Breastfeeding Fatwa?

In Saudi Arabia, if men and women who are not relatives mingle they could be lashed and fined under strict Islamic Sharia law.

The law has become so strangely implemented that now a man can get away with being alone with a woman if she "breastfeeds" him. According to Salon, a recent fatwa, a guide into following Islamic law, states if the woman breast feeds the man they can be considered “relatives” and not potential lovers.

Of course, that, as you can imagine, brings up other issues, and two competing ways to get the milk: "the woman has to pump her breast milk into a glass and give it to the unrelated male" or "the men should suckle the breast milk directly from the woman’s breast."

Read more: http://open.salon.com/blog/twodaymag/2010/06/07/wo...

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  • LeroyRogers 2010/06/09 00:33:55
    All Sharia law is protection for Muslim men to do whatever they want. There was a 7 year old Muslim girl that was raped by 2 Muslim men in their 20's. According to Sharia law, the men didn't do anything wrong, so nothing happened to them. The little girls father then killed her for bringing shame to the family. Nothing happened to him, as mercy killings are legal under Sharia law. This poor little girl was raped and murdered, and the creeps that did it got away scott free. Anyone who thinks we should allow Sharia law in the US should be raped and killed like the little girl was.

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  • sabre2th1 2010/08/17 11:00:55
    I am a muslim myself and i , along with the majority of muslims and also non muslims ( not arabs as they annoy me generally) believe that Religion and Polotics should NEVER mix. This is so straight forward to undrstand and these arabs using Islam as an excuse to do bad things just enrages me even more. People who say sharia law should be in US / UK or whatever are giving a very VERY bad name to muslims, i want people to understand that these people are not a representative of muslims , they are dumb bastards... thanks
  • woman who better know shari... 2010/07/26 05:52:26
    woman who better know sharia law
    Sharia law giving better life for human. But so many people haven't knew what the true of sharia law function . SO, before we know a lot of about sharia law, don't giving argument what can not be proven in a clear fact. Example like sharia law is disgusting (Comment from Elle). It is something wrong and also if some people who gay boy should be punishable by death to avoid the spread of HIV virus.

    In conclusion is don't give a argument if us haven't knew what the true of Sharia Law Function!!
    Remember it!!
  • Moh Al-a 2010/06/16 18:10:08
    Moh Al-a
    Let me tell you something I'm living in Saudi Arabia and I know that a lot of people there including me suffering from intolerant thinking and actions. Actually, there is fatwa said that breastfeeding which makes people relatives is that one for child less than 2 years old. And it's forbidden to breastfeed adult.
  • GoddessMother 2010/06/10 14:51:31
    Hmmm, interesting to know that people are people all over the world regardless of religion and they will do whatever it takes to get around the laws to do what their hearts want....
  • Andrea 2010/06/10 03:48:47
    This cult gets stranger and stranger.
  • Dan 2010/06/09 23:25:12
    countries without Christians suck :)
    like Saudi Arabia
  • Hales 2010/06/09 22:57:21
    (0____0) That is kinda...weird.
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/06/09 22:09:00

    way too funny...
  • nick n. 2010/06/09 21:47:05
    nick n.
    How does the secular left reconcile it's love affair with Islam? How is Sharia Law consistent with modern feminism and if it is not, why is there no criticism?
  • blue ivy 2010/06/09 21:46:30
    blue ivy
    OMG that is crazy ,and sick..
  • Theodon 2010/06/09 21:23:27
  • Prometheus~phaet~ 2010/06/09 21:00:21
  • Dollface❤ 2010/06/09 20:17:15
    Thats twisted, perverted and sick!
  • EllЕ 2010/06/09 20:15:28
    Sharia law is disgusting. The worse is the death penalty for rejection of islam, for being gay, for being raped, etc. (by public: stoning, beheading, hanging, etc.)

    Rejection of islam is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mauritania, Pakistan, etc.

    Gay boys 16 & 18 years old executed in Iran:

    afghanistan mauritania pakistan gay boys 16 18 years executed iran
  • Haytham 2010/06/09 20:14:11 (edited)
    If a woman breastfeeds a "child", this "child" becomes a son/daughter for her.

    Study: Breast-feeding positively effects DNA

    Researchers at the University of Illinois have found that infants' first food affects their gene expression, ...


    As for adults, some scholars say it's forbidden, others say it's allowable in critical cases if the woman desperately need a "male guiardian, and she can't marry. Then she can use this method to have become a legal mother for the adult.

    critical cases woman desperately male guiardian marry cupbottle discharge milk

    Meaning of Mahram (Male Guardian)

    Meaning: A mahram is a male of close relationship (e.g. a brother, a father, a sibling);

    --The mahram can be thought of as a guardian she can call upon when necessary if she is not married.A mahram is usually needed for traveling long distances in safety.

  • Theodon Haytham 2010/06/10 04:27:29
    so you are saying that if a muslim woman (a muslimah) wants be alone with a man not her relation, it is ok only if she breastfeeds him?

    are you freakin' serious?
  • Haytham Theodon 2010/06/10 16:59:35
    Read again Theo ...

    If a mother wants to have a child as her own "legal" child, she can breastfeed him, and them this child becomes a legal son/daughter of her. Adult children have to drink using glasses.

    Notice that the DNA of a child changes, this makes the women an actual mother for this child.

    when the child grow, he can take care of his "new" mother ... got it?
  • Theodon Haytham 2010/06/10 19:40:28
    this blog is about adults

    and if a woman breastfeeds a man not her relation then she becomes her relation after breastfeeding him

    so if your wife breastfeeds your good friend ali baba, then they can be alone together without sin?
  • Haytham Theodon 2010/06/10 19:56:45 (edited)
    it apply to adult child around 10 years too.

    in Arabic adult child means Ghollam, means a boy around 10 yrs.

    As for a grown MAN, this is of course not legal, are you being sarcastic ??

    I've researched this Fatwas myself and I read about it from many source, it's talking about adult aka boy around 10 yrs.

    It doesn't apply to old men .. their DNA won't change, so it can't be legal.
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