Binge Drinking PSA: Effective or Too Much?

Living 2010/12/01 14:00:00
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New York City really doesn't want its residents to drink too much eggnog this holiday season.

The city's Department of Health has just launched a new PSA campaign featuring a bloody-faced man who has apparently gotten into a fight, and a woman slumped over on the subway steps.

"Two drinks ago you would have walked away," reads the tag line on the ad showing the man.

"Two drinks ago you could still get yourself home," reads the ad featuring the passed-out woman.

The campaign's slogan is "Stop drinking while you're still thinking" -- and also features the warning, "Excessive Drinking Is Dangerous."

"Even two extra drinks can turn a good time into a disaster," Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley told the New York Daily News. "If the images on these signs help drive that message home, they could spare New Yorkers a lot of needless suffering."

A recent report found that 1,500 New Yorkers die each year and 70,000 end up in the emergency room after drinking too much, according to the News.

How many times have you wished you stopped partying two drinks ago? We think this PSA gets the point across without being overly gruesome. Do you?

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  • EuphoricDysphoria 2010/12/12 10:07:59
    If we wanna rate it on a "gruesome meter", if you would, this doesn't reach the level that the crystal meth PSAs are on. both are effective and i say acceptable
  • turtledove123 2010/12/10 17:59:37
    Someone may actually pay a bit of attention, and stop two drinks early. It is better to try something than to do nothing at all.
  • Andrew 2010/12/09 02:52:51
    Majority vote rules.
  • tornado 2010/12/04 05:40:13
    Too Much
    It's not a good idea to drink so much that you'll lose control, but people are going to do what they want to whether an ad nags them to death or not. People who have two too many might even lose control and start throwing things at the billboards.
  • Jack 2010/12/03 11:27:33
  • MegaFortunateSon 2010/12/03 02:40:49
    None of the above
    Just make weed legal and people wont have to drink the liver killer but crooked politicians dont want that bc the insurance companies and tobbaco industry pay them big bucks to hold a monopoly of sickness and death.
  • mikeyllo 2010/12/03 01:31:12
    These images show exactly what needs to be seen to emphasize the point. We see so much worse on the news, and in movies, and on TV. How can we say that these posters, which may save lives, are too much, but then rush out to see the next new horror flick?

    Check out my humor columns at http://www.justmichael.net/blog
  • Stan Kapusta 2010/12/02 23:56:57
    None of the above
    Stan Kapusta
    People are going to drink with ads. If you want to stop binge drinking. Make someone do it again the next day! Happy Chunks!
  • ThelmaTaylor 2010/12/02 23:45:24
    This likely will not have an effect on an alcoholic. For those who occasionally go over their limit, this may be an effective reminder of the consequences.
  • coolyomanjr 2010/12/02 23:14:22
    I dunno if it will necessarily work...but there's good intentions I suppose...and it definitely not "too far."
  • kobidobidog 2010/12/02 23:12:29 (edited)
    I drink only the non alcoholic eggnog, never any alcohol at all. No drunkard will inherit heaven anyway, and we should ask God to help us not miss that great gift.
  • VirgoDNA 2010/12/02 21:19:15
    Possibly effective. Definitely not "too much", IMHO.
  • jimbo 2010/12/02 19:39:45
    What's worse than a damned drunk ? I cannot stand the sight of you,much less have to be in your company. A drink or two is OK, if you can handle the stuff. If not,for everybody's sake,throw yourself under a bus,get trampled by a horse,whatever..............
  • La 2010/12/02 19:36:55
    It's not very graphic, and it's a good line. Even one drink can tip you over the edge. It doesn't take much for some people...
  • shaniee 2010/12/02 18:44:10
    i think it is effective to orgins in the body and it can cause alot of damage to the brain the liver and the kidneys i mean bing drinking your wasting your time and life away
  • La shaniee 2010/12/02 19:37:51
    You might want to consider using sentences sometime, instead of a list of words.
  • aro 2010/12/02 18:25:47
    None of the above
    didn't go far enough
  • Shawn_in_Maryland 2010/12/02 17:19:24
    Too Much
    These commercials are created by lightweights. Don't spoil other peoples fun!

