Are You Circumcised?

wormwood 2011/06/15 05:24:03
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  • sabbothiel 2014/07/20 12:46:26
    Yes! (Give reason)
    there are only few characteristics that separate the sons of
    GOD from the rest of the nations and this is one of them..
  • tristarr 2012/08/21 03:22:47
  • Soot The Fallen 2012/08/19 19:26:32
    Yes! (I am a Christian)
    Soot The Fallen
    ._. .......
  • No One 2012/08/19 19:24:00
    Yes! (Give reason)
    No One
    Yes I was forcefully circumcised as an infant before I could give consent because my parents THINK it is cleaner. This is one reason I am against it. I figured I would vote on this pole to show that many people who are against circumcision are circumcised. I want people who know that not everyone who is circumcised is glad about the procedure. Those who accept that they are circumcised probably only accept it because they do not have a choice and because it is healthier to accept it then to be angrier about it. While I might accept the fact that I was circumcised as I cannot do anything about it I will not lie to myself and others and say that it improved my life or made me happier.
  • John No One 2013/04/06 04:31:55
    I completely agree. Being circumcised was one of the worst things that ever happened to me.
  • No One John 2013/04/06 04:36:40
    No One
    Thank You! What makes it even worse is that many people seem to not only think it's ok but even get upset with the victim.
  • John No One 2013/04/09 02:22:34
  • lindsey.hollands 2012/01/04 05:54:02
    No! (Give reason)
    I am not circumcised because the United States made female genital mutilation illegal in 1997. I hope someday boys will get equal protection from this as well.
  • Bart 2011/10/14 22:39:58 (edited)
    No! (Give reason)
    My parents aren't Barbaric
  • BanCirc 2011/10/09 18:51:44
    No! (Give reason)
    I'm answering for my intact son, since I did the research and watched videos and didn't go with custom or tradition or other people's BS reasons for it.
  • Snarf Tims 2011/10/09 18:20:51
    No! (Give reason)
    Snarf Tims
    God created me perfect. No human modification necessary
  • William Day 2011/08/10 05:01:46
    Yes! (Give reason)
    William Day
    I am an atheist and I guess my parents just thought it would be better
  • lovelygoddess101 2011/06/25 15:19:20
    No! (Give reason)
    i'm a chick XD
  • annadaniarndt 2011/06/25 08:09:49 (edited)
    No! (Give reason)
    I'm female. ^_^ All four of my brothers were circumcised, though, and I would have been had I been born a boy. Apparently it's healthier - uncircumcised penises get more infections and all that. My parents aren't religious.
  • lindsey... annadan... 2012/01/04 05:54:55
    That's actually a common misconception about circumcision. No medical organization in the world recommends the surgery.
  • AshleyP... annadan... 2012/05/03 23:16:31
    Bathing and keeping their genitals clean is just as easy and effective at preventing infections as it is for females. Would you cut your own foreskin (clitoral hood) off so you wouldn't have to clean under it?
  • burn_notice 2011/06/24 00:24:04
    Yes! (Give reason)
    cause i was ask at 12 and i didn't want an earth worm any more saw enough porn to know my ish needed a make over
  • Chaya2010 2011/06/21 01:03:53
    No! (Give reason)
    I'm a woman but all my brothers and male relatives are because they are Jewish.
  • dropdeadfugly 2011/06/18 10:12:31
    Yes! (Give reason)
    Yes, my parents are Christians.
  • Wrath 2011/06/18 04:43:46
    No! (Give reason)
    Quite simply because I'm not.
  • Josh Malchman 2011/06/17 03:39:20
    Yes! (I am a Jew)
    Josh Malchman
    Im Jewish and Israeli and proud. Besides that being ceremonial soon after birth its more sanitary/hygienic. But i do pity the men who dont get it when they are young and decide when they are older that must SUCK
  • Burnjuan 2011/06/17 02:43:50
    No! (Give reason)
    No, my family always believed that it's better too teach how to wash it rather than cut patr of it off. There is really no reason to mutilate a kid.
  • Billyk75 2011/06/15 20:56:18
    Yes! (I am a Christian)
    After I was born then snip.
  • James 2011/06/15 18:49:52
    Yes! (I am a Christian)
    why this question?
  • Hukaatir 2011/06/15 18:18:27
    Yes! (Give reason)
    To make my penis prettier
  • lindsey... Hukaatir 2012/01/04 05:57:07
    Why would your parents alter your genitals to look like what they think is attractive? That seems kind of creepy.
  • Mr.Steve 2011/06/15 14:40:23
  • davidl 2011/06/15 14:19:57
    Why not ask people how long and/or thick their "manhood" is? Geez. I bet the people who answered are now having second thoughts about sharing their answer now :)
  • Mr.Steve davidl 2011/06/15 14:42:54
  • davidl Mr.Steve 2011/06/15 15:54:16
    It isn't insecurity, it is good taste and the desire not to put such personal information on the web for all eternity.

    Or conversely, if you are that secure, please post YOUR dimensions; and while you are at it, share details relating to self-satisfaction, and the kinkiest things you have done? These also do not decide your manhood, but gentlemen don't share that information in a semi-public forum.
  • Mr.Steve davidl 2011/06/16 09:33:41
  • John davidl 2013/04/06 04:34:08
    It's anonymous. Don't be that guy.
  • sabbothiel davidl 2014/07/15 18:21:49
    to all its obvious most of you are ignorant when it comes to spiritual matters there's no point regardless of religion or not,,especially women all they care about is size.
  • davidl sabbothiel 2014/07/16 01:45:39 (edited)
    I went to 12 years of parochial school. I have immediate family members who are Catholic, Jewish, Buddhists, and Methodists, and even Wiccan. My wife is Methodist. i am Catholic. My father is Jewish, my grandparents are Buddhists. My mother was Catholic. Don't challenge me on theology. You'll lose.
  • sabbothiel davidl 2014/07/20 12:15:29
    sure you are im a Sephardic jew with direct ties to the Spanish inquisition my friend living in india now studied in maguen david mexico city with rab meyer abadi and I was also in the seminar in la paz Baja California I worked ith the ministry of restoration of isreal and live amongst many religiouse fanatics the point is circumcision is very important, i challenge you to give me your best shot...
  • davidl sabbothiel 2014/07/20 12:34:57
    I'm telling the truth. I don't care if you believe me or not.
  • sabbothiel davidl 2014/07/20 12:40:08
    look David if you have so much knowledge my friend than why wouldn't it be beneficial?
  • davidl sabbothiel 2014/07/20 13:21:48
    You claimed I was "ignorant when it comes to spiritual matters". Clearly I am not. I am refuting what you wrote. No more, no less.
  • GayButNowFree 2011/06/15 10:23:43
    Yes! (I am a Christian)
    And I prefer it that way
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2011/06/15 09:19:47
    No! (Give reason)
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    My parents, lucky, didn't believe the lies.

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