Axe Body Spray Debuts Line for Women, Anarchy: Do You Smell a Winner?

Living 2012/01/10 21:24:32
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When we think of Axe body spray, we think of sweaty men -- usually teenagers or younger 20-somethings -- dousing themselves in the stuff in hopes of attracting the opposite sex. Now, Axe is actually marketing the product to the opposite sex. The new scent, Anarchy, is being sold in different versions for men and women, The New York Times reports.

"Before, an Axe commercial was always about a guy spraying himself and a girl being attracted, and Axe giving him an edge in the mating game, whereas now women also have something to spray on themselves, and consequently there’s more of an equilibrium between the sexes," David Kolbusz, creative director at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which created the ads for the new product, told the Times. Here's a look at one of the new ads:

Apparently, women really like the smell of Axe and were asking for their own version. The women's body spray (Axe Anarchy) is being released as a limited edition product -- at least for now. Axe says the females in the ads will still be hotter than the males, so we're not really sure what's in it for the ladies here. Do you smell a winner? Or will this product be a flop?
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  • GLaDOS 2012/01/10 23:07:13 (edited)
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Men shouldn't wear it, either. Oh my GOD that crap stinks to high hell. Then there are the idiots who follow the commercials' prescribed application by spraying it liberally all over the body.

    I'll stick to essential fragrance oils.
    fragrance oils

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  • jenn.pharr 2013/06/30 18:51:18
    Yes, it's about time!
    Anyone who says no, obviously hasn't smelled it yet because I have had men I don't even know stop and ask me what I was wearing! I love it
  • sglmom 2012/10/20 23:15:23
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Now I can remember when this stuff was first coming out ..
    and marketed towards the hormonally raging teen male ..
    (My own son (A TEEN at the time with his friends) .. lathered it on .. it is MOST FOUL INDEED!)

    Would anyone want this in a female version?
    Just say NO!

    (UGH .. that axe stuff is STILL Foul indeed .. )
  • Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfer... 2012/10/20 20:29:32
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    I won't. I personally find it nauseating when men wear it.

    I hate the smells, my brother used to wear it as if every bottle was a chick's magnet, and its not. It never got him lucky.

    One day I told him when he was taking me to school "That thing is obnoxiously suffocating , no wonder no chicks dig you dude." and he stopped wearing it. He wears real colognes now.
  • kristy crothers 2012/08/09 19:22:50
    Yes, it's about time!
    kristy crothers
    Hell yea women wear axe every time i go to my neighbors house i spray on his axe he likes it and i like it so it works;) but today i went to walmart and bought axe for her. Axe needs to make more sents for her. So i can stop useing my best friends
  • megan 2012/08/06 05:51:15
    Yes, it's about time!
    I just wear the regular anarchy and I am female.
  • july_12 2012/04/26 20:03:32
    Yes, it's about time!
    Therefore I do not like the smell, is very simple, many of man's axe smell much better. and I think that makes you sweat a lot, but I love the axe must be more creative with the women......... I think and I will be your official buying
  • katasrophie 2012/03/01 02:38:19
    Yes, it's about time!
    It has a nice smell maybe alittle sticky sweet.

    But defiantly a good everyday thing helps my expensive perfume last longer
  • polley_25 2012/02/20 21:44:22
    Yes, it's about time!
    I like it.. for the men. Even though i'm a woman I would wear it as well.. as a matter of fact Axe Excite smells wonderful..
  • Kysaundra Luttinen 2012/02/08 15:45:47
    Yes, it's about time!
    Kysaundra Luttinen
    Love the fact that this came out! my BF wears it and it lasts all night! I was hoping and waiting and wondering WHEN axe would do this for girls. Now I have it! YAAY! I am currently waring it and it smells like the brittany spears stuff in the blue bottle. Smells GREAT! and LASTS FOREVER! YES!
  • shorty9... Kysaund... 2012/02/09 20:43:54
    Where did u buy yours?
  • Ashlyn shorty9... 2012/07/09 09:59:54
    Fred meyer!
  • faima 2012/01/30 00:20:59
    Yes, it's about time!
    i am going to vote yes, because i like the smell.
  • lisa.goike 2012/01/25 11:13:08
    No, women won't wear Axe
    I smelled it, it doesn't smell very good
  • musicman95 2012/01/19 23:25:13
    No, women won't wear Axe
    I change my answer...yes...I like when women wear axe
  • brittany 2012/01/16 22:26:24
    Yes, it's about time!
    if it smells good like the men's do, it should be interesting
    i wish the computer had a scratch and sniff so that i can see if it'll be good or not and put my vote to propper use
    scratch and sniff funny
  • Bob 2012/01/16 06:31:42
    Yes, it's about time!
    Go for it, what's the big deal?
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/01/12 18:18:20
    No, women won't wear Axe
    I suppose SOME will, but I didn't think most women actually liked the smell much. Guess I'm generalizing off of my own preferences again. Eh, if some women want to wear Axe, more power to them I suppose?
  • Stacie's Mirage 2012/01/12 18:06:01
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Stacie's Mirage
    there are some things that were meant for guys....and guys alone......This is one of those things
  • METALheadMom 2012/01/12 16:32:53
    Yes, it's about time!
    I've been buying and using it since it first came out. I also occasionally buy Old Spice too. OH, am I supposed to let myself be totally controlled by the media and marketing billionaires who tell us certain products are ONLY FOR certain humans?? SORRY - only the true ignorant fall for that crap. It smells great, works great, and lasts longer than any of those "frilly" packaged junk they say only women can use.