    On a serious note, anyone that binges or drinks heavily is not going to go to a bar and then say... You know what? I think i'll pass on anymore drinks tonight that commercial i saw really hit home.
    Hell no he/she will yell SHOTS! who wants them! Followed by statements such as

    1. You're my boy Blue!
    2. It tastes so good when it hits my lips!
    3. Chug Chug Chug
    4.Heres to our wives and girlfriends may they never meet!
    5. Here's to health,Fitness and tone,I've drank to health so many times,I've ruined my god damned own
    6.I once knew a girl who lived on a hill
    What she won't do her sister will
    So here's to her sister
    7.Here's to being single...
    drinking doubles...
    and seeing triple!
    8.Here's to you, here's to me,
    may we never disagree.
    But if we do **** you, here's to me

    I could go on forever but you catch my drift...

    sister 7 drinking doubles triple 8 disagree catch drift people doing shots
  • Terran Sherwood 2010/12/02 17:16:42
    Terran Sherwood
    I think it makes its point without going overboard like the British PSA where they blow up people and children who don't want to go green.

    Over drinking leads to a bunch of different problems, be it health related, social related, or what have you. There isn't any harm bringing awareness to the issue.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/12/02 17:13:31
    Like the smoking commercials, they work.

  • ID51 2010/12/02 17:03:31
    Many people who drink responsibly the rest of the year overdo during the holidays. They don't believe they have a drinking problem, but I believe it's important that people recognize binge drinking as, potentially, more dangerous than they might realize.
  • Jojo Rock 2010/12/02 16:38:10
    Jojo Rock
    drinking is an effective way of getting yourself and others into dangerous situations
    and videogames and movies are worse than that
    gotta face the truth sometime
  • Where d... Jojo Rock 2010/12/02 17:30:43
    Where did free thinking go?
    People who blame video games and movies are why I blame faulty parenting. I've played first person shooters since 1989, never killed anyone, and haven't been in a fist fight since early high school days back in the early-mid 90s. Perhaps it was because my parents actively parented me instead of letting the tv, movies and video games parent me.
  • Jojo Rock Where d... 2010/12/04 15:48:58
    Jojo Rock
    I ment that games and movies are about six times more gorey than that but i agree on parenting
    pretty much the same situation as me but it was 2000 ish
  • chuck 2010/12/02 16:23:55
    None of the above
    If Im going to get blitzed i walk to the bar..i would rather stay home and drink anyway..I have always been a happy drunk and two drinks isnt going to kill or save me..
  • Kimberley 2010/12/02 16:01:18
    Too Much
    not everyone is totally out of control, some people can actually go out and not get completly wasted
  • Where d... Kimberley 2010/12/02 17:22:06
    Where did free thinking go?
    Let's not forget they used the words "Excessive Drinking is Dangerous" not "Drinking is Dangerous"
    If people exercise control when they drink then the ad doesn't apply to them.
  • Kimberley Where d... 2010/12/02 17:27:21
    gah, dont see whats so great about excessive drinking lol, you just end up feeling awful anyways
  • lalouisiane 2010/12/02 15:59:38
    None of the above
    I really don't know what to say. I have never been drunk, never passed out or thrown up. My maximum is 3 drinks and those were mixed with very little liquor. I drink wine on occasion but... only a glass or two. I'm a sipper and have a low tolerance to alcohol.

    I've never understood why someone wanted to be out of control.

    I do resent people who are out of control who get in their cars and kill others. It happened here just last week. A fine young man was killed on his way home by a drunk driver who was driving without a license from a previous incident.

    The drunk walked away, the young man he hit, had a broken neck and was DOA at the hospital.

    Drink all you want, stay home, don't endanger others.
  • La lalouis... 2010/12/02 19:39:32
    Get drunk sometime, then reassess.
  • lalouis... La 2010/12/02 23:56:57
    Why would I get drunk now? I'm an old grandma, I haven't been drunk yet.
  • PapaBC 2010/12/02 15:48:47
    Too Much
    Too much mothering by the state.
  • David850 2010/12/02 14:54:20
    None of the above
    Probably not effective.
  • obamasux 2010/12/02 14:30:05
    Too Much
    more government ..... we need less government..... lock and load.......
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2010/12/02 13:37:02
  • Lord Nils 2010/12/02 10:59:26
    None of the above
    Lord Nils
    I never pay attention to them, regardless of what they are about.
  • ♠♠♠JeLLo♠♠♠ 2010/12/02 06:17:29
    None of the above
    Any regular drinker isn't going to pay it any attention. It may affect some people who don't regularly drink.
  • DebraJMSmith 2010/12/02 06:16:19
    None of the above
    One drink impairs a person's judgment. Which means you are not going to reason with someone after even one drink, to stop drinking, if that is the person's desire. --Hence one drink is too much.
  • Karla 2010/12/02 06:04:39
  • Master 2010/12/02 05:06:14
    None of the above
    It's ineffective but it is sexist. Why not a bloody-faced woman and a man slumped on the steps?

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