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I totally have "poor person pack-rat syndrom". For me it is not as bad as it is with other people but I still have the problem.
I have hard time getting rid of stuff, not just things that I bought either, stuff that has been given to me that I hate and some that I think is scary.
I read something the other day and decided that I really should sell all of my stuff that really isn't important to have and really doesn't serve any purpose other than to just sit there. So there I was, going through all of my crap and I realized that everything I considered getting rid, the things that this article advised people to rid themselves of, I justify keeping it. I can't help it.
I need a cure from this...
So tell me friends, how do you get rid of stuff you like but don't use? Do you have any tips to help me get through this?
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  • paulyman 2008/10/10 00:15:48 (edited)
    haha, Whenever I work on my truck I look at the parts I replaced and think, I could probably use that someday, so I have all this junk that I won't get rid of haha. Good luck with that hehe. missed you : )
  • brozak 2008/10/09 03:40:47
    I buy things which I like and when christmas or birthdays roll around, I give them away as presents. Professional re-gifter right here... lol
    I recently sold my coin collection and bought silver with the proceeds.
    The coins were worth money only to coin collectors, numismatically, there was no silver content, no real value.
    But... packrat is in my blood, my grandfather and father were both afflicted with this disease...
  • ...... 2008/10/08 22:10:44
    I kind of have the same issue, but this is what I do. I do not sell it. I give it to less fortunate people than myself. I just bring it out to the curb and put a sign on it that says "Free Stuff". It goes really fast. I live in L.A. though so it might be different than where you live.
  • Chamberlain 2008/10/08 22:00:36
    I can't help you because I do the same thing :O(
  • Gothamjedi311 \m/ 2008/10/08 21:26:21
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    ...I've got the same problem...but I do find uses for all the stuff...maybe not today...maybe not tomorrow...but one day...I'm sure, ya never know when that pc. of plastic wire that I took off of one of my Toys, might come in Handy...hah hah, like for instance...I'm having a Halloween costume party this year, and a lot of that unused stuff has really come in handy, with making decorations, costumes, props...etc. now It has a different purpose...told ya so.
  • ** 2008/10/08 21:24:16
  • Magzilla ** 2008/10/08 21:25:57
    Hm... that might be a good plan!
  • ** Magzilla 2008/10/08 21:28:15
  • irish 2008/10/08 21:15:15
    i did that too! my daughter said to me just throw it out!!LOL she is 15!! so i do,do not think about the object at all just toss it!! its hard at first but it does work! good luck!
  • Magzilla irish 2008/10/08 21:16:55
    But I want to sell it, not toss it, so it takes a little bit more time LOL I think it is a problem....
  • irish Magzilla 2008/10/08 21:18:38
    well apply the same idea then,disassociate yourself from the object!!LOL
  • HairlessKat the Gnostic 2008/10/08 21:10:30 (edited)
    HairlessKat the Gnostic
    you know I feel for ya,, the one thing that finally helped break me of the packrat bug was to start going through things like you are now and throwing away anything I had not looked at or used in the last year or more.

    If you can go a year without using something,, do you really need it? If you havent used it in a year do you even usually know where it IS when you DO need it.... or do you wind up going out and buying a replacement because you cant find it or forgot you had that item?

    My husbands mother is a very seriouse hoarder so I knew my husband would have the 'tendancy' .... we have been married for 15 years and after we moved out of our house into an apartment he finally got sick to death of shifting stuff around that he refused to get rid of a year and a half ago and started pitching it. He said he realized I was right,, he hadnt used it in all that time , what was the point in keeping it except to take up space and keep him from finishing the job of getting the house ready to sell. :0)

    Its not easy to do at first,, but the more you appricate how much cleaner you feel and your space looks the easier it becomes.
  • Magzilla Hairles... 2008/10/08 21:12:25
    Well, what about stuff that isn't meant to be used? If it is meant to just sit there, techinically I am using it for that purpose right? LOL
  • Hairles... Magzilla 2008/10/08 21:12:54 (edited)
    HairlessKat the Gnostic

    Well.... you mean like nicknacks and stuff?

    I decided to go with a 'theme' and get rid of the pictures and nicknacks that didnt go along with the theme.. BUT I stored the statues and stuff that I wasnt showing off because I still liked them,, and figured I could use them again later. Just not right then.......
  • Magzilla Hairles... 2008/10/08 21:13:37
    LOL I have action figures, that is my biggest concern right now.
  • Hairles... Magzilla 2008/10/08 21:34:36
    HairlessKat the Gnostic
    LOL oh lord.... can you consider packing up all but your favorites? Might help make space.....
  • Magzilla Hairles... 2008/10/09 04:58:26
    LMAO I can easily say why they are all my favorites hahah
  • IzzyJr 2008/10/08 21:00:38
    I'm definitely not the person to ask. :D I may be worse at it than you. :)
  • sadiesmom 2008/10/08 20:54:01
    Sorry..I'm probably worse than you!

    I still have the newspaper that had Maya Angelou's poem that she wrote for Clinton's first inauguration day!
  • Magzilla sadiesmom 2008/10/08 21:10:10
    I keep stuff like that too!

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