    Get real people. What's going to happen if someone finds out you as a female are using AXE..... take away your birthday or accuse you of being butch? OOOOooooo horrors!
  • lisa.goike METALhe... 2012/01/25 11:14:52
    they are talking of the new Axe for women, I don't see a problem with wearing any type of scent as long as it suits you and your chemistry. the Axe for women smells not so good...
  • Zach 2012/01/12 16:07:26
    Yes, it's about time!
    I wonder what the commercial would be like? A woman being surrounded by big muscular men.
  • Z-Wolf 2012/01/12 12:26:11
    No, women won't wear Axe
    I didn't even like it own men, why would I want to smell it on women now? Axe is killing me here! The only way I avoid that crap is by hanging around girls, now you're taking taking that from me? Have you no decency?!?!?!?!
  • danny 2012/01/12 05:17:42
    Yes, it's about time!
    fyi their are women who shower in perfume and smell terrible its not just a guy thing
  • METALhe... danny 2012/01/12 16:36:00
    you bet - when I walk through the women's "fragrance" area of any store, it makes my eyes water and I gag - not so in the men's section - - I find women overdo "fragrance" way more often than men.
  • Aly Hart 2012/01/12 04:52:19
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Aly Hart
    Axe smells terrible enough on men as it is.
  • Nuke 2012/01/12 04:08:51
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Most women don't need anything to attract a man...
  • davidl 2012/01/12 04:08:45 (edited)
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Women may fawn over ugly men wearing axe. But men will go after a hottie if she smells like horse manure. Talk about a useless product.
  • TooSweet 2012/01/12 03:00:09
    Yes, it's about time!
    Nothing bad about smelling good,no matter what you are packing in your shorts.
  • Student 2012/01/12 01:19:11
    Yes, it's about time!
    It smells good. Women could wear it.
  • MissJo 2012/01/11 23:59:02
  • lmnlme10921 2012/01/11 23:42:44
    Yes, it's about time!
    I've worn axe, although I tend to stick with this
    nior tease
  • FantasyAuthor 2012/01/11 23:20:24
    No, women won't wear Axe
    I won't anyways
  • KawaiiYaoiFangirl 2012/01/11 23:09:56
    Yes, it's about time!
    At least I would!
    It's not what you think though!!
  • Ben 2012/01/11 22:32:22
    No, women won't wear Axe
    The only fragrance I like by Axe is dark temptation and only because my wife likes it. It smells like chocolate.
  • Ashlyn Ben 2012/07/09 09:57:10
    :) dark temptation is the only one that has the axe effect on me..since he got it even none of the $50+ cologne compares for me
  • bye im out sodahead 2012/01/11 22:24:23
    Yes, it's about time!
    bye im out sodahead
    and i always smell like a winner
  • NickTheAceBassist 2012/01/11 21:38:19
    No, women won't wear Axe
    Axe is "supposed" to attract women so unless lesbians use it UHH...
  • The Inc... NickThe... 2012/01/11 22:33:03
    The Incurable Pessimist
    Big turn-off, rest assured.
  • NickThe... The Inc... 2012/01/12 01:15:14 (edited)
    That's why I use Old Spice and Dial for Men
  • queenalyss 2012/01/11 20:56:41
    Yes, it's about time!
    haha use axe products already, im that badass

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