service the king deserves respect
  • Kathleen O'Malley 2012/04/27 00:57:12
    Kathleen O'Malley
    One small step for mankind!
  • Taylor 2012/04/27 00:26:54
    I think that's a great idea!~
    Free range chickens and pigs are much happier and healthier, so any product for them will be better for us.
    Furthermore, these animals should be happy. They are living creatures, and deserve to be treated as such, rather than just a caged animal. I know they will eventually end up on somebody’s dinner plate, but they should at least make their lives up to that point an enjoyable thing!
    My aunt has chickens, and she takes very good care of them. They lay eggs left and right, she doesn’t know what to do with them! She says happy chickens lay more eggs than unhappy chickens~
  • krystal chinothai 2012/04/27 00:20:35
    krystal chinothai
    Yes but why so far away?
  • Rob 2012/04/27 00:09:40
    I'm so sick of hearing how innocent animals are treated like commodities to be bought and sold with no regard for the fact that they are living things. Greed and evil (is there a difference?) reduces everything to a number to be analyzed as to why it is not high or low enough. These are living things people, they feel pain and can suffer, just like you. Yes, you. How can you not feel their plight, you traders, you speculators. You are too removed from reality. Prepare your soul for burning in the afterlife.
  • Captain... Rob 2012/04/27 08:14:08
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    They will suffer forever in soy hell!
  • Robinhood 2012/04/26 23:50:01
    though it will cost more, i think its more human
  • ✞Knight of Honor 2012/04/26 23:33:20
    ✞Knight of Honor
    I don't give a damn.
  • molly a... ✞Knight... 2012/04/27 03:09:23
    molly ashford
  • ✞Knight... molly a... 2012/04/27 03:44:00 (edited)
    ✞Knight of Honor
    An animal is only an animal. I don't really care what happens to bugs either, so long as they don't go extinct. People such as yourself personify animals into something more than they really are.
  • molly a... ✞Knight... 2012/04/28 19:16:55
    molly ashford
    and people like you ruin the earth...
  • ✞Knight... molly a... 2012/04/28 21:37:08
    ✞Knight of Honor
    By investing my money in helping humanity improve it's quality of life instead of wasting all of my time and money on primitive animals, I'm ruining the Earth?
  • Marcus Clark 2012/04/26 23:32:38
    Marcus Clark
    The term "cage-free" is almost meaningless. If the animal is let out of the cage into a very tiny yard (not much more than the cage) for a few minutes a day, it can be labeled "cage-free."
    BK (and others like them) will just use this term as an excuse to jack up their prices.
  • Kathlee... Marcus ... 2012/04/27 00:58:50
    Kathleen O'Malley
    It's just a liiiiitle better, though, at least they can stretch their wings a little.
  • Realistic 2012/04/26 23:10:33
    Yes, let's make sure those animal's lives are treated with respect before with slaughter and put them in our tummies! I am not a vegetarian by the way.
  • Osaka 2012/04/26 22:56:53
    Though it might become pricey..
  • Cal 2012/04/26 22:56:20
    Honestly as long as the quality of food is good, and their service doesn't get any worse, I could care less. Although I suppose it's an added benefit.
  • toxic_phantom 2012/04/26 22:51:42 (edited)
    not just restaurants, but all food production & food serving facilities! and not just because i love animals, but also because it is healthier. AND they should treat the cows and other animals they may have better too.
  • joe mauro 2012/04/26 22:49:16
    joe mauro
    it dont matter to me
  • Shanra 2012/04/26 22:37:13
    It will probably be healthier too.
  • émilie✿ 2012/04/26 22:12:41 (edited)
    Hell yes!
    We should have already been doing this -.-"
  • Cassie.Anna.Cary 2012/04/26 22:02:44
  • sjalan 2012/04/26 22:02:42
    yep other companies should do the same.

    See I don't do business with Burger King. They are owned by BAIN Capitol.
    Bain Capitol owns Clear Channel Communications
    Clear Channel owns Premier Channel communications which broadcasts the
    Rush Limbaugh program of filth across our nation.

    Hence all companies that Bain Capitol owns I do not do business with.
  • Zervur 2012/04/26 21:58:43
    up to them
  • Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/04/26 21:52:12
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    But their pledge is laughable at best. They have 5 years to change their mind, and its only pork and chicken. I'd prefer to have a cage free burger.

    Or better yet, I'll make my own.
  • (>*~*)>Zombiecat<(*-*<) 2012/04/26 21:46:12
    By all means! They should live comfortably until being slaughtered. And what about the beef???
  • Peewee ... (>*~*)>... 2012/04/27 00:58:58
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    There's not enough land to free range beef.
  • (>*~*)>... Peewee ... 2012/04/27 09:00:25
    unfortunately you are probably right
  • Peewee ... (>*~*)>... 2012/04/27 13:25:42
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    My dad used to keep his cattle in crowded, dirty pens :-(
  • (>*~*)>... Peewee ... 2012/04/27 19:15:15
    Awww.... all the cows you see around here are free range. My grandfather's were free range.
  • Peewee ... (>*~*)>... 2012/04/28 01:26:13
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    All the ones I see around here are free range too. He didn't want their meat to get tough.
  • (>*~*)>... Peewee ... 2012/04/28 20:52:21
    Yeah... it definitely taste's better.

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