Are You Feeling Down, Tired and Gaining Weight, Read This!

Rodney 2010/09/16 04:12:14
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Ran across this just today (9/16/10) and as I am a health junkie, thought it should be passed around. Our food supply is already contaminated with many unknown chemicals. Many untested for human consumption or longterm effects on the human body.
Are You Suffering

From Fatigue,

Weight Gain . . .

But Don't Know Why?

The hidden culprit could be “bromine,” a common ingredient
in thousands
of fresh and packaged foods, medicines, and consumer products. . .

Bromine disrupts your thyroid gland but doesn't show up as a problem
in thyroid tests.

See how to test for bromine — and also get rid of it — so you can

Dear Newsmax Reader:


Millions of Americans are suffering from bromine poisoning and don't know it.

That's because bromine is used in thousands of fresh and
packaged foods, in hundreds of medicines, and in thousands of common
household products like carpeting, computers, even swimming pool

It's an ingredient that makes food manufacturing easier and many products safer. . .

But in your body it's an ENERGY ROBBER and potential carcinogen. And it goes undetected in standard blood tests performed by your doctor.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

About David Brownstein, M.D.

Dr. Broanstein

David Brownstein is a board-certified family physician and is one of
the foremost American practitioners of holistic medicine.

is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University
School of Medicine. Currently, he is the medical director of the Center
for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Mich.

Dr. Brownstein has authored eight books on natural health:

  • Drugs That Don't Work and Natural Therapies That Do!
  • Overcoming Thyroid Disorders
  • Overcoming Arthritis
  • The Miracle of Natural Hormones
  • The Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Salt Your Way to Health
  • Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It
  • The Guide to a Gluten-Free Diet

addition, Dr. Brownstein has lectured internationally to physicians and
others about his success in using natural hormones, and nutritional and
holistic therapies in his practice.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Weight gain?

Or are you suffering from . . .

  • Hair loss, dry skin
  • Feeling low
  • Decreased libido
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Little zest for life?

Hello, I'm Dr. David Brownstein. And I'm writing to tell you these symptoms could be a result of too much bromine in your system, aggravated by reduced levels of iodine.

This is very common today. I see it all
the time in my practice, and I now routinely test my patients for high
bromine and low iodine. It's an unhealthy combination that can lead to
. . .

Hidden "Hypothyroidism"

Hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland. Your gland doesn't make enough hormones to stop fatigue and weight gain.

And low thyroid will create a host of other problems, too. Just ask Oprah, who has talked publicly about her thyroid problem (and difficulty losing weight).

But today's “bromine problem” is particularly insidious because . . .

It causes “hidden hypothyroidism,” a condition in which “brominated thyroid” masquerades as thyroid, fooling your doctor and robbing you of this energy-producing hormone.

That's right! Even if your doctor has checked your thyroid levels and told you

they're fine, excess bromine could be producing a “false read.” So . . .

  • YOU FEEL DULL and apathetic . . .
  • You gain weight or can't shed those extra pounds . . .
  • You don't have the pep and vigor you once had . . .

And you may also be seeing your hair thin out, your skin go
dry, an increased frequency of headaches, or feelings of irritability
and even depression.

Even small amounts of bromine in your system can wreak
havoc. And, again, millions unknowingly have elevated bromine, causing
these very problems.

Get 3 Best-Selling Books From Dr. Brownstein FREE. Go Here Now.

Get Tested For It Now

You don't want to let high bromine go unchecked, because it
can lead to serious problems with your prostate, ovaries, breasts —
including cancer! Fortunately, there's a simple test for it.

Read More: http://w3.newsmax.com/newsletters/brownstein/bromi...

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  • Adrianne Silver 2011/05/09 09:01:42
    I Am and Think...
    Adrianne Silver
    MOST IMPORTANT hypothyroidism can start as estrogen dominance, like me, eventually leading to hypothyroidism when balance does not come back. That is why I am taking dessicated thyroid to balance my thyroid hormone and increase my libido.

