Beware of Tom Mundy, This Wheelchair-Bound Man Sues For A Living

Last month, my brother got sued by a disgusting human being named Tom Mundy. When you look at Tom Mundy, he looks like a poor disabled man -- but he is truly not and a person for every business owner in the Los Angeles area to look out for. Let me tell you what this jerk does for a living. This man roams through the streets of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood looking for businesses to sue. Tom Mundy sues every time a restaurant or business in the state doesn't have wheelchair-friendly tables, bathrooms or other features required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For each lawsuit, Tom Mundy gets fast cash around $1000 - $5000 depending if there is a trial. And this is where the story of my brother begins.

My brother owns a small restaurant in Santa Monica, and this "disabled man" came in sometime last week to use the bathroom without buying anything. According to my brother, Tom Mundy went to use the toilet and took about 20 minutes inside. When he came out, he was "not happy" because the toilet in the restroom was too high for him. And not just that, this piece of shit complained that the mirror was too high for him to see himself. Guess what was the outcome of this? HE SUED MY BROTHER!!! My brother had no other choice but to settle with him for $2,000 because he cannot afford a lawyer for $5,000. In addition, my brother is now being forced to re-build the restroom to make it more "wheel-chair friendly."

afford lawyer 5000 addition brother forced re-build restroom wheel-chair friendly

This guy can rot! I came into contact with more business owners near the Los Angeles area, and it turns out that Tom Mundy has also been suing more businesses for very lame reasons. I did a little research online about Tom Mundy, and I found out that this wheelchair asshole does this for a living! Mundy is not technically employed, but he receives over $100,000 a year as a result of these lawsuits. If you own a business anywhere near Los Angeles, Hollywood, or Santa Monica -- my advice to you is to be in a lookout for this man and kick him in the face whenever he comes in. Dump this fuck out of his chair and watch him slither like the snake he is.
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  • Jim Beam 2009/08/04 01:14:47
    Jim Beam
    Why don't the business owners get together and sue him? Throw in a couple thou a piece for a retainer and get a good lawyer. Sue his ass and get all your money back. At the very worst, he's out a shitload of money for legal fees, and at the very best he's out a shitload of money for legal fees AND you clean him out for restitution.

