Assignments or exams

Tiff 2007/10/08 02:10:08
Exams, you can cram for them
Assignments, you don;t have to memorise everything
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  • Ben 2007/10/08 16:00:58
    None of the above
    I'm not surprised that you mentioned that you can cram for exams and with assignments you don't have to memorize everything. It just further backs up the conclusion that students don't learn in school; they are all too caught up in getting the grade and moving on.

    Also, instructors make it so difficult to use what you learned in classes that preceded the ones you are taking now. Why? Because you now have to learn THEIR method of solving those math problems. You lose precious grade points when you don't!
  • Elizabeth 2007/10/08 03:19:23
    Exams, you can cram for them
    Assignments are often tedious and just plain annoying. Give me an exam over an assignment anyday.
  • Tiff 2007/10/08 02:11:08
    Exams, you can cram for them
    I'm having a problem getting the motivation to start my assignments
  • ruby Tiff 2007/10/08 03:19:31
    I like doing assignments. Can go at my own pace. Which is search and write (or type).

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