Are we being lied to about the "deadly diseases" that we face every day?

sweetpeachie 2007/06/27 19:06:19
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In the next 22 minutes, 100 Americans will die under the care of sincere conventional MDs. But during that time, you can discover the safe, natural, yet virtually unknown alternatives that could have saved 95 of them...

And one of them might be YOU.

Save yourself a lot of pain, money-and maybe even your own life.

Get the real story here, right now. . .

In the next few
minutes, you could

Heart Disease/Stroke
High Blood Pressure
There's a simple first step to defeating all of these killers and more: Stop listening to the lies of mainstream medicine

Dear Misled Friend,

They're lying to you.

Your doctors, the drug companies, your HMO...

They're all perpetuating dangerous medical myths, and for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes it's to cut costs. Sometimes it's to sell more drugs. And sometimes it's just because they don't know any better. Think about it: Just because a doctor doesn't know he's wrong doesn't mean it can't kill you.

In fact, in the next 22 minutes, 100 people just like you across America will have died from the 7 most dangerous lies the mainstream medical establishment tells to patients every day. They aren't just 'little white lies,' either-they involve big-league killers like cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's and more...

You may have even already been told one or more of these 'killer' lies yourself!

But even if you have, there's no reason you have to succumb to it. If you keep reading, you'll discover these '7 deadly lies' of mainstream medicine-straight from the archives of the Health Sciences Institute (HSI), the one health organization that can save you from the fate so many of your misled neighbors have succumbed to because of these lies...

LIE #1
'Chemo and radiation are your best hope.'

'Your tests are showing that the cancer has metastasized to your lymph nodes.'

I'm going to have to start you on chemotherapy and radiation this week...'

I desperately hope you will never hear these words. We work night and day to make sure you'll have every weapon you need to stay cancer-free for the rest of your life. And even if you were to discover tomorrow morning that you already have cancer, you could still get well simply and naturally-without drugs, radiation, or chemotherapy. We've heard reports of success from our members all over the world. There are literally dozens of methods of knocking cancer out of your system...

The problem is that your doctor doesn't know about them. He's hopelessly stuck with the outdated cancer treatments he learned in medical school-many of which are now proven NOT TO WORK. But only a small sliver of the medical community knows the REAL CURES. You are now about to discover what may be the most remarkable cure of them all.

An 86% Cure Rate for
Hopeless Cancer Patients

In 1999, a leading doctor in cancer treatment was sought out by a number of cancer patients who were so far gone that their bodies weren't responding to any of the standard therapies. Because they were classified as 'untreatable,' he decided to give them a new therapy that showed promise-a non-sugar component of a glycoside group called AGS.

Five years later, all of these patients were supposed to be dead, but 86% of them were still alive and kicking. So we know AGS works!

Since then, he has been seeing more successes, and his biopsy technicians are rubbing their eyes in disbelief at how fast it works.

The 24-Hour Miracle

It kills cancer cells in one day. Researchers have used AGS on deadly melanoma tumors, and cancer cell death comes at high speed-reported results have been in as little as 24 hours. Remarkable, huh? No, it's stupendous. Imagine: If you were diagnosed with cancer next Tuesday, wouldn't it be terrific to find out on Wednesday that it's definitely going away?

AGS shuts down tumors without dissolving them chemically. One of the hottest fields in cancer research is the tactic of 'starving' tumors to death by shutting off their blood supply-a gentle solution that beats chemotherapy by a mile and a half. Researchers used AGS on cancer cells that had spread to patients' lungs (once it's there, it usually goes everywhere), and incredibly, it shrank the lung tumors and stopped the disease in its tracks!

It beats even the new super-cancers. Here's the dirty little secret of chemo: It's rapidly creating new kinds of cancer that don't respond to conventional treatment at all. Just as germs become resistant to antibiotics, these new cancers are multiple-drug resistant. Near-frantic authorities are predicting four million people worldwide will soon die of these super-cancers. But insiders at a biotech firm investigating AGS recently leaked the incredible news that AGS has also been found to be effective in drug-resistant cancers. If the medical establishment would only wise up and get behind AGS, they could save three times more lives than have been lost in all the wars in U.S. history combined.

It has zero side effects. You've seen women lose every strand of their beautiful hair. That's because chemo and radiation attack growing cells, hair follicles being the first target. You've seen patients choose to die rather than continue to face the terror of nauseating treatments. But all this could be over with. Tests of AGS have concluded that it is non-toxic and carries with it no adverse effects. If you're quick on the trigger, you've spotted the meaning of this: AGS is so gentle that you can start taking it regularly as a preventive, to keep yourself cancer-free forever.
Hard to believe, but new studies are starting to show that AGS works on colon, lung, ovarian, kidney, and brain cancers. And another physician, Dr. Paul Ling Tai, is now seeing amazing results in patients with the deadliest cancer of all: Pancreatic.

The Bad News, the Good News

A prominent biotech firm (I can't mention the name) is pulling out all the stops to develop a drug based on AGS. But first, they have to take AGS apart molecule by molecule, then reconstruct the main ingredients artificially so they can patent it. After that comes the maddening, slow approval process. In a decade, it might be in the pharmacy.

You'll find out more cancer cures like this one in your free bonus collection, The 50 Very Best Solutions to the Worst Health Problems of Today. Keep reading and you'll get the real, original AGS-at a fraction of the cost you'll pay for the drug version once it's even available!

