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I Can Feel Your Love. 1/1.
Title: I Can Feel Your Love.
Author: druscilla_way
Rating: NC-17.
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco.
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan.
Warnings: BDSM. Bondage, ball gag, pain, spanking, toys, mention of an enema, etc.
Type: Oneshot.
Word Count: 1851.
POV: Third person.
Disclaimer: I only own the words. If this situation ever happened, please send me the videotape.

I Can Feel Your Love

“You are a slut,” Brendon said in a low voice, pressing a cigarette to his lips. Ryan squirmed helplessly on the bed, tugging at his restraints and mumbling uselessly behind the ball gag. Brendon smirked and took another drag off his cigarette. “And don’t act like it doesn’t get you off, wiggling your ass and knowing everyone is staring at you.”

He leaned in and exhaled his smoke onto Ryan’s erection. He watched the older boy rolling his hips and reached out suddenly, pressing the end of his cigarette against the exposed skin of Ryan’s thigh until the ember was extinguished. Ryan screamed behind his gag, tears springing into his eyes and running down his cheeks.

But he was still rocking his hips.

If a stranger, or even a friend, had seen Ryan’s hips, his thighs, his lower abdomen, they would probably assume Brendon was abusive. He wasn’t. Ryan was a masochist and he had taught Brendon how to be a world-class sadist.

“My little whore,” Brendon murmured, reaching out to brush Ryan’s hair from his face. “I could probably burn every inch of your body and it wouldn’t be enough, would it?”

Ryan lifted his hips in response, moaning behind the gag.

“You want to come?”

Ryan nodded desperately.

“Do you deserve to?” Brendon asked. His voice was dark. “Do you?”

Ryan tried to beg, but couldn’t speak a single intelligible word.

“Stop that,” Brendon said idly. “You sound ridiculous.” He stood up, crossing the room and bending over to get something out of his bag. He kept his back to Ryan, knowing the suspense would drive his mind (and his cock) crazy.

Sure enough, when he turned around, Ryan was grinding on the bed, tugging at his restraints hard enough to start the chafing. And when he saw the string of beads in Brendon’s hand (and no lubricant) he just ground his ass into the bed harder.

Brendon smirked again, dropping the beads next to Ryan on the bed and leaning down, sliding a single finger inside his boyfriend. One finger wasn’t enough to do anything except tease, which was evident in Ryan’s hips rocking down, fucking himself on the single digit, whining behind the gag.

And then Brendon pulled it out, reaching up to undo the ball gag, pressing his finger to Ryan’s lips, smiling as the younger boy eagerly sucked at it. He’d had a milk enema earlier, so it wasn’t really that degrading, but Brendon still loved to see it.

Then he picked up the string of beads and let Ryan suck them into his mouth one by one. There were four, all somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. Brendon pulled the string from Ryan’s mouth, watching each ball pass between his lips, shining with saliva. Then he refastened the gag and knelt on the floor, positioning himself between Ryan’s legs. Spit wasn’t much of a lubricant, but Ryan liked it that way.

Brendon took the first ball and positioned it at Ryan’s entrance, pressing hard. He could hear the muffled scream as it passed through and Ryan promptly closed up around it. Brendon gave him a moment to recover, but no where near enough before he pressed in the second. Then the third, the fourth. The room was filled with muffled screams and Ryan’s cheeks were soaked, but he was grinding his ass into the mattress, making those beads move around inside him.

Brendon stood up and crawled onto the bed, wiping at Ryan’s cheeks until the tears and screams stopped. Now Ryan was moaning behind the gag, staring at Brendon with pleading eyes.

“And how would you like it,” Brendon asked softly, “if I left you here like this? Maybe I’d come back in an hour and let you choke on my dick.”

Ryan whined, shaking his head frantically, yanking on the restraints. It was incredibly sexy, Brendon mused, to see Ryan so out of control. He went back to the bag and returned with a cock ring, kneeling between the older boy’s legs. The second Ryan saw it, he began thrashing, trying to wiggle out of Brendon’s grip. The younger was having none of it.

He sat up and slapped Ryan across the face. Hard. “Shut up and hold still or your ass is going to be fucking red, slut.” Ryan stopped moving and whimpered as Brendon slid the ring over his erection, tears leaking onto his cheeks. He knew he was in trouble, he knew he’d broken the rules.

“Now I’m going to flip you over and give you ten,” Brendon said in a low voice. Ryan made a small nose in the back of his throat, but Brendon ignored it. He twisted Ryan to his stomach easily. “Wrists okay?” he asked. They were crossed and the restraints were taut, but Ryan nodded.

Brendon undid the gag. “Count.” He picked up Ryan’s belt from the floor, running the leather along the curve of his boyfriend’s ass. Ryan whimpered, the muscles in his legs trembling. Then, without warning, Brendon brought it down.


Ryan screamed, the word barely making it past his lips. “One.”

Brendon brought it down again.

Ryan screamed once more. “One!” He started crying harder, realizing his error. “I mean, two. Two. Brendon, please,” he pleaded.