  • Bozette 2010/11/10 01:04:34
    I Am and Think...
    Thank you for posting this! I have been doing a lot of research into trying to find out what was causing problems with my husband and me. It has been difficult because I didn't really know where to begin. It has convinced me to start gardening again and hopefully raising some livestock to get away from the additives. Our problems, I believe originated in our water supply. We had a very shallow well, with very salty, smelly water. This property used to be part of an orchard and that may have something to do with it. Combine that with all the chemicals in our food and daily living and what we encountered at work...
  • Rodney Bozette 2010/11/10 01:19:23
    Shallow well and smelly, salty water. I am sure the orchard was sprayed with all sorts of stuff that killed bugs and warded off fungus. All that stuff over the years will be leached into the soil and eventually the water table. Have you ever had your water tested for contaminates? Even if you have since drilled a deeper well and it tastes and smells better, I would still test it. I don't know if I have posted it on here, but what I have found in my research. Ascorbic Acid, it will leach heavy metals and pollutants from your liver, which is the filter for your blood system. Clearing out the liver will allow it to better filter more crud from the blood stream. The crystals work best, buffered doesn't seem to work at all and never tried the powder. I do two teaspoons a day for a couple weeks then one teaspoon for a couple weeks. I am then good for about six months unless I get to feeling sluggish and tired again. That is just one good way to cleanse the body and get it back to proper functionng.
  • Bozette Rodney 2010/11/10 01:28:03
    I had a deep well drilled this year. I really can't afford the testing right now, I have checked into it and you have to be very specific on what you want tested and it is quite expensive. I have never seen crystallized ascorbic acid but will look into that. Thank you.
  • Rodney Bozette 2010/11/10 01:32:27
    If when you do test the water, just ask for ag chemicals. That should allow them to search for the most common. Hope your water is batter. The ascorbic acid can be found in the Nutrition store. It is also used in canning, but is often in small bottles. Good luck and if I was any help at all I feel good.
  • Bozette Rodney 2010/11/10 01:39:17
    I appreciate it!
  • Sista Nunya 2010/11/10 01:01:48
  • Rodney Sista N... 2010/11/10 01:20:36
    LOL, and think what?
  • I Am and Think...
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    I'm tired..... lol
    That's my main problem, just so dang tired! :/

    Thanks for posting this, Rodney~ I will keep my eyes open and read everything from now on!
    Any tips for eating @ restaurants without nutrition info?
  • Rodney MIZ® ₱... 2010/11/10 01:25:01
    Most restaurants prepare from fresh unless you are talking about fast food. I very rarely eat fast food. Maybe once every 2 or 3 months I will break down and have a burger and fries (they taste so much better when it is a rare treat). There are many things you can do that will leach pollutants out of your system and or rebuild the little flora that runs the digestive system. Between and healthy liver filtering your blood better and the guys working their best digesting all your intake, I think we can stand some of the foods we now get.
  • MIZ® ₱... Rodney 2010/11/10 05:40:41
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    Hi Rodney~ I asked just as I was preparing to leave the house for Red Robin... lol I got a salad with chicken and it was great, but not too healthy since the chicken was breaded... BUT I went to Rite Aid afterward to check out the ascorbic acid and acidophilus... but they were closing in ten minutes so I didn't even have time to read the bottles... it will have to wait 'til next time I go that way- thanks again for all the advice :)
  • Rodney MIZ® ₱... 2010/11/10 05:42:49
    You bet. I should warn you on the Ascorbic acid. If you are going to use it to cleanse your liver, be prepared for some loose stools. It will flush you out!
  • MIZ® ₱... Rodney 2010/11/10 09:06:18
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    HAH! I will be vewy careful!! Thanks for the warning! :P
  • Rodney MIZ® ₱... 2010/12/30 16:01:46
    No problemo. Hope it does what you are hoping for. I like to flush and rebuild after every holiday and prepare for a busy spring. Help mental as well (maybe not from the clean internals but just knowing you are set to go).
  • callmesam 2010/09/30 03:15:02
    I Am and Think...
    We really don't have a clue about what we are doing to ourselves. It's good to share information like this. Thanks for sharing.
  • Rodney callmesam 2010/09/30 03:38:40
    My pleasure. I have been extra aware since 1990 when I was poisoned and the doctors all wanted to just stick a label on it and move on. I had to research myself and then fix myself. Sadly, Doctors for the most part just band aid patients. Guess I should add that nearly every doctor that I tried to convince to look for what I believed was on my employers payroll at the time. Wouldn't you know it, the first time I take a job and punch a time clock that would happen. Been self employed my whole life with that short 5 year stretch.
  • callmesam Rodney 2010/09/30 03:57:40
    It is a good thing to know that physicians and healthcare staff are not omniscient. Doing your own research was very wise.
  • Rodney callmesam 2010/09/30 03:59:37
    After nearly a year and still sick as a dog I had to do something. Lost 45 pounds in 2 weeks. Food went straight through me. Didn't even stop long enough to get to know my innards. LOL
  • callmesam Rodney 2010/09/30 04:03:21
    Whoah. Glad you are better.
  • Rodney callmesam 2010/09/30 04:28:09
    Thank You, I am too! LOL I didn't have 45 pounds to lose. I was only 170 when I got sick. You can imagine what a 6'1" man looks like weighing 125 lbs.
  • callmesam Rodney 2010/09/30 04:30:07
    Oh, my !! I know what I looked like at 5'10" when I weighed 120. BONES !!
    I hope you gained some of that back.

