Avril Lavigne Gets Colorful With New Studded & Shaved 'Do: Do You Dig Her New Look?

Fergie 2012/09/12 19:00:00
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Avril showed off more than just her new Abbey Dawn line at New York Fashion Week. She also debuted a new hairdo: a "Skrillex" cut, dyed pink and green... and garnished with studs. What do you think? I kinda hope her fashion line was edited better than her haircut...

When Avril Lavigne debuted her new Abbey Dawn collection at NYFW, one thing that definitely stood out was her hair! The singer went with a complicated look: shaved, green, pink and... studded?!
collection nyfw stood hair singer complicated shaved green pink studded

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  • ✿Britt ❤'s Steven Tyler✿ 2012/09/12 19:27:00
    Not digging it
    ✿Britt ❤'s Steven Tyler✿
    totally ugly in that photo
  • Marieღ 2012/09/12 19:17:28
    Not digging it
    I do like Avril, but I gotta say, I don't like that haircut at all. She just looks better without the sides shaved.

    avril lavigne normal hair
  • RLUX Marieღ 2012/09/12 22:16:22
    she was hott
  • FordCrews 2012/09/12 19:12:31
    Not digging it
    Such a pretty girl, something terrible must have happened to her when she was young to make her want to do this to herself.
  • LittleMistersMom 2012/09/12 19:06:28
    Not digging it
    Not really my idea of a good haircut. But, then again, it's not my head.
  • KaylaJayy13 2012/09/12 19:06:22
    Not digging it
    Who puts studs in their hair? That's stupid looking. Oh and is she trying to be Skrillex's twin? Jesus she's never been orginal, no offense.
  • AdriHead 2012/09/12 18:57:53
    Not digging it
    she looks like skrillex now...

  • Twisted... AdriHead 2012/09/12 22:59:06
    Skrillex himself isn't even original. That hair style has been around since before anyone knew who he was. I hate that people have to connect that hairstyle to him.
  • shane Twisted... 2012/09/13 00:36:56
    The singer of Bow Wow Wow wore her hair like that in the 70's and alot of people i knew in the late 80's and early 90's did it also. I even did it in the 8th grade before i balled up and got a proper mohawk.
  • Twisted... shane 2012/09/13 00:41:26
  • shane Twisted... 2012/09/13 00:48:25
    Well long before Danzig ever formed the Misfits the hair style was in existance.
    Im not sure what the Plains Indian tribes would have called it but i doubt it that.

    Im still trying to figure out who or what a Skrillex is.
  • Twisted... shane 2012/09/13 00:53:36
    Skrillex is the stage name for Sonny Moore. Everyone hates him because he uses a Mac instead of actual instruments and his fantards hate on everyone else's music.
  • shane Twisted... 2012/09/13 01:04:48
    Oh, so hes actually nobody.
  • Twisted... shane 2012/09/13 01:07:28
    Pretty much. I used to like his music but then I found better dubstep artists.
  • shane Twisted... 2012/09/13 01:17:23
    I must be getting old.....
    I have no idea who dubstep is either. Hopefully he has an original hair cut.
  • Twisted... shane 2012/09/13 01:29:12
    dubstep is a genre of music, lol. All the teenieboppers love it.
    Well, I'm not a teeniebopper but I am open to all genre's of music except for country. I can't stand country music.
  • shane Twisted... 2012/09/13 01:44:34
    I see.
    Im not a fan of all that electric crap.
    Ironically when i was in high school i used to love Ministry and Skinny Puppy wich are mostly electronic.
    Now i could spend all day listening to David Allen Coe or Merle Haggard
  • Twisted... shane 2012/09/13 01:53:02
    just as long as you're not one of Nicki Minaj's Barbies, we can be chill.
  • shane Twisted... 2012/09/13 01:58:58
    Im pretty sure listening to her would drive out my last remaining brain cell.
  • Twisted... shane 2012/09/13 02:01:02
    I lost brain cells when I found out a lot of my friends ENJOY her music.

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