Are Women More Attracted to Jerks?

Living 2012/05/18 21:00:00
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Ladies, do you find yourself attracted to the same jerky guys again and again and again? It might not be your fault -- well, at least at certain times of the month. A new study found that when a woman is ovulating, she chooses "ravishing dudes over responsible ones -- even when evaluating them as long-term partners," How About We reports.

"Previous research has shown in the week near ovulation women become attracted to sexy, rebellious and handsome men like George Clooney or James Bond," study researcher Kristina Durante of the University of Texas at San Antonio says in a statement.

But what's new about this study is it explains why women want to pursue long-term relationships with these kinds of men around that time of month. Turns out, when a woman is ovulating, her hormones cause her to think your typical jerk is going to be a wonderful, caring, helpful father, LiveScience reports.

"Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better dads," Durante says. Why? "Missing a mating opportunity with a sexy cad might be too costly for some women to pass up," she explains. Do you think women are more attracted to jerks in general?

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  • Jack's Pearl 2012/05/18 22:27:48
    Jack's Pearl
    I'm not. I don't care how good looking someone is, that's only skin deep and fades immediately with a bad attitude or rudeness.

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  • Airhead 2012/05/21 21:29:59
    but you dont want the girl who likes jerks.
  • Howard Airhead 2012/05/22 02:12:30
    yes you do, cause she's usually the hottest
  • Airhead Howard 2012/05/22 04:11:57
    well, if that's your thing, but most of those girls are nothing but infidelity drama and STDs. I'm more of a committed relationship kind of guy.
  • Howard Airhead 2012/05/28 04:30:22
    just one of those committed relationship kind of guy huh!
  • Michael Howard 2012/05/24 04:08:44
    I have known some very sweet attractive girls that married attractive good guys.
  • Howard Michael 2012/05/28 04:31:02
    cant someone try to say something sarcastically or jokingly.
  • Stu 2012/05/21 21:14:16
    I answered yes, but with a caveat. Seems to me the case is this: many women confuse actual confidence with arrogance and cockiness, which are generally borne out of insecurty and ignorance. On the other hand, a nice guy who is truly confident is not going to act like an arrogant, cocky jerk. He's more likely to let you think you're right when it's not important for him to be right. A nice, confident guy is also more likely to walk away from a high-maintenance woman who thinks that unless he acts like an arrogant jerk, a guy is a pushover.

    Wise up, arrogance-loving ladies - the truly confident guy does not need to prove wrong every person that insults or disagrees with him. And those cocky, arrogant guys are pretty much all hiding their own insecurity behind a facade of bluff and bluster. Personally, I take great satisfaction in that. Those women who are shallow and shortsighted will fall for the jerks. A real woman who know what she's worth and doesn't put it up for grabs to every rooster who struts past may get fooled once in a while, but in the end, she knows what to look for and will find happiness much more easily by taking her time and finding out what real confidence is. Real confidence does not need validation or a compensatory facade - it simply is.
  • jacqueline.s.homan 2012/05/21 20:52:23
  • Boo 2012/05/21 19:32:12
    I think jerks are just good at fooling women initially. Nobody wants a relationship with a jerk--male or female!
  • mikeyllo 2012/05/21 19:23:35
    I don't think this just applies to women. I think something considered difficult to achieve or tame always seems more attractive in some ways than something easy to get. We like the challenge. We like the unknown. We like things not being simply handed to us. If a guy pays you too much attention and is too nice to a female, she'll probably loose interest until she has had enough of the bad boys and is ready to settle down and start a family. Only then is it that the nice or good guys start to catch most of their eye. Good guys then have to come in and deal with all the baggage the bad guys left behind.
  • Ayushee 2012/05/21 19:07:35
    I'm not!
    I will kick them there!
  • BAR 2012/05/21 18:58:31
    It's the "I can fix" him if given the chance... never works
  • Michael BAR 2012/05/21 19:31:47
    I know most bad boys won't change, no matter how they fix him. I mean come on why fix a bad boy, when there are fixed ones out there already.
  • Bookworm 2012/05/21 18:49:51
    Yes, especially women in the 20's are attracted to "bad boys." The very good looking guys are usually the bad boys because they get a lot of attention from women and can't seem to turn it down. The average or less than average looking guy has more trouble getting women, therefore has a harder time playing the bad boy. Humans are attracted to certain features that signal health and fertility. Short, fat, bald, etc.. does not signal those qualities.
  • Michael Bookworm 2012/05/21 18:59:22
    Yeah judge by the appearance, come on now. I know a few guys that are good looking to women, and they are straight, and a nice guy.
  • Tanner Hansom 2012/05/21 18:43:25
    Tanner Hansom
    Not really that interested in guys so I would have to say no.
  • kzb75 2012/05/21 18:41:17
  • Flojo 2012/05/21 18:30:21
    Jerks and ugly fat guys. I got to know my friends son really well and his living habits. He's a perfect example ofa jerk; he's lazy (slept 12-16 hours day), had mommie waiting on him through his 20's, cried over lettuce or something similar on a burger, wore his shirts buttoned to the top and walked pigeon toed. He smelled like an old sock, had no personality and is ugly as they come yet, some girl actually married him. (she's kind of a pig left dirty soiled underwear around, wore pj's out in public to hide her fat) but still thought this guy was worth marrying. I swear some women in general will get together with any guy no matter what they look or act like. How many times have you seen an ugly guy with a normal or attractive woman? It's classic.
  • Michael Flojo 2012/05/21 19:32:47
    I see them around here. I saw a total of 10 ugly guys within the last week, with a very attractive woman.
  • tquesada Michael 2012/05/21 22:41:11
    My best friend (we were also a couple) passed away years ago. Ugliest guy ever, based on looks, nicest guy based on soul. Treated me better than anyone I have met in my whole life, and in turn I reciprocated. We both became better people because of the respect and love we had for one another. But maybe those ten ugly guys from last week are rich...lol
  • tquesada Flojo 2012/05/21 22:28:23
    Children of any age will take advantage of their mother. That is what children do if they are allowed. lol.
  • Lessie 2012/05/21 18:29:54
    In general they are.