    I can truthfully say I will never see anything close to 120 again. LMBO
  • Rodney callmesam 2010/09/30 04:34:30
    LOL, yes I did. Thanks to me cookie diet! cookie monster Pictures, Images and Photos
  • MIZ® ₱... callmesam 2010/11/10 00:40:14
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    Boy, ain't that the truth.
  • Rodney ⚜Ellen⚜... 2010/09/27 19:55:57
    Think my point in posting this was not only to possibly lead some to a solution to what may be ailing them, but to opens eyes to how our food supply is suspect. I find myself making more of my own goods for consumption. Tomato powder, chili powders, freezing homegrown produce and paying attention to where my meats come from.
  • ⚜Ellen⚜... Rodney 2010/10/07 01:48:43
  • Rodney ⚜Ellen⚜... 2010/10/07 01:59:16
    We have to anymore. The cattle ranchers have woken up, with the exception of the huge corporate farming and ranching operation. When they started killing off the small farmers and ranchers in the 70's it was by design, in my opinion so they could "doctor" of food supply.
  • ⚜Ellen⚜... Rodney 2010/10/07 02:04:04
  • MIZ® ₱... ⚜Ellen⚜... 2010/11/10 02:01:34
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    Same thing just happened to me! (anemic results) but the iron tabs make me nauseous... :/
    (Hi ELLEN)!! :)
    worlds best friendanemic iron tabs nauseous ellen
  • ⚜Ellen⚜... MIZ® ₱... 2010/12/30 07:59:09
  • MIZ® ₱... ⚜Ellen⚜... 2010/12/31 05:39:36 (edited)
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    Hello again, Sweetest, most wonderful friend of mine~Boy have I missed you~!!!

    I am very happy to hear that you are doing better!! I am going back and forth... still taking my iron, when I can remember! ;-o

    How's your son? my kids are doing well~:) How was your Christmas!? Mine was wonderful~:)
    Happy New Year to you, my Dearest~ hope 2011 is all you wish for and MORE!!!
    hows son kids christmas happy year dearest hope 2011
  • PatrioticSap 2010/09/17 04:47:43
    I Am and Think...
    Although I don't know much about Bromine, processed food and much of our food supply is very unhealthy and our thyroids and entire bodies are taxed because of it. I had all the markers for hypothyroidism, and indeed I have it, along with thyroid cancer. I am turning back to nature, essential oils, natural foods and feel that after this cancer is purged from my body I'll emerge much healthier and more aware because of it. (nice informercial for Dr. Brownstein, hope you're getting a cut). (smile).
  • Rodney Patriot... 2010/09/17 04:53:17
    LOL, oh if only. I put it up because I am a health nut myself and after a brush with death and being misdiagnosed, I now take care of myself. I have taught myself more about keeping the bodies systems properly tuned and running as right as can be. Some things in our food cannot be avoided, but knowing how to rid the body of those toxins is important.
  • Patriot... Rodney 2010/09/17 04:56:20
    Absolutely. My little brush with cancer made me realize just how clueless I am to everything dealing with our bodies and how much they absorb from our environment and what we eat. Sometimes I feel like I want to throw my hands up in the air and just give up because it seems everything is bad for us but I remind myself: babysteps. I'd love to know what other products you use or what you're comfortable with.
  • Rodney Patriot... 2010/09/17 05:05:15
    Are you familiar with ascorbic acid? Vitamin C crystals. That's how I brought myself back from the brink. It will leech out heavy metals (you'd be surprised how much of that we ingest daily), pollutants, poisons of many kinds. Works on all the bodies filters, liver, colon, etc. I'll do a teaspoon in a glass of water or juice twice a day for a week or two every 3 or 4 months. Get the unbuffered stuff, it seems to work better. If you can't handle the citrus bite hide it in juice.
  • Patriot... Rodney 2010/09/17 05:06:20
    Alrightie, then. Off to get some ascorbic acid. Thanks for the tip. Take care...
  • Rodney Patriot... 2010/09/17 05:10:29
    You to and good luck with you cancer. Catch it now is the best thing to do. I just heard of someone who got esophagul cancer but didn't get to it in time and it has invade his liver and bones. Prayers for your health Patriot.
  • Patriot... Rodney 2010/09/17 05:11:48
    Thanks for that, it is greatly appreciated.
  • MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2010/09/16 21:40:44
    I Am and Think...
    I have always just chalked these symptoms up to my thyroid disease. Thank you so much, for posting this.
  • Rodney MAMMY51... 2010/09/16 21:56:25
    I think it say the test for this is a simple one, doesn't it? I know I hate feeling like crap. Ascorbic acid is also good for leeching impurities out of you system. When I get real run down I take a teaspoon in water or juice twice a day for about a week sometime two. It will make for loose stools, but one you are cleaned out you will return to normal.

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