Are you happy with your job?

Quasineutrality 2012/08/17 06:35:40
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just got promoted and possibly going to get another position within the same department with more pay

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  • Peggy 2012/08/17 22:15:39
    Absolutely love what I get to do for a job. I get to color, cut and glue, read children's books, learn about dinosaurs, snakes, spiders and every new cartoon, play dress up have recess, go to the zoo, ride trains, have waterballoon fights, build teepees, use all my creative juices, and mold young minds for the future. Best of all I get the summer off. LOL In case you haven't guessed, I am a Kindergarten teacher.
  • Quasine... Peggy 2012/08/18 05:58:51
  • Peggy Quasine... 2012/08/18 12:39:34
    Definitely have had those days, afraid next Monday, first day of school, is going to be one. lol
  • ģhøṡτ øώl 2012/08/17 13:07:38
    ģhøṡτ øώl
    Two yes. One no. So, Yes.
  • Scott C 2012/08/17 12:16:37
    Scott C
    I love my work - I wish you well as you move on up!
  • Meagan 2012/08/17 09:15:49
    I do. It allows me to stay busy and make the place better while building experience and skills. I do wish I had more money, but for now I will prove my worth and see how that goes.
  • D.G.rocks 2012/08/17 07:17:10
    Cuz when I get grounded I don't get paid for that week I spent working out of state and being a top sales person at a national event.
  • Tom R 007 2012/08/17 07:00:58
    Tom R 007
    I love my job (whenever I'm fortunate enough to have work).
  • ☆Katharina☆ 2012/08/17 06:48:52
    there was a point in time where I could answer yes to this question. However now I can't
  • Quasine... ☆Kathar... 2012/08/17 06:59:03
    i was stuck working for companies that treat you like crap have you thought about looking for another job where you would be happy and make some serious money?
  • ☆Kathar... Quasine... 2012/08/17 07:00:15
    I have been looking and I have gotten nothing back yet

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