    I like nice guys and rebels ( but not the ones that don't know how to tell women about their value)

    As long as I feel beautiful and loved.
  • Frankie 2012/05/21 18:29:24
    There was a time in my young life that I seemed attracted to the jerks of the species. I'm happy to say I have grown out of it.
  • DDogbreath 2012/05/21 18:02:56
    That explains why my ol' lady is attracted to me. I'm a jerk, and she's on the rag 24/7...
  • Christopher Brady 2012/05/21 17:51:33
    Christopher Brady
    'Jerks' tend to be aggressive, confident, dominant and seemingly in charge. Thus they seem to provide 'security' in a partnership. And women are very big on security. 'Nice Guys', on the other hand, do not seem very confident, so women think them weak. Unfortunately, Jerks tend to be more insecure, which is why they tend toward aggression, to mask any sense of uncertainty.
  • cheighti g 2012/05/21 17:43:16
    cheighti g
    im sure NOT
  • fooley177 2012/05/21 17:33:09
    I'm a jerk, and women aren't attracted to ME.
  • dennisg40 2012/05/21 17:28:51
    Yes unfortunately. Nice guys are considered booring by many women.
  • barby karring 2012/05/21 17:14:28 (edited)
    barby karring
    Yep' the good guys get passed over, girls always go for the jerks first until they learn.
  • mustangluver 2012/05/21 17:14:22
    LOL...seems that way but who knows..I had one jerk in my life..so drop dead gorgeous and that kept me there for awhile but not too long..I am much more attracted to kindness, talent, intelligence and generous..and cute...and i married him 26 yrs ago. I did get a plus of no drinking, drugging, smoking or sports..LOL
  • rosebud 2012/05/21 17:11:30
    Some probably are.
  • Michael 2012/05/21 17:10:48
    This subject is as endless as it gets. Here's my opinion, women consistently date jerks because they refuse to think logically about their choices. There's a dumb movie called "he's just not that into" that contains perfectly sound advice for women who keep becoming involved in the wrong kind of man. The signs are all there for you, ladies. Plain as day. But you refuse to take notice to them because you get trapped in the fantasy. Life, love...it's not a Disney movie or Twilight.
  • tywon.smith 2012/05/21 16:35:29
    I hope not. If so I been doin it all wrong! LOL!
  • cc 2012/05/21 16:25:35
    Women like a man who is attracted to them, aggressive, opportunistic and motivated. Those are qualities of good bread winners. Those are also qualities of many jerks too.
  • shane 2012/05/21 16:25:04 (edited)
  • Michael shane 2012/05/21 16:43:36 (edited)
    I am a nice guy, and If I had a wife, or a girlfriend. I would fight for her, and die for her. You are also making it seem that every girl wants to be hit too, if she won't have sex with you. Not every nice guy is weak, and not every nice guy is a douchebag. And any girl not attracted to a nice guy will have a tough life, for parts of their life. And you are making it seem that 100% of all girls are attracted to jerks. Most girls are, but not every girl.

    Bear with me though. Its my opinion. This is a opinion website.
  • shane Michael 2012/05/21 16:52:16
    I admit,I am blowing things out of proportion. And I said spank,not hit. I didn't mean that I think all the chicks want a guy to spank them. Good god,it was an expression. I know what I said makes it seem that I have an extremely warped view,.......because I do. But I also strongly believe its true. Nice guys are not losers. I didn't mean that. What I'm saying is that in my experience of being a nice guy......its just got me walked on,laughed at,and ultimately ignored. I'm to blame for that. But I really do believe,that women love jerks,more than someone like me,who needs to gain more of the mental attributes that jerks have,and at least have the courage to try without using alcohol to make it easier to try to talk to a woman. I am not putting nice guys down in general. Have a good day. I respect your comment. You could have been a complete ass,but you didn't.
  • shane shane 2012/05/21 17:13:34
    And at this point,I'm just waiting for a female to put the smackdown on me,in a comment,for how I feel,and at that,its time for me to stop being a damned troll,and find somethin better to do with my day.
  • Michael shane 2012/05/21 19:35:11
  • Michael shane 2012/05/21 19:34:52
    I understand, what you meant I was just saying. I have had similar experiences, but I am still choosing to be a nice guy.. I do too, I believe most loves jerks, not all. And glad you aren't, and I support that, and I am glad you understand. Good day to you too!

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