Are there others who have the ability to sense people's energy aura visually? I am referring to seeing colored hues around people's bodies or faces. If so please respond.

Jacqueline 2009/07/27 01:03:12
Were you born with this ability or was it self-developed?
Do you know the meaning of the colors emitted or the association to the individual?
Do others in your life know that you have this experience and/or ability?
When you pick up others energy color/hues do you tell them what you see?
Does this happen randomly or can you control it by concentrating/trying to make it happen?
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  • Tiffany 2011/12/15 14:00:09
    Hi everyone. I came across this site looking for people more like ... me, i guess... I'm 23 years old and i can sense only bad energy from people with evil intentions.. i don't see their aura or anything, i actually feel what they feel... anger,guilt,enraged.. my heart will start beating extremely fast and my thoughts are going so fast... if i actually stay around a person with negative energy long enough i can actually faint. I also have visions of people who need help... my first vision was about a week ago and he was a young boy standing at the corner of my bed telling me he needs my help "they're going to hurt me, please help me"... he couldn't have been deceased i figured because he looked scared and was asking me to help him. This gift runs in my family, and as i get older i know it's going to get stronger after speaking to multiple family members of mine that are older. I'm very scared and i don't know how to tap into this ability that i have... it just scares me and i want it to go away honestly. No, I'm not crazy and no i do not take drugs. This is a real gift that people do have... I'm just looking (for the first time) to talk about it ... I'm not ready to speak out loud about it... only my boyfriend and a few family members know about it, and I'm scared that if i don't learn how to "use" or "tap" into this ... I'm going to end up going crazy... is there anybody out there going through this?..
  • thomas 2011/07/28 15:31:44
    i have been seeking for the answer for years. a close friend was way for several weeks. i miss her very much. not knowing when she will be back but one day in a sudden i feel something strange. i was guessing and guessing but still not knowing why i keep going to the place she work. i the try to call her and she really was back on the day i have this strange feeling. she said i am getting crazy. what can i do to control it or to get to know what am i actually sensing for? if anyone have an opinion pls email to cthomaskl@yahoo.com
  • walker.susie@gmail.com 2011/03/19 05:27:06
    A while after my Mom passed away, I found certain memories growing faint which I found terrifying, but one thing that seemed to ring very clear was a sense of her energy (as I remembered it) and for whatever reason, it was yellow. Absolutely no idea why. And then I was very touched by the 311 song of Amber is the color of your energy, etc and I have tried to look into that further. It seems now, that the main source of connection I have with the memory of my mother is this sensation of yellow. Strange yet I believe in it somehow.
  • Curious 1977 2009/09/05 04:38:23
    Curious 1977
    Yes, I can see other people, as well as animals, colors. I can also usually feel a vibration. - I don't always know what the colors mean, but I do recognize if they are positive or negative, scary or safe. I think I was born this way, I have never understood why I am seeing what I am seeing. And it was only recently that I realized everyone else isn't experiencing people the way I do. Yes, some people know that I am this way, it was other people that pointed it out to me. I don't usually tell people what I am seeing. I will however respond to what I think they may need at that time based on what I am seeing. I can't always control it, but I can concentrate and amplify it.
  • Mejink 2009/07/27 20:18:25
    I don't personally, but I know others do.
  • stillholdingon 2009/07/27 02:37:48 (edited)
    I can't say that I see "auras" but I have a pretty good sixth sense about people. I'm not as book smart as some people in my field but I always had above average observation ability. Some of my former colleagues used to say that "I can see into people's brains." (That's why I have the Homer MRI in the media section of my profile) Of course I can't but I do a pretty good job.

    Then again, I've been completely fooled before too so it's not an exact science by any means.

    mri media profile pretty job ive completely fooled exact science
  • hart 2009/07/27 01:08:55
    its called magic mushrooms! magic mushrooms
  • Innocuous 2009/07/27 01:08:46
    Some people rods and cones are able to pick up the infrared portion of the spectrum.

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