Are Urban Americans Thinner Than Rural Americans? (Study Says So)

AdriHead 2012/09/19 23:00:00
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Sure, America collectively has an obesity problem. But according to a recent study, the Americans who are bearing the brunt of the bulk come from the rural parts of the country. In other words, individuals who live in the urban landscape are skinnier than those who live in the 'burbs. Maybe it's all the walking? Or perhaps urbanites just prefer salads over burgers? Whatever the case, we'll let you make the final call about this study.

JEZEBEL.COM reports:
A new study published in the Journal of Rural Health suggests that rural Americans are almost 20% more likely to fit the clinical definition of obesity (BMI over 30) than their city-dwelling counterparts. The study relied on clinical data—i.e. people weighed and measured at doctors' offices—rather than self-reported data.

The change, researchers speculate, has something to do with rural food deserts, lack of access to fitness facilities, and that sweet spot where traditional gigantic farm breakfasts meet increased agricultural mechanization. In other words, people have trouble getting a hold of healthy foods, personal trainers aren't wandering around the corn fields (nor is there money to pay them if they were), and farmers just aren't hoeing off their ham steaks like they used to.

trainers wandering corn fields money pay farmers hoeing ham steaks

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  • Hard Kn... Jiorgia 2012/09/20 06:17:13
  • Rust 2012/09/20 01:30:35
  • sglmom 2012/09/20 01:20:01
    If you think that Suburbs are rural .. you really need to get a GRIP ..
    (they are still urban .. city life .. )
    (SHEESH .. just SHEESH on the idiocy that thinks suburbs are rural .. )

    IF anything .. the urban areas have a far greater concentration of those with obesity problems (those far less active)
    (more access to elevators, buses, cabs, escalators, people movers in a motorized way) ..
    (as well as far greater access to unhealthy lifestyles including a predominance of fast food restaurants and easy to access junk food)

    than the TRUE Rural Areas
    (for we are far more out in the outdoors, doing chores, taking care of far larger properties, working large gardens .. just doing more active work lives overall)
    (there's very few options for dining out .. which is why we grow our own .. raise our own livestock .. and make do with what we have .. )
  • Transquesta 2012/09/20 01:14:43
    Not in my experience.
  • NPC 2012/09/20 01:13:47
    I guess most of you have never been to a Wal Mart store in a Metro Area ?
  • Kirioko 2012/09/20 01:07:46
    I feel like urban people feel the need to move around a lot and appropriate their weight according to the media, so I would definitely say we're thinner.
  • phil 2012/09/20 00:48:21
    I think. Could ne wrong
  • Vision of Verve 2012/09/20 00:40:23
  • Hard Kn... Vision ... 2012/09/20 05:55:23
  • undertow9x 2012/09/20 00:37:11
    People in cites walk more.
  • angel face 2012/09/20 00:17:11
    angel face
    I would agree
  • American Nate 2012/09/20 00:12:56
    American Nate
    that's because more people that live in the urban are poor.
  • luke 2012/09/20 00:06:04
    Suburbia is horrible.
  • elvira 2012/09/20 00:04:49
    There's a good possibility this may be true. When I go to the county fairs, I notice an awful lot of obese (not just overweight) people. I don't know if the people are from around the area or out of state.

    What I do know is I do a lot of gardening in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter I manage to stay trim by snowshoeing (the only way to get to the bird feeders :D ) and dealing with the snow here in the northeast. I also hit the gym (yes, I know the article says we don't have gyms or personal trainers in the country) at least three times a week.

    Getting healthy food is not a problem either. There are plenty of farm stands and farmer's markets. Some are open during the winter and you can purchase root crops, local artisan products like maple syrup, jams and soaps. Also, there is a supermarket 3.5 miles from my home.

    Sometimes I think being overweight is a choice. You choose what you put in your mouth. The end results shows on the scale.
  • Maya Zauberman 2012/09/19 23:45:07
    Maya Zauberman
    There isn't as much parking space in the city, so we have to walk more
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/09/19 23:43:50
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    Really? Wow, doesn't look that way to me. Honestly.

    I love statistics...you can make them say whatever you want if you work the numbers long enough.
  • xxelement 2012/09/19 23:41:46
    Suburbs are NOT rural
  • ellomotto 2012/09/19 23:41:05
    They walk more. if you live out in the country it's 10 miles to get anywhere
  • flaca BN-0 2012/09/19 23:36:16
    flaca BN-0
    No long commutes (causes stress: a slow killer)
    More walking
    More free time
  • wtxwoman 2012/09/19 23:34:27
    1st, you ask about 'rural' as versus 'urban' and then you referred to 'suburbs' as 'rural'. The Suburbs are decidedly NOT rural. They are part of 'urban', hence, the name 'suburb'. Urban people probably walk more and go to gyms, dances and stuff like that. Work in the country is not as physical as it used to be, so they probably don't get as much exercise and don't see exercising for 'fun' as very inviting. I know I never did. I come from a farm family, but lived in town all my life. We walked everywhere. Now I live in a rural area, in the desert, and no one with any sense walks anywhere.
  • Sean McDonald 2012/09/19 23:31:32
    Sean McDonald
    I guess so
  • Huki68 2012/09/19 23:26:26
    but I believe that we Americans need to walk more and everything is far, everywhere you go it needs to have a car
  • kevracer 2012/09/19 23:25:40
    running and ducking from drive-by shootings, we have to be light on our feet.
  • vannuck kevracer 2012/09/21 08:32:15
    So true


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