Back In Diapers Once Again

Once we are born our first clothing for our bottoms is a diaper and something that is never reusable or washed but thrown away and restocked with higher cost (must have) purchases until we reach the age of potty training! Once you learn to wear undies, you feel free and big.

But for some people when they reach a certain age in their adult lives find themselves with more health issues while losing bodily control functions and once again you are back where you started this world, wearing diapers! Just has a passing thought of what may lye ahead, how would that make you feel?

Elderly adults have more medical costs to them and some that are not tax deductible or covered by no kind of Medical/Health insurance. These additional costs needed takes away from their fixed income they are expected to live on month to month and can be very costly as well as an embarrassment!

My grandmother was a very noble and respected lady who found herself doing the diaper thing once again. Of course you would never hear it from her about it but you couldn't help but smell it once she couldn't get around like she use too! It would bring tears to my eyes just over the thought of how she dealt with it and still be strong in pride! And I can't help but question, "Will the same happen to me one day as I get older?"

Not only do they deal with it because they have too, it also still comes with the treatments (just like babies) of rashes and soars! Something I would not look forward too once again but the possibilities are there which can not be denied or ignored! Even with the cruelty of children and other adults who comment about certain odors of urine or bows coming from someone who can't help it, it isn't so funny any more when it finally happens to you!

With men it is demeaning; with women ~ well it would seem we just can't get away from those pads! They may make it both ways now by pads or panties but either way; it's still back in diapers once again!

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  • Racefish 2010/02/03 18:23:49
    "Youth is full of sport, age's breath is short; youth is nimble, age is lame; Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold; Youth is wild, and age is tame."
  • BornToB... Racefish 2010/02/03 18:57:58
    Oh how true!

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