Besides eating well,drinking H20,exercising,The Real Secret is!

katywon 2012/06/05 22:50:07
Washing your hands frequently during the day. Not compulsively but being compulsive about it would save a lot of minor to major illnesses. Hospitals have found that out in fighting infections for the patients and the Health Personnel. This is what works for most people.
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  • beach bum 2012/06/06 12:32:46
    beach bum
    stretch before and after
  • Dale 2012/06/06 00:49:54
    Actually it is cheap whiskey, cold beer, trashy women, and country music. And life is good.
  • katywon Dale 2012/06/06 01:02:22
    That is a wee nip of a relaxer. As for the trashy women change that to real men. Whiskey glass
  • Dale katywon 2012/06/06 01:26:52
    Hey, I'm up for a taste of Higland Nectar and you can change that to real men if you wish. Think I will stick to trashy women... :-)
  • katywon Dale 2012/06/06 01:31:59
    To each his own.
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/06 00:27:43
    Sister Jean
    to relax
  • Vennie 2012/06/06 00:18:17
    Manage to be born with good genes.
  • katywon Vennie 2012/06/06 01:04:28
    not every one is that lucky so the other rules come in to play more.
  • Pops 2012/06/05 23:09:25
    In the tool room/machine shop cuts are not uncommon. Keeping infection down is paramount. Washing hands/cut is how you do it.
  • katywon Pops 2012/06/06 01:06:02
    Right on Rick. Thanks
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/05 22:57:50
    Sister Jean
    get good genes
  • katywon Sister ... 2012/06/06 01:05:26
    you have to manage with what you are given. Thanks

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