Brad Pitt on Gay Marriage: Is Brad Pitt right?

Marilyn 2009/08/12 00:18:06
Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
I think Brad Pitt...
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On gay marriage, Brad Pitt said that all people should full and equal access to marriage, and that if homosexuals cannot marry, then he won't either. That is, Brad Pitt has specifically stated that he will not marry Angelina Jolie until homosexuals can be married nationally.

In support of gay marriage, Brad Pitt donated $100,000 to the "No on Proposition 8" campaign in California.

Brad Pitt also says that real love is genderless, and said that it is wrong to conform the definition of love to such standards as "between a man and a woman."

Do you think Brad Pitt is right, that true love is genderless and that gay marriage should be legal?
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  • heidi labelle 2013/01/03 15:43:35
    No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
    heidi labelle
    Marriage was a union designed by god between one man and one woman. It was set forth to represent christs bond to the church and god's love for us. Homosexuality is a sin the bible says that it is shameful. So no I don't believe same sex marriage should be legal that like saying abortion isn't murder.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/03/13 19:44:44
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    The Winter Sodahead
  • Shilo 2009/12/09 03:37:40
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
  • Jordan 2009/12/09 00:34:39
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    I'm a woman who was blessed to marry the man I love. I would not deny that right to anyone.

    In our marriage ceremony, we asked the minster to include remarks about how we all hope that one day, loving couples can marry -- be they gay or straight.
  • mia 2009/09/18 21:11:20
    No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
    I think its NASTY to be gay!!!!!!!
  • Casey H mia 2011/04/20 19:39:48
  • CherryMuffins 2009/09/17 12:19:05
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    i have nothing against anyone who is gay!! they are people just like anyone else but for them to pass that bill will only cause drama and we have enough of that going on right now. and you don't have to be married to be in love marriage just change your last name and that's about it. you can be with someone without jumping across the broom stick..if your deep in love your in love a ring don't got to explain your affection for another person.
  • Kyra 2009/09/06 20:17:13
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    I really wish Brad was president.
  • Mike 2009/08/31 21:07:30
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    I've been going through the comments, and after a long series or comma splices, and both logical and illogical opinions, I feel a need to say that each person is different, and each person can be attracted to another. In a sense, you aren't falling in love with the gender, but really the person, but of course the way I see it, there should be no such thing as marriage to begin with. I used to be Christian, but I learned that most of them are just about the meanest people you can associate with. Christians used to get a hot iron put in their mouth. That's wrong. Would it be justified to do that to a gay person? I do not think so. Should we take rights away from vegetarians? Vegetarians are not natural, as people are omnivores and have the teeth to prove it, however we do not take rights away from them. Gay people are humans, and honestly, until we can stop fighting with each other, none of us will be happy. I'm going out to eat dinner now, so I'll just stop here.
  • p31woman 2009/08/29 15:37:14
    I think Brad Pitt...
    Is just making excuses. I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. It's the plan God started with and that's the way I think it should stay.
  • Casey H p31woman 2011/04/20 19:40:03
  • HOLLYWAY 2009/08/28 01:23:38
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    I do think he's right but I also have to wonder if it isn't an excuse not to marry her.
  • Adam 2009/08/27 00:45:04
    I think Brad Pitt...
    Has a good idea, but I disagree with the details. I think that Civil Unions should be the standard, that the government only recognizes civil unions, and marriage be left to the church. By the constitution, Gay people can't be denied the right to a civil union, and the government can't cross the line into religious decisions. Barring a total switch to civil unions though, Brad Pitt has the only constitutionally viable alternative. Im not sure if his, "Will not marry" ultimative is pointless of clever though: Might just piss of Angelina, or it might influence the hoards of Brangelena obsessives to use there obsessiveness for good. Overall, good job Brad Pitt.

    I'm not sure about love (In the romantic sense) being genderless. I'm not gay, and because of that, i'm not going to fall in love with a male. Sentiment is in the right place though.
  • star 2009/08/19 03:00:46
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    gay ppl arnt hurting any 1 they just want to get married
  • beyondtheparadoxical 2009/08/18 04:53:41
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    Good for him. I too think that true love is genderless.
  • mbizzle 2009/08/17 23:58:55
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    Absolutely gay marriage should be legal. The only reason it isn't is because this particular law banning same sex marriage is dictated by religion and in no way should religion be influencing the legislative branch.

