Avril Lavigne Gets Colorful With New Studded & Shaved 'Do: Do You Dig Her New Look?

Fergie 2012/09/12 19:00:00
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Avril showed off more than just her new Abbey Dawn line at New York Fashion Week. She also debuted a new hairdo: a "Skrillex" cut, dyed pink and green... and garnished with studs. What do you think? I kinda hope her fashion line was edited better than her haircut...

When Avril Lavigne debuted her new Abbey Dawn collection at NYFW, one thing that definitely stood out was her hair! The singer went with a complicated look: shaved, green, pink and... studded?!
collection nyfw stood hair singer complicated shaved green pink studded

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  • HelloKittyFreak413 2012/11/15 17:53:49
    Not digging it
  • elaine.paiz 2012/10/03 14:00:12
    Not digging it
    Ugh, she needs to grow up...
  • carla 2012/09/23 18:26:36
    Not digging it
    lol shes crazy
  • lolapgaston 2012/09/19 20:21:21
    Not digging it
    The partly shaved head part looks awful :S

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  • molly 2012/09/16 21:04:29
    Love her new look!
    She looks pretty!!
  • Nika 2012/09/15 20:21:41
    Not digging it
    The studs and glasses are completely ridiculous and she really just doesn't suit the half shave look.
  • Frannin 2012/09/14 19:41:52
    Not digging it
    She is a beautiful young woman who looks like she is trying too hard. Sorry Avril, that's
    just one woman's opinion.
  • Josh 2012/09/14 18:19:34
    Not digging it
    Hell No
  • E.Sailor 2012/09/14 16:35:52 (edited)
    Not digging it
    I don't like the shaving! Neither this posture!
  • quelly 2012/09/14 15:02:03
    Love her new look!
    OMG ! Thats Cute xD
  • PandoraBoxe 2012/09/14 14:17:17
    Not digging it
    Who is Avril Lavigne?
  • HelloKi... Pandora... 2012/11/15 17:55:33
    she's a singer.. here's a couple songs by her.
  • Pandora... HelloKi... 2012/11/17 15:36:58
    thanx.... not my style, but thanx ;-}
  • HelloKi... Pandora... 2012/11/21 21:39:51
    It's not my style neither, and You're welcome :)
  • Claise 2012/09/14 13:48:45
    Love her new look!
    yes, I love that look!
  • bye 2012/09/14 02:16:55
    Not digging it
    Looks like middle school
  • Dahlia 2012/09/13 22:22:19
    Not digging it
    Isn't she like 27 now. Maybe she should stop trying to act like she's 17.
  • Nikki 2012/09/13 21:54:59
    Not digging it
    she's still tryin way too hard..... to many has other chicks(cassie) have shaved there sides and it's done nothing for there career...
  • maggie 2012/09/13 20:08:32
    Love her new look!
    actually shes one of the few who can pull it off.
  • Marianne ☮ 2012/09/13 19:59:38
    Not digging it
    Marianne ☮
    ............. she thinks she's soooo badass because of her dyed hair, shaved head and studs. I wish people would realize that having any of those things doesn't make you """rebellious""" at all.

    I detest this woman
  • molly Marianne ☮ 2012/09/16 21:04:09
    God you are being stupid!!! I think it looks amazing on her. She does not think she is sooo Badass because she dyes her hair. She does it to be different. I live in a house with 10 siblings, and i dye my hair, and shave half of my head just to be different.I love to be differnet and I love it when i get attention. It doesn't mean I am rebellious. I hate people like you, who just assume something, and are mean. She has talent and isn't afraid to be different . If I was any of you haters, I would think she is amzing just because she isn't afraid to be different.
  • Marianne ☮ molly 2012/09/17 00:21:39
    Marianne ☮
    How mature of you. Of course, how could I forget it's so DIFFERENT AND REBELLIOUS to dye your hair. That's not rebellion. Shaving your head is not rebellion. You think you're being different when in reality, this whole get-up your posing as is becoming more and more socially accepted.

    You don't need a lot of guts to dye your hair pink. In 1956? Yes. Now? No.

    Avril Lavigne is nothing but a popstar poser who tries too hard to be different. She is no more amazing than you or I.
  • Ben 2012/09/13 18:46:50
    Not digging it
    WTF??? We go 7 years without hearing a word from this poser, then all of a sudden she's up in our grills all day every day. Go back to Canada with your fiance and ruin rock n' roll up there.
  • Shimaakburt 2012/09/13 18:44:06
    Love her new look!
    yes its awesome!!!!!!
  • JuliaLoren 2012/09/13 18:12:19
    Not digging it
    not the shaved part... :/
  • CatX3 2012/09/13 17:55:15
    Not digging it
    My word , she's such a try hard poser.
  • Faith ~American Patriot~ 2012/09/13 16:09:01
    Not digging it
    Faith ~American Patriot~
  • Amy Price 2012/09/13 15:14:53
    Not digging it
    Amy Price
    I'm all for individuality and self-expression but I don't especially like this. I don't grudge her for doing it because hey, her life but lets be honest, it's kind of a 'scene teenager' look. Which she isn't.
  • Shaney Boo 2012/09/13 15:06:21
    Love her new look!
    Shaney Boo
    Pretty cool.
  • The heartless 2012/09/13 14:59:38 (edited)
    Not digging it
    The heartless
    The colors are ok....But i hate the shaved bit. I also feel that for her age she should go for a more polished look that reflects a more mature looking lady.

    avril lavigne
  • Skyelar Blair 2012/09/13 14:56:49
    Love her new look!
    Skyelar Blair
    Skrillex is looking sexy latey
  • Sina 2012/09/13 14:05:41
    Love her new look!
    I always like her!
  • LucyLucero 2012/09/13 13:42:29
    Not digging it
    She needs to grow up and stop dressing/acting like a teenager.
  • Angela Chambers 2012/09/13 13:41:38
    Love her new look!
    Angela Chambers
    I love it!!!!

  • Emma 2012/09/13 13:17:15
    Not digging it
    I don't care,really. I guess it matches her personality,though.
  • synful90 2012/09/13 13:17:14
    Not digging it
    i don't know why girls find that hairdo attractive. i love avril but i think she's old enough to start maturing her look and being more polished. this is just odd looking to me almost too much. why can't she go back to this? she's a really pretty girl gosh i don't get it avril lavigne
  • Klaudia c: 2012/09/13 13:10:46
    Not digging it
    Klaudia c:
    This one didn't workout for her :o
  • Grandpa 2012/09/13 12:55:14
    Not digging it
    She looks STUPID >. But then they do anything to get a write up in the press
  • Blonde Rebellion 2012/09/13 12:29:03
    Not digging it
    Blonde Rebellion
  • aeroshock 2012/09/13 12:23:59
    Not digging it
    But hey, she can do what she wants with her look. I still look forward to what new songs she brings.

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