Bullied Kids Commit Suicide: Is A 'No-Suicide Pact' Enough?

We've all heard the horrifying stories of children bullying other children, but should that lead parents to ask their children to sign a "no-suicide" pact? A news organization is asking that very question in the wake of an 8-year-old Texas boy's suicide attempt after being bullied every day at school while his teacher did nothing about it. The school's response? Your son should sign a "no-suicide" pact.

Here's a better idea: how about a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of bullying on any level at any school any time in this country. If the teacher truly knew his student was getting harassed by another classmate every day, then the teacher's duty should have been to protect the bullied child. If the 8-year-old boy had actually killed himself, then his blood would have not only been on the bully's hands, but the teacher's hands and the school officials' hands (because they repeatedly ignored the mother's complaints that her son was being bullied).

How awful must it have been for an 8-year-old to want to end his life?
That's not normal. That's not OK. A child shouldn't
even understand what suicide means.

This second grade boy in Texas is not the first to consider suicide as a result of bullying. Other children and teens have successfully taken their own lives because of being bullied. Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, 11, hung himself after being bullied in 2009. Phoebe Prince, 15, was bullied, attacked and even sexually assaulted by a group of teenagers. As a result, she hung herself on Jan. 14. Thankfully, nine of the students were indicted this week, though one mother doesn't think her child's name calling deserves punishment. (Way to go mom! Way to teach your daughter to dodge responsibility.)

Of course, suicide should never be the answer to life's problems, even bullying. Parents should discuss this with their children as well as pay attention to their children's fears, complaints, changes in behaviors, etc. If parents think a signed contract will help, then so be it. Personally, I don't know that the contract would hold any weight, especially if the fear of going to school and getting ridiculed and bullied every day seems worse than taking your own life. I think the bigger problem here is bullying.

Instead of having children sign a "no-suicide" pact, parents and school officials need to have children sign a "no-bullying" contract. Better yet, have the teachers sign a contract not to allow bullying. Students who breach the contract should be expelled and teachers who breach their contract should get fired. End of story.
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  • Waiting 2010/04/01 04:22:10
    The "no suicide" pact is foolish. if someone has been pushed to the point they are willing to kill themselves, I don't think the pact will make a difference.

    No tolerance is also a bad idea. How does one draw the the line between bullying and simple ribbing kids give each other. I agree it must always be dealt with, when it arises.

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  • magenta 2010/04/01 13:21:54
    i think if someone is bullied to the point to where they are willing to kill themselves, a group isnt gonna do anything. people should stop the bulling before it gets to far
  • GINGERBREAD 2010/04/01 12:44:28
    There is no law, and never will be a law, against STUPIDITY. Any one that is stupid enough to be talked into stupid things, is just that STUPID.
  • Bassman50 GINGERB... 2010/04/01 19:33:45
    So, children who are getting bullied are just stupid? That makes no sense whatsoever. What on earth are you saying?
  • GINGERB... Bassman50 2010/04/01 21:21:59
    When I was a kid, yeah, you bet, there were bullies in the school. I fought back, and they quit bullying me. We are either raising a bunch of wimpy pussies, or we are raising men and women that know how to fight back. There always going to be bullies, in school and in the job market. Everywhere, and as long as they can get away with it, the more they will bully. If you punch them in the mouth and take their eyes out, then they will stop. You'll only have to do it once, take my word for it.
  • Evelyn 2010/04/01 12:23:09
    i think this is fucxin bullshit im so tired of ppl thinkin dey are bettah den other ppl we are all tha same on tha inside jus cuz yer bigger den a person doesnt mean yuh have to necessarily pick on dem, how would yuh like it if someone picked on yuh, yuh wouldnt like it at all.
  • Dahanna... Evelyn 2010/04/01 14:05:00
    Dahanna S.O.C.K. P.U.P
    u'r rite..
    but bullies usually think no1 kan hurt dem...
    & dey never stop 2 think dey mite B a victim 1 day
  • laureenf 2010/04/01 11:50:24
    Those contracts are meaningless to a young person that is being targeted. Problem isn't the bullies, it's the PC that has infected the school system...personally, I just taught my son, from the day he could sit up, how to defend himself, how to use humor and most of all, that there will ALWAYS be bullies even after you're all grown up. He had a few 'scrapes' but all in all, the bullies left him alone and if they were picking on someone else and saw him coming, it stopped. The PC that 'bullying' can be stopped is a mis-nomer but self-discipline, self defense and a good sense of humor is the parents best resource....or a good Karate class...
  • NarcolepticGoat 2010/04/01 11:03:54
    An Anti Bullying pact might be a better idea. Although unfortunately probably equally effective.
  • Cate Smith 2010/04/01 10:10:11
    Cate Smith
    I agree that the onus HAS to be on the adults involved. The school must at least be able to provide a a safe environment for learning. A child experiencing psychological and or physical abuse is really not in any position to take on additional emotional pressure, never mind in a position to take on something as heavyweight as reassuring the adults in their life. Also: parents of children who bully need to be held accountable- even more so than any school. If a child is habitually aggressive and the parents aren't willing or able to find a solution, it would not be unreasonable to file a civil suit against them.
  • NessPan 2010/04/01 09:54:34
    bullying is BAD.
  • brunett... NessPan 2010/04/01 13:53:38
    Of course it is. I remember a girl aged 15-18 was bullied heavily by this gang at her school. She was pushed to the limit when she actually committed suicide by jumping of a cliff to her death. Crazy stuff, hey?
  • NessPan brunett... 2010/04/01 17:00:32
    oh,that is so bad.
    why don't people ever learn?
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/04/01 09:43:29
    Lady Whitewolf