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  • Bart McGrath 2013/09/11 15:49:54
    Bart McGrath
    I know Thomas Mundy from Hawaii. He can stand up and if supported with a rail or something to grab he can walk. He is on SSI. There is no reason he can't stand up to reach condiments, or stand up to look into a mirror in a restroom. After he fell off his dirt bike going 5 mph around a burm landing on his tailbone he was medivaced to Walter Reid, where doctors were able to save use of his quadriceps. He can stand up! If a group of business owners wants to fight this I am willing to testify in court as a witness. This guy stands up at his mini van, picks his chair up and places it in the back, then holding the roof walks to the drivers door, and climbs in, stepping. Tom, shame on you!
  • Daniel Hooper 2011/10/09 07:29:44
    Daniel Hooper
    whatch him slither bahahahha
  • MaggieCabral 2010/11/10 20:53:57
  • MaggieCabral 2010/11/10 20:29:54
    I fell down backwards in my wheelchair because they had water and a rug that
    made my wheelchair go backwards with me in it.
    Most disabled don't sue because SSI will take the money and so I figured
    whatever injury I have I let Medicaid pay for it, why bother sueing not worth
    the trouble.
    Tom Mundy is real smart not being on SSI and Medicaid, he is doing a great
    service for the disabled and is not a burdon on the state like the rest of us
    They will end up getting rid of the burdons with Dehydration Starvation form
    of Euthanasia
    I put that in my Will for Living NO DEHYDRATION STARVATION FORM OF
    It is coming unfortuntly and I wish I was not on SSI
    Tom Munday is the smart one, he has his own money and can save,
    he can save.
    On SSI you can't save, on SSI your got several roommates or homeless
    in the homeless shelter with only $674. that is only pocket change.
  • Tom Mundysucks 2010/09/27 16:47:51
    Tom Mundysucks
    let's steal his wheelchair
  • Tom Mundysucks 2010/09/27 16:45:14
    Tom Mundysucks
    what a piece of garbage. becomes disabled doing something as reckless as motocross and now he's profiting from it. he'll get his, watch him become a quad.
  • MaggieCabral 2010/04/15 18:32:06
    You and Your Brother Should Be Ashamed Of Your Selves For Not Being Accessible
    I Am Glad He Sued Your Brother It Is About Time.
    Disabled Person
  • Moe 2009/12/04 19:39:36
    If your Bussiness isnt compliant with the ADA maybe you should think about making it. This will keep you from lawsuits. I dont think its right for someone to be going around who is not disabled, sueing just to make money. But your bussiness should try and accomidate this population, they should have the same right to a life as you. So at least they can be particpating members of society. They didnt really ask to be apart of the wheelchair club.
  • kaeliy 2009/10/25 19:45:41
    i hate tom he has to use pennis pumps
  • AGNX 2009/10/18 21:08:07
    Yo dawg, I herd you like lawsuits... And if you keep up that way, you'll get like your brother - his shop had years to be ada compliant dipshit, and if you think violence will work out, between Mundy and you, you're the bigger asshole and deserve the money you'll lose and the time you'll serve if your threats aren't just a mediocrity's angry empty threats.
  • Grace 2009/09/30 07:01:01
    He came into my Dad's business and my dad was SO nice to him, giving him FREE DRINKS, opening the bathroom door for him, etc.....and then a few weeks later....Slapped with a lawsuit!! This Fucker sued my dad last month for $10,000 for having 2 handicapped signs in place, which made it confusing or WHATEVER.....something stupid like that.

    Times are bad and business is bad so of course my dad can't afford an attorney. So they settled out of court for $7,500!

    Someone STOP HIM!!
  • Donna 2009/09/18 00:07:35
    I agree that his legs look pretty strong for a cripple. Just a couple of pics out of the wheel chair and a good lawyer will do. When you get him, then pass the picture around to each of the other restaurants. One by one take him to court. No class action here. A former friend of mine sues for a living. She falls down alot. The last victim took her to court won the case & is now counter suing her for damages. He knew what she was & is teaching her a lesson. Good for him ! I can't wait to watch. She needed some money to pay for her house taxes. She may not have a house when he gets done with her.
  • changing for the best 2009/08/30 13:33:41
    changing for the best
    well as far as i see it he can rot!! so yea
  • hardybar 2009/08/15 16:58:20
    Don't be foolish enough to do this, because he will sue you!
  • Todo 2009/08/15 07:00:54
    OMG!!! MY goodness. Is that the only way he thinks that he can get money. What and idiot!! Ugh!
  • MaggieC... Todo 2010/11/10 21:04:27
    70% of the disabled are unemployed
    SSI and medicaid means homelessness unless your lucky to have
    family.which pays only $674. that is pocket change
    A nursing home is worse then being homelessness
    Tom Mundy is the smart one who makes $100,000. to 300,000. a
    year and not on SSI and Medicaid he could be on Social Security
    Checks which is earned money so no income requirements with
  • ~V~ 2009/08/12 12:44:13
    that p.o.s! he needs 2 stay his a$$ at home and he wouldnt have n e problems
  • kyu 2009/08/07 19:33:09
    They could always just get him for false profiling and lying to the court. Since, technically he is indeed leading people with authority to believe he has been made victim to such claims listed. :/
  • speeddemon 2009/08/06 21:25:00
    yeah , there are always some people who likes to stay in the victim's position and to use it for his adventure...that's not a knew thing , unfortunatly...
  • HeliAce 2009/08/06 05:38:31
    He is a true, 100% American alright. We all love to sue!

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