Breast size preferences?

Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2011/03/02 20:45:49
A (or below)
D (or more)
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Curiosity to see what you guys think. Girls are free to vote, either for what they like or have.
Please vote~
And thank you. ^^

By the way, I just want to know what you personally prefer (or have). So other options will not be included (like all, none, etc).

Feel free to say why as well.
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  • ana 2014/05/16 00:06:31
    38DD here. Yes they make my back ache and if I go braless they get so sore from pulling my skin.
  • Surgeon... ana 2014/07/30 22:21:48
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    That's pretty unusual, at least in my opinion. I'm a 32DDD/F (different from when I first posted this, I lost weight) and I usually only get backaches from wearing a poorly fitting bra. Now if I go braless, I usually don't experience any problems like what you're describing. Then again, I go braless practically all the time (since I used to wear such poor fitting bras) so maybe I've just gotten used to it.

    If you don't mind me saying, you may want to be remeasured (just for size confirmation) and fitted with some good bras. I recommend Warner bras, which I can't wear anymore since they don't come in a band size smaller than 34. But still, they have some really comfortable bras.

    And instead of going braless, you might could try a loose fitting sports bra.

    I know you didn't ask for it, but just in case you want some tips to ease your pain, there you go. Oh also, if you don't know how to properly measure yourself, I can tell you. I had been doing it wrong for years until I saw this video one day. I had been in a 34D only to find out I was a 32DDD/F! It was quite a shock. But basically your boob fat can settle on your sides and your back, so you have to lean over to measure your full bust. In case you didn't know that, that is. Idk, I'm just mentioning it since most women wear the wrong size and thus experience a lot of discomfort.
  • Taylor 2013/09/28 02:11:04
    D (or more)
    I'm 5'2 and 120 pounds and I'm a 34D... I'm pretty happy that I have bigger boobs than my friends.
  • John 2012/02/09 22:57:18
    D (or more)
    there is something about a nice big pair of breasts that really get me going...groowwwlllllll
  • Greatkibble 2011/12/27 19:33:49
    ...or more.
  • Verbal 2011/12/27 15:58:25
    anywhere between a B or C is more than enough for me
  • Heat Her 2011/12/27 15:46:27
    Heat Her
    I'm 5'8" and 110 lbs. If I had anything bigger on top I'd fall over
  • Yoru Azenia 2011/11/01 13:37:01
    Yoru Azenia
    Thats my preference but its not a huge factor for me when picking a girl
  • CharlesG BN-0 2011/08/24 02:37:31
    D (or more)
    CharlesG BN-0
    Confidence is what matters... I have never met an ugly confident woman who could smile.
  • Sam LeFay 2011/08/16 20:38:12 (edited)
    Sam LeFay
    I'd be OK with C. Not so much with 32DDD. :|

    How does that even HAPPEN!?!
  • BlackwinterG36C 2011/08/11 18:28:52
    D (or more)
    36D is the ideal size. I'm an ass man so breast size isn't that big a deal. Breasts are just icing to me. I love ALL sizes.
  • Affinity_of_time 2011/07/25 07:59:00
    D (or more)
    I'm a natural 32G. Just saying, but I think most girls wearing D or DD cup bras are wearing the wrong size.
  • ana Affinit... 2014/05/16 00:07:42
    Just because they are a D or DD doesn't mean that it's wrong you know.
  • Mia 2011/07/17 10:29:41
    it doesnt matter how big they are. if they're round, plump, and shiny, they're perfect. :)
  • vitaminanime 2011/07/02 03:25:51 (edited)
    well, any boob size can be sexy, and though i have a good relationship with my d-cups they do get in the way when i run, so (for me personally) smaller bewbs that still have shape but wouldn't get in the way as much would be ideal
  • Lone Wolf 2011/06/24 05:41:54
    D (or more)
    Lone Wolf
    B to D are a good size any thing bigger or smaller are not. Me I go more for 36C to 38D.
  • Naughty Boy 2011/03/08 14:21:46
    D (or more)
    Naughty Boy
    D or more....but beauty is beauty, not the size of something :)
  • ana Naughty... 2014/05/16 00:08:37
    Nice try. The fact that you even mentioned breast size as being so big shows what you really care about.
  • *~Chris~* 2011/03/07 00:39:40
    I am a C cup.
  • little mrs. Edward Cullen 2011/03/03 00:45:43
    little mrs. Edward Cullen
    I have a B XD
  • Bobby 48 2011/03/02 23:39:16
  • Surgeon... Bobby 48 2011/03/02 23:58:24
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Reminds me of this (it's pretty funny):

  • Madoka Kaname 2011/03/02 23:22:20
    Madoka Kaname
    Im fit and still gotz full C's. (it probably runs in da family. my great grandmother, grandmother + mother all have larger breasts and are pretty fit as well.) :3
  • Sin 2011/03/02 23:07:13
    A (or below)
    I want A or below, but, unfortunately I'm stuck with D's....
  • Surgeon... Sin 2011/03/02 23:58:50
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Could you tell me why please?
    It's for research.
  • Sin Surgeon... 2011/03/04 00:47:47
    They make my back/neck hurt, and they get in the way, lol. They're heavy.
  • Linkums 2011/03/02 23:02:06
    I don't know the sizes. But I pretty much like whatever's average. Not too big. Not too small. But I'd rather too small than too big.
  • JP 2011/03/02 21:54:38
    a girl in shape that is toned and has firm breasts is my perfect match but you cant choose who peeks your intrest
  • Waldorf 2011/03/02 21:30:45
    Not sure the picture represents C very well.
  • Surgeon... Waldorf 2011/03/02 22:01:06
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    I'm pretty sure I clicked the wrong one. lol
    Don't feel like changing it. But, yeah, I know. Sorry. XD
  • Waldorf Surgeon... 2011/03/02 22:44:57
    Brooke Burke 36C-22-34

    brooke burke 36c-22-34
  • Surgeon... Waldorf 2011/03/02 22:57:05 (edited)
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Okay, I guess I'll switch it out with her then.
    EDIT: Or not because it won't let me! D=<
  • Demian 2011/03/02 21:18:04
    A (or below)
    like them all:P
  • The Sane One 2011/03/02 20:58:02
    The Sane One
    I prefer smaller, more natural ones... less sagging.
  • Surgeon... The San... 2011/03/02 21:00:08
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    I don't get the "more natural" part. Big boobs are natural, some people are born with it as a genetic trait, so how isn't it natural?
  • The San... Surgeon... 2011/03/02 21:12:39
    The Sane One
    I meant "no plastic surgery"...
  • Surgeon... The San... 2011/03/02 21:13:23
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Okay, and what about natural large boobs then?
  • The San... Surgeon... 2011/03/02 21:25:35
    The Sane One
    That's fine for some guys.. but I'm not turned on by big breasts. Like I said, I prefer women with smaller (A or B) cups.
  • lrb 2011/03/02 20:50:26
    D (or more)
    Well my favorite girl has D's, so gotta go with them. Of course I would have married her no matter the size.
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2011/03/02 20:49:11
    D (or more)
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    I have D's. I personally think they tend to make a girl look like she has more meat on her bones.
    And more full. Personally.

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