    And people who think same sex marriage destroys traditional marriage are pretty silly.
  • Princess_Fuk_Up 2009/08/17 21:19:33
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    YAY!! an intelligent celebrity!! lol
  • RandomFandoms43 2009/08/17 21:01:04
    Yes, gay marriage should be legal; I think Brad Pitt is right
    wow this is the first time that i actually considered someone like Brad Pitt to be smart. haha im just kidding. but really this is really cool that celebrities are starting to stand up for injustices such as these. maybe now we can get some supporters.
  • Gun665 2009/08/17 16:08:55
  • Adam Gun665 2009/08/27 00:46:22
    Well if he is being sinister, at least he makes a good, principled stand in the process.
  • Gun665 Adam 2009/08/27 14:55:40
  • Adam Gun665 2009/08/27 16:25:28
    Well, a principled stand was made one way or another. Better then nothing.
  • Gun665 Adam 2009/08/27 16:26:11
  • Amanda (Endless Nights) 2009/08/17 00:50:01
    I think Brad Pitt...
    Amanda (Endless Nights)
    Brad Pitt is right when he says gay people should ave the right to marry, but i dont think he needs to refuse himself the right of getting married to A. Jolie because of it.
  • TheWater 2009/08/17 00:16:26
    I think Brad Pitt...
    is the LAST person to mouth-off about the sanctity of marriage given how he cheated on his first wife with (now) wifey number two. Honestly, the man is having his cake, bread and pie why should he even care? He's just spouting rhetoric.

  • Smeargle 2009/08/16 11:03:05
  • true american 2009/08/15 21:28:33
    No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
    true american
    No it should not be legal,but a civil union I have no issues with.
  • Casey H true am... 2011/04/20 19:40:43
  • xxx 2009/08/15 15:49:25
    No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
    By calling it marriage - they are undermining christian marriage. I believe that gay people should have all the rights that straight people have, and I believe that they should be able to have a union, but that is what it should be called - a legal union. By co-opting the word marriage it only outrages christians.
  • Casey H xxx 2011/04/20 19:40:52
  • Archconservative 2009/08/14 21:06:33
    No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
    Go ahead open Pandora's box. If we change the definition of marriage, guys can start marrying animals or three wives. When you try to pretend that un-natural things are natural, you are playing with and tempting the fates. My experience, medicaqlly, with homosexuals relationships is that some are long term loving relationships, but most are short term and often quite violent. Curiously, the long term relationships go on successfully without needing anyone's stamp of approval or support. I value Brad Pitt's opinion on anything about as much as one from a rock.
  • lovedan... Archcon... 2009/08/27 19:26:27
    There's a lot of violent heterosexual relationships as well don't you think... And in some places it IS normal for men to have three wives and in some places parents make their daughters get married and have children at 13. They think that's right. There are so many opinions on what is okay to do, there's nothing really concrete. As to marrying animals, some people want to do that as well. Some people want to marry their toaster... personally if that makes them happy, who are we to say its wrong, but I think marriage should be about being with another person. And if they allow gays to marry, i dont see any harm that it will bring to society. They are people like you and me, they will fight and love the same way.
  • Casey H Archcon... 2011/04/20 19:41:57 (edited)
  • Cat 2009/08/14 20:33:58 (edited)
    No, gay marriage should not be legal; I think Brad Pitt is wrong
    I have 2 gay brothers, one deceased. Both very dear to me. I have been entrenched in the gay society for 40 years, one way or another. My parents adored my brothers and never were embarrassed or ashamed of them. I say all this to explain I feel I have the right to have an informed opinion. Gay couples do need some form of legal rights! BUT MARRIAGE is NOT the ANSWER! Marriage is a union between ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN! AND SHOULD STAY AS SUCH! Morals and society have strayed way too far from the norm as it is. Children being born of wedlock who never know their fathers, young people engaging in sex in their early teens without a care or a thought to the consequences. Women now raising their grandchildren, the enormity of numbers of families whose fathers are in prison and may never know their fathers. Gang violence is out of bounds, so this would simply be another break in the chain of morality. Ask any other attorney, the legal ramifications of this law are incredible. The future challenges in marriage laws will come soon....polygamy and worse. Gay people should have a union between themselves that proclaimes their love, but not a legal one. Love is wonderful and it is wonderful when people find it.
  • Casey H Cat 2011/04/20 19:44:29
  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2009/08/14 16:37:40
    I think Brad Pitt...
    I think he will use any excuse he can find to not get married. He doesn't believe in God either so he is very low on my list of people. I admire what he did in New Orleans but I now think he did it for publicity only.
  • Suzie1001 2009/08/14 16:18:00
    I think Brad Pitt...
    I think thats because he doesn't want to be married to Angie. So he has an excuse. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. brad pitt married angie excuse buy cow milk free
  • Lorenzo Suzie1001 2009/08/15 17:24:21
    That is most likely the reason.
  • Ripped1X... 2009/08/14 15:56:54
    I think Brad Pitt...
    Is entitled to his opinion and his choice in the voting both in the State of California where he lives just like the rest of the world. Beyond that Mr. Pitt is insignificant and should keep his opinion to himself. This is a State issue and the people have spoken prop 8 failed Get over it Calif. you have much bigger issues to deal with in your state than Brad Pitts opinion.

    Here this might be a much more worthwhile effort for Mr. Pitt to get behind and use his celebrity to affect a real issue instead of causing turmoil over a law that has been passed and he can do nothing about...

  • Misselee 2009/08/14 15:09:45
    I think Brad Pitt...
    I think Brad Pitt has a mouth full of liberal shit!
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