Are You Already Listening to Holiday Music?

The Big Question 2012/12/01 01:08:14
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  • lady blue 2012/12/01 20:32:59
    lady blue
    I totally LOVE Christmas music and I can't wait till this time every year to hear
    them again ! There's a station here in New York that plays Christmas songs 24/7 starting
    the day after Thanksgiving throughout Christmas day ! I LOVE getting in my car and listening to Christmas songs wherever I go ! Really awesome holiday spirit !! XD

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  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2012/12/06 03:17:38
    Not much really, just a bit. The Christmas songs that I like are ones that wouldn't really get played on the radio 100 times over though.
  • G.J. the time has come!!! 2012/12/04 16:27:59
    G.J. the time has come!!!
    I have a large collection of Christmas music from many periods
  • RJeffreySavlov 2012/12/04 16:09:17
    I avoid it like a plague. It is played to death strictly to drive the retail machine. The mass merchandisers have found a way to kill any real spirit from holidays.
  • SIMPATTYCO 2012/12/04 15:20:25
    It is collectively some of the most beautiful music ev3er written regardless of its religious theme. it also functions similar to smell. It conjures up memories of the holiday season
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2012/12/03 23:11:19
    Keegan The Fabulous
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/12/03 22:11:07
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    I hate holiday music. little grinch GIF
  • Emanon 2012/12/03 21:18:54
  • Jake 2012/12/03 21:02:58
  • Omni 2012/12/03 20:59:21
  • Scheißegal 2012/12/03 20:34:03 (edited)
    My neighbours had their freaking decorations up November 1st, like come on, it's not Christmas until December 25th.
  • Lady Winters 2012/12/03 20:00:54
    Lady Winters
    my son and I listen to it on the radio; he loves it.
  • TiffanyBelle 2012/12/03 19:27:03
    103.7FM has been playing 24 hours of holiday music for a few weeks already... adn when i'm in my car, i've been listening.
    I LOVE holiday songs... other than the years i've spent in retail and was forced to listen to it at work throughout the holiday season.
    Growing up in choirs/madrigals/jazz choirs I sang quite a lot of holiday music and it holds a special place in my heart.
    holiday music
  • Sista Nunya 2012/12/03 19:21:06
  • volley15 2012/12/03 18:57:41
    I hate Christmas music. There's nothing like coming home from elementary school on HALLOWEEN and hearing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" as soon as you open the front door and then hearing it non-stop till the 15th of January every year to ruin it for you.

    My mom has every Christmas song you can imagine on CD and farther more has at least 30 different versions all from different artist for each song. She makes it a mission to listen to every single last one every year. I can't hear a Christmas song without wanting to rip my ears out.
  • The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk 2012/12/03 18:55:16
    The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk
    But It's not b/c I do so intentionally. I just happens to be playing everywhere I go.
  • boo63 2012/12/03 18:40:59
    No but I'm watching all the holiday shows on tv though
  • sally 2012/12/03 18:11:18
    Bitch please it was on the radio in the second week of November -_-
  • luke 2012/12/03 17:49:45 (edited)
    I've been listening to these gems of Xmas Electronic Music

    Carol of the Bells 2012 Mix: http://soundcloud.com/djhoodz...

  • MkB 2012/12/03 17:44:56
    I love Christmas time music.
  • GoreGirl 2012/12/03 17:25:54
    I despise Christmas music. Despise. After 7 years of being young enough to sing it for school festivals, then old enough to play it in an orchestra. I hate it. To this day I cringe at everything...except maybe a couple hymns. Or this:

  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/12/03 17:18:09
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    Burnt Out already. After 6 years of Christmas Retail in the past. It does not take long
  • John Walker II 2012/12/03 17:13:23
    John Walker II
    I remember a time when I would only hear it a week before xmas at the mall and then it was stopped the day after.

    Now it's non-freaking-stop all the way from Nov 1st through mid Jan. WTF?
  • Bronar 2012/12/03 17:09:36
    Only when forced to in a store. Still too early for me. I like the 12 days of Christmas rule.
  • Green is a color 2012/12/03 17:09:19
    Green is a color
    Are you kiding. I start listening to Christmas music in October!...If not sooner than that. LoL.
  • KeithL 2012/12/03 16:55:08
  • TKramar 2012/12/03 16:53:15
    I have no choice, I work in a store. Even after the customers are gone, they can't change the channel for us?
  • dawn 2012/12/03 16:17:11
    I'm American so I don't know what "Holiday" music is--but I am listening to Christmas music if that's what you mean.
  • 001 2012/12/03 16:14:10
    Not on purpose. I heard part of a song in the stores, but that doesn't count as listening.
  • lill 2012/12/03 16:11:15
    Elvis Christmas Album
  • kateisgod 2012/12/03 15:55:53
    C'mon December 1st already passed.
    It's the holiday season....
    *breaks out into song*
  • ooo 2012/12/03 15:46:14
    Christmas music makes it easier for me to get into the Spirit of the Season. My family puts the tree up Christmas weekend, and we usually decorate it and then listen to Christmas music. We have an annual Christmas Caroling Party where at least 100 people show up to drink hot chocolate, eat dinner and go around our neighborhood, bringing song and joy to many people.
    Much of the music is meaningful, and it lifts my mood and soul right up. I vote yes for listening to Christmas music! :3
  • Todd Parsons 2012/12/03 15:16:08
    Todd Parsons
    What do you mean already? It's dec 3rd!!!
  • Gwen 2012/12/03 14:41:35
    Christmas music....
  • MS239 2012/12/03 14:20:47
    Sure! Christmas only comes around once a year, and doesn't last long so, yes, I'm listening to it. It's refreshing.
  • Kigan 2012/12/03 14:14:26
    Everywhere I go is playing it now. Don't mind it though, since it's actually December now.
  • Rob Clary 2012/12/03 13:54:19
    Rob Clary
    We put on x-mas music of every variety beginning first week of December.
    I am not even Christian...lol
    The winter celebrations are just a human tradition which pre-date any religious significance relating to Christianity. It's just good fun!
    The December 25 "Winter solstice" is about the movement of the sun - nothing more.
    Jesus is NOT the reason for the season...lol
  • Dyonus Rob Clary 2012/12/03 14:14:47
    Yeah, let's just ignore all the history between the Pagan holiday and now.

    While we're at it, why not ignore the history between when America was a bunch of colonies and now? Let's pay our tributes to the British crown!

    By repeating that it's a pagan holiday, that's what you're doing. You're looking at its start while ignoring ALL of its history in between then and now. Much like our country, it's changed over the years. Can't ignore history. Emperor Constantine was responsible for making it a Christian holiday (to bring unity between the pagans and the Christians of Rome) and Dickinson helped bring it back in the 1800s.

    Why do you choose to ignore that?
  • Rob Clary Dyonus 2012/12/03 15:31:37 (edited)
    Rob Clary
    Thanks for the info; I do not ignore it.
    I just prefer to keep it real and not make the season about some false god-man.
    My beliefs are rooted in a search for truth apart from Emperor Constantine's political agenda or Dickinson's motivations.
    X-Mas represents the movement of the sun, and to me it's part science in addition to celebration of life, family and community.
  • Jack 2012/12/03 13:42:16
    Playing them as well.
  • Jiorgia 2012/12/03 13:32:18
    I only listen to christmas themed music at christmas events...
    putting up the tree, christmas day and boxing day.

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