“You know the rules,” Brendon murmured, resting his hand on the warm, red streaks already throbbing on Ryan’s ass. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”

Ten more strikes, ten more welts. And this time Ryan didn’t falter. When Brendon was finished, he dropped the belt to the floor and bent down, lightly kissing along each of the marks on Ryan’s ass and upper thighs. “Very good,” he whispered.

“Can I come?” Ryan panted, desperation evident in his voice.

“You know better,” Brendon scolded lightly. He turned Ryan to his back, refastening the gag while Ryan moaned from the sting of his welts hitting the mattress. Brendon hooked his finger inside the ring at the end of the string. And he tugged. Not hard enough to do anything except tease Ryan and make him moan louder.

“Such a greedy little ass slut,” Brendon commented appreciatively. And he pulled harder. Not enough to pull the bead out, but enough to stretch Ryan’s opening around the beginning of it. Ryan moaned, rocking his hips upward, lifting his ass from the bed. He was trying to be enticing, trying to turn Brendon on. It was working, which was evident by the tent in the younger boy’s boxers.

Brendon let go of the ring, watching the bed slip back inside Ryan, watching his opening close again. He leaned forward, stretching his body over Ryan’s to undo the gag once more. “Are you read to choke, slut?”

“Please,” Ryan gasped obediently. He knew that when Brendon came, he’d finally be allowed release.

Brendon grinned and slid up Ryan’s body with practiced ease, straddling his chest and guiding his cock past Ryan’s lips. There was saliva on them, and his chin, where it had escaped the gag.

Brendon thought, for sure, that this was when Ryan looked the sexiest. Drool on his face, completely in Brendon’s control and yet completely out of control. No one had ever seen Ryan like this. No one except Brendon.

Ryan wrapped his lips around his teeth, trying to relax his sore jaw as much as he could. It was a dull, throbbing pain in the muscle, only made worse (or, in Ryan’s case, better) by the brutal precision with which Brendon was fucking his mouth.

Ryan’s brown eyes were open, staring up at Brendon, staring at his face, at the gorgeous look of sexual fervor and satisfaction on his features. He heard Brendon groan. “Oh God, slut.” (‘Slut’ was the same as saying ‘baby’ if Ryan’s wrists were tied.)

He saw Brendon bite his bottom lip and squeezed his eyes shut. Sure enough, seconds later Brendon’s dick was in his hand and Ryan felt the liquid hit his cheeks and his mouth. He felt fingers on his face and lifted his lids to see an outstretched hand in front of his mouth, shining with come.

“Lick,” Brendon said simply. Ryan’s tongue traced his lips first before darting out to lap at his boyfriend’s hand. “Pretty little cumslut,” Brendon murmured. “I think you deserve to come, don’t you?”

Ryan didn’t answer until the hand was completely clean. Then he raised his eyes. “Please.”

Brendon’s lips turned up slightly as his slid down the bed, resting between Ryan’s legs. The older boy was squirming, tugging at his restraints. He moaned loudly, a guttural whorish sound, when he felt Brendon’s tongue licking at his entrance, broad even strokes.

“Brendon, take it off. Please take it off,” he begged. It hurt being denied release for so long. The ring made it hurt more. And Ryan loved pain, but he was ready for it be over.

“Patience,” Brendon said, chuckling lowly. He pulled back, hooking his finger into the ring at the end of the string again. And he pulled, hard, no teasing this time. The first popped out and Ryan screamed, yanking on the restraints, rocking his hips. Brendon gave him no reprieve, just kept tugging. Ryan was moaning and screaming, swearing and bucking the entire time. He wasn’t making any sense. His mind had been obliterated by his need to come.

Each bead popped out quickly. Brendon only stopped long enough to let Ryan close up before pulling out the next bed. And the next. And the next.

Ryan was empty now and he was grinding into the bed. “Bren. Bren, please. I need . . . I need.”

“What, whore? What do you need?” Brendon asked, voice quiet, reaching up to dig his fingernails into Ryan’s hips.

“You!” Ryan’s voice cracked. He couldn’t help it. Tears of desperation were running down his cheeks and onto the pillowcase. “Your fist, a dildo, I don’t care!”

Brendon bolted for the bag and returned in a moment, pressing an unlubricated dildo past Ryan’s entrance quickly. Hard enough to make his scream, but not enough to hurt him in anyway Ryan didn’t want to be hurt. Brendon started fucking Ryan roughly, reaching up to work off the cock ring.

But Ryan didn’t come right then. He tugged on the restraints, every muscle in his body tensing to keep himself from coming. “Brendon, please. Please can I come. Please, please, please, pl—”

“Come,” Brendon whispered, voice gravelly.

And Ryan did. His screams echoed off the walls, his toes curled so tightly his calves cramped up. The restraints were nearly cutting the skin on his wrists.

And before he had finished, Brendon was already undoing the cords. And when Ryan collapsed on the mattress, hardly able to breathe, Brendon pulled out the dildo, tossing it to the side.

Brendon lay down, checking Ryan’s wrists, brushing the hair from his face. “You okay?”

Ryan nodded weakly, completely drained. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby.”

“I know,” Ryan whispered, a hand reaching down to touch the cigarette burn on his thigh. “I can feel it.”
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