LIE #2
'Your heart's a ticking time bomb...'

'You can't just walk out of here. Why, you're a ticking time bomb! You could have a heart attack in the parking lot before you even reach your car. I'm scheduling you for a bypass operation first thing in the morning...'

That's the famous 'time bomb' speech that has been used so successfully on thousands of people-few of whom actually needed any kind of operation. Some doctors aren't this aggressive. They give you a kinder, gentler version of the speech:

'You could go at any time if you're not careful. But we can manage your condition pretty easily with medication. I'm putting you on a daily dose of...'

Of course, 'managing' your condition isn't even remotely like curing it. If you knuckle under to this advice, you'll be taking Lipitor, Mevacor, Zocor, Lescol, Crestor, Advicor, Coumadin, aspirin, or various prostaglandins for the rest of your life. But the speech doesn't mention that, does it?

But in just a minute, I'll show you a dozen ways of actually curing your problem with cholesterol or high blood pressure. The fastest, cheapest, and most
powerful is what I call...

The 44-cent Preventive for Dropping Dead

Most of the medical profession is in distress about cardiovascular disease because they have no good solutions for it. That's why, over the next 20 to 30 years, hundreds of people you've met will die of myocardial infarctions, strokes, and so forth. The victims have something in common-they all believe anything they hear from someone in a white lab coat.

You, however, aren't one of these people. Just follow through on the simple information that follows, and your blood vessels can stay open and flowing like the Nile. Best of all, you'll do this without drugs or their dreaded side effects. The solution to blood clots is a food, an inexpensive Asian food (also available in pill form). If you can afford 44 cents a day, you've just added a lot of healthy years to your life.

How the University of Chicago
is Saving Millions with a
Japanese Delicacy

A researcher at University of Chicago's Medical School has discovered that an extremely inexpensive natural food is more effective at healing and preventing heart disease and strokes than the best medical treatments costing $20,000 per dose.

Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi found that a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans dissolves blood clots with unmatched speed. He identified an enzyme in the cheese-like food that prevents heart attacks, strokes, and angina (plus plain old-fashioned senility) without any of the horrid side effects of drugs. (If a clot goes to your brain, you have a stroke; if it goes to your heart, you have a heart attack.)

To his great surprise, he found that when he put one drop of this food onto a blood clot in his lab, it dissolved the entire clot in only 18 hours. That's a stark contrast to the $20,000 substance (Urokinase), which fizzles out quickly and has a half-life of just 20 minutes at best.

Proven for You and Fido, Too

This incredible edible is not just a laboratory wonder. Get the latest on how well it works in the real world.

Researchers began with animal studies. In a single-blind study on male dogs with blood clots, a single serving dissolved the clots completely in five hours! After 18 hours, the clots in the dogs that got a placebo were as big as ever.

Then they tried rats, the soy derivative bested plasmin, the natural clot-fighting substance you have in your own arteries, by four times over.

In human studies, it was again a success: It cut in half the time required for the subjects' bodies to dissolve clots. That means your blood approaches the ideal condition quite rapidly.

No Side Effects Here

Instead of side effects, like drugs, this all-natural cure typically furnishes a bouquet of side benefits:

Stimulates your body to produce more of its own clot-dissolving plasmin. In contrast, most drugs weaken your body's ability to fight its own battles.
Lowers blood pressure. In human tests, blood pressure fell 10% in four days.
May ward off osteoporosis.
Proven to combat senility.
Works strongly to prevent heart attacks and strokes-with just one small 100-milligram capsule per day.
Has a 100% safety record. Unlike the commonly prescribed drug Coumadin, it won't make your blood too thin, no matter how much of it you eat.
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  • Ginny shiela33 2007/07/27 19:56:33
    I didn't say it was "bad", it just isn't the best...again it's run by government. Since when does a government agency ever do anything better than the private sector where we have a choice?

    For me the word free healthcare scares the hell out of me. Say for example you need some tests because of some ailment, in our current system you can get the tests quickly. With free socialized medicine...take a number and wait, and wait, and wait for your turn.
  • shiela33 Ginny 2007/07/27 20:10:20
  • Sandy shiela33 2007/08/04 14:53:45
    Why so you think so many Canadians come to the United States for their health care?
  • shiela33 Sandy 2007/10/03 22:14:32
  • borderq... Ginny 2007/10/03 22:13:49
    Under the Hillary Clinton health plan insurance companies will not be allowed to refuse you coverage because of "pre existing conditions" and under Hillary's health plan, all women in our country will be able to get the screenings they need to prevent deadly diseases
  • borderq... shiela33 2007/10/03 22:11:31

    who said it was bad?
  • Ginny borderq... 2007/10/04 01:36:29
    You love to argue...I don't enjoy arguing...go away and leave me alone. We disagree about everything when it comes to political views. You can't change me and I don't want to change you. Just go away. I hope there are some good qualities about you, but right now in my heart I don't like you.
  • borderq... Ginny 2007/10/04 04:23:59
    who ever said I had time to talk to people like you when its views like yours that pollute America?
  • Terry ~... borderq... 2007/10/27 07:18:54
    Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~
    Under HITLERY Clinton's healthcare plan, we will have to wait 6 to 8 months to get checked on by doctors just like Canada.

    By the time you get checked on, you will be dead, under the HITLERY Clinton's healthcare plan.

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