As a _____, do you understand most religions? Also as a ____, do you understand evolution?

zeldamaster17~平和 2012/06/30 07:04:48
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I understand both and despise religion. I am an atheist/agnostic.
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  • bricklyn 2012/06/30 18:49:04
    I understand both
    I was a christian for over 25 years and have studied religions, history, science and archeology for over 30 years. As an Atheist I understand evolution and science. So I have a solid understanding of both.
  • zeldama... bricklyn 2012/06/30 18:51:34
    Thanks for your opnion. I see a pattern in the atheist community: most of us became atheists BECAUSE of things we found in the christian faith.
  • shenendoah bricklyn 2012/06/30 18:54:25
    Oh wow a liberal that knows everything...how unique.
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/06/30 19:04:45
    Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
    Yes, I am a liberal. Thank you very much.
  • shenendoah zeldama... 2012/06/30 19:15:10 (edited)
    Sorry about that. Maybe a lobotomy.....?
    The operative word here is values. You're right, if you liberals have ever had any values, you discarded them long ago.
  • Clay Sl... shenendoah 2012/07/01 13:45:35
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    OH! so one has to be a bible thumping idiot to have Values?????
  • shenendoah Clay Sl... 2012/07/01 15:43:19
    Well, you've got the 'idiot' part down pat.
  • Clay Sl... shenendoah 2012/07/01 20:56:20
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    That must be you as the reference is to "Bible thumping idiot" I dont thump the bible...
  • Radical Ed 2012/06/30 17:54:56
    I understand both
    Radical Ed
    i do not know everything about either evolution or the religions but i can say that i understand a reasonable amount. Enough, anyway, to make informed decisions debate regarding both of these routes of inquiry.
  • shenendoah 2012/06/30 17:36:01
    I understand both
    Of course i understand. Whats not to understand?? I am a Christian and I chose that religion because God is love and my Creator and assures me that my ancestors didn't swing from trees. Of course atheists can hardly deny their geneology since they look like something that would swing from a tree.
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/06/30 18:12:13
    I think you, friend, should have picked the third option.
  • bricklyn zeldama... 2012/06/30 18:47:21
    I totally agree.
  • shenendoah zeldama... 2012/06/30 18:52:05
    There you go thinking for yourself again. What have I told you about that?
  • Clay Sl... shenendoah 2012/07/01 13:47:14
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    You should know that you are not to think for youself, after all that is what christianity teaches.. So stop thinking and start following the rest of the sheep.. LMAO
  • shenendoah Clay Sl... 2012/07/01 15:44:57
    The rest of the sheep? You mean liberals? Never happen, fool.
  • bricklyn shenendoah 2012/06/30 18:47:38
    You really do not understand the other side at all.
  • shenendoah bricklyn 2012/06/30 19:00:45 (edited)
    You wish. Sorry, am satisfied with Jesus and The Father. And as far as evolution is concerned I don't even have the rh factor in my blood. LOL
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/06/30 19:05:47
    Evolution=fact. Period. You should have voted for the third one, definitely. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Do you want me to post some atrocities from your...book? If you can even call it that.
  • shenendoah zeldama... 2012/06/30 19:17:00
    Oh I know all about the atrocitities from the Good Book. Scares you doesn't it heathen?
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/06/30 19:21:05
    It is a bit off a horror novel, I suppose. But edgar allen poe writes better. Also, so I don't have to reply twice, I have plenty of morals. You wanna know the difference between me and your god? I sin, he wrongs.
  • shenendoah zeldama... 2012/06/30 19:39:53 (edited)
    zeldamaster?...into role playing I see. Edgar Allen Poe wrote fiction that means it is not true. As far as morals are concerned you must be referring to the mushroom. Stupid, stupid comment. The difference between you and my God?, how much time do you have? I've got eternity, however you do not.
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/06/30 19:44:00
    Yes, I highly enjoy roleplaying. ANYWAY, if your god was real, despite all the contradictions in that fiction story you worship, I would give him as much respect as hitler. Actually, I'd give him less, as hitler at least had to work to be a total douche, your god is just an all-powerful hitler without any of the work ethic.
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/06/30 19:44:48
  • shenendoah zeldama... 2012/07/01 16:04:27
    I wasn't saying you do drugs. Morals are tasty little mushrooms that grow in the forest with absolutely no hallucinogenic qualities. I'm definetly not being blase' about someone's drug issues.
    However, it's obvious that I am actually kinder than you. You have no problem blaspheming my God. That's okay though since God could take care of your disrespect with less than a thought if he chose to.
  • zeldama... shenendoah 2012/07/01 17:46:54
  • shenendoah zeldama... 2012/07/01 19:02:06
    I think we're done here. Have a good one.
  • Lydecho Rain (Лидия) 2012/06/30 15:23:09
    I understand both
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    As someone who is interested in various cultures and religious beliefs, I understand most religions. As an atheist, a scientific student, and a logical thinker I understand evolution.
  • Teri- Oregon 2012/06/30 07:25:16
    I understand both
    Teri- Oregon
    I believe in Creational Darwinism we were created to evolve in our environment and grow and become better entities.

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