Barney Frank Is the First Gay, Married Congressman: What Do You Think?

Chris D 2012/07/09 17:00:00
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Gay marriage has officially come to Capitol Hill! Barney Frank, a former Democratic member of Congress, recently married his partner. It was just a matter of time, but still may be a shocker to some Americans. What is you opinion on this matter?

PEOPLE.COM reports:
Frank and James Ready met at a 2005 fundraiser, and wed in Massachusetts on Saturday
people reports frank james ready met 2005 fundraiser massachusetts saturday

Read More: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20610359,0...

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  • Louisa ... Grandbr... 2012/07/11 21:44:37
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    You think that having sex at the point of defecation is a normal function? Really? That's what's meant by 'depravity and moral decay'.
  • Grandbr... Louisa ... 2012/07/12 01:04:06
    Guess what? Straight couples do it too.
  • Louisa ... Grandbr... 2012/07/12 01:10:37
    Louisa - Enemy of the State
    But this one doesn't.
  • Grandbr... Louisa ... 2012/07/12 04:26:33 (edited)
    Good for you. Lots do, and it has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they're moral or decent folks. And what's with your obsession about sex, anyway? This poll is about a couple getting married, not what sexual positions they may or may not enjoy.
  • Revkae Grandbr... 2012/07/15 19:10:19
    To the conservatives, that is what they see. I swear, they must see you under your clothes.
  • Israel Louisa ... 2012/07/13 19:43:13
  • Revkae Louisa ... 2012/07/15 14:48:39
    And , through my work I've known a lot of women who have done things with a more obvious tool. That's disgusting for me, but people like it, and what occurs in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, and in the front seat of the car,and the back seat of the car, and any of a number of places that straight couples choose.
  • rightside Grandbr... 2012/07/11 21:44:57
    You are a sad little puppy. Talk about "self absorbed", I would say you corner the market on that one.
  • Grandbr... rightside 2012/07/12 01:04:48
    "Self-absorbed"? How exactly do you explain that based on what I wrote?
  • Revkae rightside 2012/07/15 19:12:15
    I like sad faced little puppies. They're not hiding anything, but their sorrow.
  • rightside Revkae 2012/07/15 21:04:12
    Yup, they're hiding the fact that they just peed all over you.
  • Denny Cognito22 2012/07/11 19:36:29
    Fortunately you people are dying off.
    I don't know if the WW2 people were really the "Greatest Generation" or not, but their kids were definitely the crummiest. They are now self-absorbed, money-grubbing grandparents who aren't dying fast enough.
  • Cognito22 Denny 2012/07/11 21:36:31 (edited)
    Yeh, from your comment, I can see how much better you are. LOL
    If I was self-absorbed I would have a reason not to care so that accusation doesn't hold water.
    And even if I was 'money-grubbing', that has nothing to do with this topic.

    No, you just demonstrated you're a hateful person is all.
  • Stix Denny 2012/07/11 21:41:39
    You are obviously a very nasty person in real life...gay marriage is moral decay weather you are intelligent enough to recognize it or not.
  • jeane Denny 2012/07/11 22:51:47
    WE all hope to leave you to your own world.
  • Israel jeane 2012/07/13 19:49:01
  • Zamboni... Cognito22 2012/07/12 00:43:55
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    You mean the moral decay of promoting the persecution of the LGBT and the obstruction of their happiness? You're so right, it is inconceivable and unpatritotic to even suggest it.
  • Jaroslav Dantes 2012/07/11 19:07:02
    I think...
    Jaroslav Dantes
    I mean nothing, they are still only in putynce. If he were still in Congress, came to America pink instead of red stripes flag.
  • Revkae Jarosla... 2012/07/15 14:59:43 (edited)
    Can you all hear what your saying to each other, moralizing the rights of some but not the rights for all. I've given so many sermons on the equality of all of Gods children. I've seen the tears of so many elderly who used to be judgemental, but then asked for forgiveness from all their past actions. Forgive them Father, for they knew not what they do to the brother of your annointed son, who died for us all.
  • aguster 2012/07/11 18:21:28
    I think...
    Well, Barney could not keep his frank out of Freddie's Fannie, this is certainly no different!
  • baboula 2012/07/11 17:59:14
    I think...
    as long as he leaves Congress, I really don't give a damn what he does
  • Pierce 2012/07/11 17:43:02
    I think...
    is mir schnuppe
  • Frank 2012/07/11 17:41:27
    I think...
    I think you would have to pretty hard up for sex to marry Bareny Frank, But maybe it was for the money like so many marriages are.......
  • Jason Clark 2012/07/11 17:40:58
    I think...
    Jason Clark
    his sex life has nothing to do with his performace as a congressman, which was abysmal and borderline criminal. The fact that more people know and care about his sexual orientation than his dealing with Freddie and Fannie and his part in the housing bubble shows why we are in this financial mess in the first place.
  • Kerymi 2012/07/11 17:29:37
    I think...
    Does it really matter? I don't care. Good for him.
  • Tony 2012/07/11 17:26:35
    I think...
    it's not entirely relevant as the guy is a FORMER Congressman.
  • Yoru 2012/07/11 17:23:31
    good for them.
  • Israel Yoru 2012/07/13 19:50:04
  • Yoru Israel 2012/07/13 20:01:28
    nothing else needed to be said about the topic
  • Israel Yoru 2012/07/13 20:03:34
  • wicked soda boy 2012/07/11 16:56:16
    I think...
    wicked soda boy
    I think he's a very poor excuse for a congressman, but I thought that long before his recent news. Buh-bye, Barney, PLEASE don't run for future office.
  • teigan 2012/07/11 16:52:36
    I think...
    I could care less, just glad the freak is not running for office again.
  • venus 2012/07/11 16:44:20
    it's awesome
  • Bill ~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/11 16:34:16 (edited)
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    ... and deviant. (I hope that pisses off some people too. DON'T TELL ME TO ACCEPT THIS AS NORMAL!)
  • Zuggi Bill ~P... 2012/07/11 17:53:46
  • Bill ~P... Zuggi 2012/07/12 12:29:55
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    Good. Thanks for letting me know I pissed you off.
  • Zuggi Bill ~P... 2012/07/12 13:51:30
    Sir, I'm afraid you're the butthurt one.
  • Revkae Bill ~P... 2012/07/15 15:05:57
    I don't think he tried to piss you off, I think that he was just embarassed for you.
  • Bill ~P... Revkae 2012/07/24 13:13:36
    Bill ~PWCM~JLA
    I don't give a damn how he feels about me... or you for that matter.
  • kir 2012/07/11 16:19:27
    I think...
    that the guy helped destroy the economy by pushing for sub prime mortgages and so I really don't give a damn about his personal life.

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