    nuff said.
  • Edible_toad 2010/04/01 07:15:12
    you can't stop bullying. there will always be idiot children (and even adults) that bully.
    signing a pact to do anything usually wouldn't work especially not in this case.
    for me at least, if my parents said to sign a no-suicide pact, if i ever felt the need to commit suicide a silly little pact wouldn't stop me.
    i'd be dead and wouldn't have to deal with any consequences anyway.
    nor would a no-bullying pact, or zero tolerance.
    my school has zero tolerance and to be honest it does shit all.
    a no-bullying pact, especially for little kids i can't see working because a lot of them wouldn't understand it.
    in this case it's the teachers responsibility to be looking out for the children. especially given the age.
  • Jayce Evans 2010/04/01 07:08:35
    Jayce Evans
    here's an even better idea!

    the parents of the bullied kid need to talk with the parents of the bullies. settle this like adults, not whiny babies trying to hide behind pacts and school policies.

    this is the way it used to be and this is how it should still be!
  • brunett... Jayce E... 2010/04/01 13:57:04
    Exactly. But sometimes the parents of the bully doesn't agree to what the other parent is saying, and says 'My child would never do that' and other crazy things, when they have full-on like bashed her up and abused him/her. I remember in Yr5 a Yr6 boy broke her glasses. I mean, come on! He was Yr6-leader of the school!
  • Jayce E... brunett... 2010/04/02 04:19:15
    Jayce Evans
    true, some parents are completely unaware that their "perfect little angel" is a bully, because they act so nice at home. and other parents simply refuse to see it, even when they know it's true.

    that's when you take it to the school.
    call a meeting with the principal / headmaster / dean / whoever, and the parents. have the discussion there and then bring in the kids.
    call in other kids as witnesses if necessary.
    schools have a responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for the students.
    if the school doesn't want to step up, that's when you enroll your kid in a different school.
  • Demon Dolphin 2010/04/01 06:57:47 (edited)
    Demon Dolphin
    Oh! Oh! I have an idea! How about instead of taking the time to help my child, i'll just make him sign a peice of paper! That will certainly keep him from commiting suicide.

    Seriously, you guys? I mean, what would be the consequences of breaking it? There'd be none. The idea is completely ridiculous.
  • Jayce E... Demon D... 2010/04/01 07:08:55
    Jayce Evans
    i completely agree with you
  • Lady Wh... Demon D... 2010/04/01 09:44:17
    Lady Whitewolf
    I agree

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