Ban on parents smacking children considered?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/01/08 01:28:20

AN OUTRIGHT ban on the smacking of children by their parents is under consideration by Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald.

A new law to ban corporal punishment in the home is one of two options under consideration. The other is an amendment to existing laws to restrict the circumstances in which parents can plead a defence of “reasonable chastisement” of their children.

The Children’s Act, 1908, gave parents the right to use “reasonable and moderate chastisement” in disciplining children but this provision was repealed by the 2001 Children’s Act. However, removal of the common law defence requires an explicit provision in new legislation.

Corporal punishment of children is prohibited in all settings, including the home, in 18 of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, but in Ireland outlawing physical punishment is seen as problematic given the constitutional guarantees regarding the family. The council and other international bodies have repeatedly criticised the absence of a ban in Irish law.

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  • Katherine 2012/02/07 09:26:22
    Getting closer to communism. Why don't they just take the kids from birth.
  • ~ The R... Katherine 2012/02/07 10:18:01
    ~ The Rebel ~
    Have you checked out 0zero's 'Zero to Five Plan'? ...

  • Katherine ~ The R... 2012/02/08 00:56:36
    Geez, no. Thanks for the article!
  • Robert Palmer 2012/01/12 23:13:04
  • Jan 2012/01/08 20:35:39
    My parents used to give us a short, sharp slap on the backside if we'd really been very naughty. We dreaded the thought of it even though it never physically hurt us very much. It was the shock value that we thought they wanted to inflict pain on us that caused us the most hurt. Yet my parents never did physically hurt us as much as a slap from another child did during a childish dispute that got out of hand. All six of us loved my parents dearly and I sometimes think we pushed them to see if they cared enough to mete out such 'corporal punishment'. We all loved them dearly and understood fully why they punished us the way they did, be it stoppage of pocket money, missing our favourite t.v. programme or right up to the sting of a hand on our backsides. I still love and miss my parents very much.
  • john 2012/01/08 19:33:53
    I brought my four up without any need to smack them and they have all grown up fine...
  • uditmalhotra 2012/01/08 17:28:52
    true... why should a child be smacked up ? be polite !!
  • wolfshadow 2012/01/08 12:22:51
    Dumbasses. I guess the parents can turn the kid over to the state as soon as they stop behaving.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/01/08 11:48:36
    Lady Whitewolf
    S T U P I D.....
  • bye im out sodahead 2012/01/08 06:56:50
  • hiallhi69 bye im ... 2012/01/08 07:11:44
    Thank god u dont have kids then :)
  • bye im ... hiallhi69 2012/01/08 07:34:57
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/01/08 05:37:41
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    If I get the legal right to smack other parents, I'm all for it. 9 out of 10 times, it's the parents who need it.
  • JessyBear 2012/01/08 04:42:50
    More Stupid coming our way. We need an amendment retaining parents rights.
  • Lady Wh... JessyBear 2012/01/08 11:49:01
    Lady Whitewolf
    YA THINK?? **snark alert**
  • sglmom 2012/01/08 03:46:43
    Hmm ...
    Mayhap here we have the case of more politicians who were raised with the silver spoon and kid gloves .. who never learned the reality of the word "NO" (and needed a bit of punishment so they could figure out the difference between PARENTING and just giving up on everything and turning children over to the creche ..)
  • U-Dog 2012/01/08 01:42:25
    Can we slap politicians instead?-)
  • xXDiE_H... U-Dog 2012/01/08 01:53:02
  • Karen E U-Dog 2012/01/08 05:17:33
  • JessyBear U-Dog 2012/01/08 19:46:49
    If only - How about we tie them up to an electric device and everytime they do something stupid they get shocked.. lol - or maybe we put then in a ring and let them battle it out. I'm so sick of all of them.

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