Bum Frozen, Yet No One Seems to Care

This city of Detroit has not always been a gentle place. There are at least 19,000 homeless people in Detroit, by some estimates. Put another way, more than 1 in 50 people in Detroit are homeless. And that's where the story of the frozen bum begins.

It starts with a phone call made by a man who said his friend found a dead body in the elevator shaft of an abandoned building on the city's west side.

"He's encased in ice, except his legs, which are sticking out like Popsicle sticks," the caller phoned to tell this reporter.

"Why didn't your friend call the police?"

"He was trespassing and didn't want to get in trouble," the caller replied. As it happens, the caller's friend is an urban explorer who gets thrills rummaging through and photographing the ruins of Detroit. It turns out that this explorer last week was playing hockey with a group of other explorers on the frozen waters that had collected in the basement of the building. None of the men called the police, the explorer said. They, in fact, continued their hockey game.

Police investigated and interviewed many of the bums in that area. Most of the bums said that they saw the frozen man for weeks, but any of them bothered to call authorities.

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  • Honey 2009/01/30 17:12:31
    I don't find this unusual behavior in this society today. An 86 yr old man is hit over and over by vehicles, and everyone just keeps on going, a Walmart employee is trampled to death because some crazed shoppers want to get the best buys, babies are having babies and throwing them away. Why? Because human life doesn't mean anything anymore. Will it stop? Of course not. We've lost our morals, our ethics, our standard for life. As long as it feels good, do it. The only, and I do mean the only, comfort I find here is knowing that this poor man is now out of his misery. He will no longer go hungry, have to look for a warm place to sleep, or put up with the judgment of this world. My heart goes out to him and somewhere, his family. He was someones son.

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  • Bippsy 2009/02/12 01:42:11
    That's weirdly spooky and just soooo wrong. What's wrong with people???
  • tank 2009/02/11 16:48:22
    people are the problem in america, they dont have any common since.
  • dog 2009/02/11 14:32:47
    How could some one not care about this man or woman in the water and ice he could die.
  • Tokio Hotel 2009/02/11 03:47:18
  • PUPPYLOVE 2009/02/11 01:33:36
  • HPGal3 2009/02/09 08:48:00
    Holy Crap! How could you not report that?
  • twilightfreak.<3 2009/02/09 04:28:19
    that's rediculous.
    he has feelings too.
    i doubt you'd like to be out there in the cold & freeze to death.
    i really think we're living in hell right now. no one cares & no one bothers to save a life.
    it's cruel. & we all seem to be doomed for hell these days.
  • plip 2009/02/09 03:13:05
    thats sooooo sad!!!!!
    i mean...how did he even get there!?
    i agree.. they shouldve called the police instead of continuing the game
  • Leigh_Amberrr 2009/02/08 22:44:14
    that's horrible
    he's a human being he's not a useless piece of garbage
    whether you were trespassing or not you call the police if you see a dead body
    people today are really selfish
  • Sakurab10ss0m7 2009/02/08 18:08:11
    wow thats bad i cant believe that they didnt call the police i mean even if they were trespassing they saw a frozen dead guy so they should have said something
  • brenda 2009/02/08 00:11:59
  • ashley 2009/02/07 01:58:59
    thats horrible....and sad....some people can just be so selfish.....
  • pie 2009/02/06 23:12:09
    that is so fucking messed up
  • rockergurl 2009/02/06 20:42:29
    that is the most craziest shit i've ever heard of!!! WTF?!
  • H15xPrincesa 2009/02/06 15:58:39
    thats krazy
  • Judy 2009/02/05 22:37:02
    This is why we all need friends. to look in on now and then, so we don't see them like this. ): ):
  • sel_sue 2009/02/05 03:37:41
    thats just horrible, how you can see another human being dead and not do anything about it, i personally would not be able to live with myself! by looking at the photo, to me it seems like whoever this person was, that he/she was sleeping when they died, at least i hope so!

    ughhh this just disgusts me and i feel bad for this poor dead person who didnt for weeks get the proper burial and respect they deserve as they hopefully rest in peace.
  • Poison Ivy 2009/02/04 04:10:00
    Poison Ivy
    That is interesting how someone can be so cruel to avoid getting involved in something that was an accident. I would not, and could not leave someone like that at all. Especially a homeless person. They deserve more than what they get. They deserve to be treated just like someone with a home. avoid involved accident leave homeless person deserve deserve treated home
  • xLacyx 2009/02/04 01:17:47
    Huh. Interesting
  • Crismus_Angel 2009/02/04 01:06:43
    Quite moving. Well done, friend.
    Human nature is, indeed, horrifying in it's simplest form.
    Ignorance; naivette; self-centered priorities...
    We as humans can do so much to help create a better world, but that's exactly why we don't: because we know we can.
    As this explorer has clearly demonstrated: it is that which is forbidden which peaks human interest and curiosity, not which we know we can do.

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