Are tattoos attractive on women?

LMWolf 2008/05/08 20:40:56
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  • Big Show 2012/11/15 07:00:10
    Big Show
    hell yeah, they're sexy as hell
  • mommy of 3 2011 2012/01/30 16:18:32
    mommy of 3 2011
    i think that tattoos are attractive. i have 2 and i'm thinking of getting another. my first tattoo is of butterflies and an ivy vine that goes from my right elbow and across my upper back to my other shoulder and my 2nd tattoo is of a fairy sitting on the moon with my childrens names in it. the one i'm thinking of getting i want to cover my whole left arm from wrist to shoulder with a few roses in memory of my mom.
  • Nix 2011/11/30 03:34:25
    I have a full back piece tattoo, my feet tattooed and now a full sleeve. I have a very good job and i would like to think im a well respected 22 year old lady.

    Tattoos on woman have given bad reflection due narrow minded individuals. Yes i must agree, alot of young girls these days will get a tattoo that represents nothing and personally are poorly done.

    Real woman get real tattoos! FACT!

    i dont know how someone who hasnt had a tattoo can sit there an tell someone not to get one because they will end up regretting it. No, this is your view, if you had a tattoo you would regret it. I personally LOVE my tattoos and all tattoos, they are me, they bring my bare body alive. When i am 70 years old i dont plan on wearing skimpy clothing or bikinis that will show my tattoos off.

    Be smart about your tattoos, think about your career choices and dont forget vet the tattooist first. Number 1 rule of tattoos: NEVER PICK A TATTOO OFF A WALL DESIGN! big NO NO
  • FantasyRealityAndThee 2011/04/22 23:19:18
    I find all tattoos remind me of brusing and rarely see any that are beautiful on anyone, I can't tell my family and friends this for obvious reasons. I might get my social security tattooed on my feet though so someone knows who I am when I die.
  • Fantasy... Fantasy... 2011/04/22 23:20:40
    no one will tell you the truth about this believe me
  • Natalia 2010/04/26 01:48:04
    I think it definitely depends. I'm a girl and I have a rather large piece on my back of a phoenix. My last boyfriend loved it and thought it was beautiful work (especially since it's very symbolic), but I'm sure many men would not like a tattoo as large as mine. It's all relative...People are different, tastes are different. I definitely don't like trashy ones though, like skulls and barbed wire or flaming frankenstein heads..lol. That's a bit much.
  • Tyler.j.yost 2009/12/09 04:49:26
    It depends how the woman looks also what she gets a tattoo of and where and what it symbolizes.
  • taravati 2009/11/27 02:13:32
    If they are tastefully / artfully created they are works of art on any body.
  • alex 2009/11/22 01:26:29
    A small nice cute tattoo is good but no farther than that, or else she will look dirty(or used up, know what i mean)
  • alex alex 2009/11/22 01:34:33 (edited)
    VERY CLEAN! I love U!
  • Ken 2009/11/08 23:48:13
    Makes them look like trailer trash.
  • Luke 2009/11/06 03:34:07
    Tattoos aren't attractive on anybody. Don't get them. You'll regret it.
  • Fantasy... Luke 2011/04/22 23:20:10 (edited)
    True isn't Cher getting rid of hers.
  • smf 2009/11/05 20:39:45
    i've got 3 tattoos nd my bf loves them, but i think tattoos are a personal thing 2bh mine r anyway
  • Anthony Wingless 2009/11/01 18:51:05
    Anthony Wingless
    rather No, than Yes
  • Chelsea!!! 2009/10/21 00:33:53
    I would hope so because I have a tatoo
  • inkyboy 2009/10/05 22:01:13
    I prefer women covered in ink - fll suit for me and heavily pierced from head to toe mmmmmm!
  • alex inkyboy 2009/11/22 01:37:54
    Like this ugly thing
  • Fantasy... inkyboy 2011/04/22 23:22:08
    piercing is gross to me but I allow others the right to do it...still I'd prefer a woman be painted...and wander around publically...
  • Psychotic Embryo 2009/09/24 02:45:39
    Psychotic Embryo
    i like cute ones that say tramp slut whore or sumthin their cool
  • xx donna xx 2009/09/22 11:37:39
    xx donna xx
    tattoos are attractive on men but not on women maybe on some people but not on people who get their whole body covered in tattoos i think that is disgusting and when people get their hole body covered in piercings and when people who get the ribbon going through their back ehhhhhhh!!!
  • Ken xx donn... 2009/11/08 23:50:16
    Tattoos are ugly on anyone.
  • formadmirer 2009/09/14 05:55:56
    Ok, I answered Yes, but for me there is a size at which point it becomes unattractive, and a style that can either be attractive or not.

    Small, lower back tattoos or tattoos on the breast or just above the pubic area can be very sexy. Feminine tattoos in pastel colors and designs like birds, butterflies, fairies, etc. can be quite cute and attractive.

    Large or whole body tattoos, tattoos on the arms, neck, leg and tattoos of skulls, knives, etc. etc. to me are not sexy and not attractive in the least.

    tattoos tattoos arms neck leg tattoos skulls knives sexy attractive
  • Photo Chick 2009/09/09 03:50:41
    Photo Chick
    as a woman with tats, I tend to find them sexy in general.

    I don't like anything gross, bloody, dead, etc even remotely attractive. But I think that something tasteful and meaningful can enhance someones body.
  • wolf sloan 2009/08/10 15:59:32
    wolf sloan
    I do not find walking billboards nor human pin cushions attractive
  • Watch this, I saw it in a c... 2009/07/29 14:09:30
    Watch this, I saw it in a cartoon once!
    no, I'm not attracted to women,with tats, but it's not a deal breaker either.
  • ShahnazRoxs(: 2009/06/22 21:42:33
    ill say yes if they had only one tattoo but if it was alot then no its not attractive.
  • marcuss....PHART 2009/06/21 15:28:58
    tattoos on a womens breasts are disgusting.
  • alex marcuss... 2009/11/22 01:29:51
    Agreed, I think about licking them but not with tattoos.
  • hunt16 2009/06/21 05:10:00
  • Ken hunt16 2009/11/08 23:52:48
    Disgustingly UGLY.
  • alex hunt16 2009/11/22 01:27:24
    way too much, NO!
  • alex hunt16 2009/11/22 01:29:08
    Imagine how she will look as an old lady. Nasty( I fell sorry for grampa)
  • browneyes~no~lies 2009/06/20 02:53:11
    Most of the time they are if it's a little simple tattoo like a butterfly on their lower back or shoulder or something, but not if it's this whole big thing stretching all the way up your arm.
  • MechanicalWalrus 2009/06/16 22:56:27
    Depends on the tattoo.

    Tattoos can be attractive if they're meaningful, and tasteful, but otherwise you sort of slip into a special kind of danger-zone.

    In general if a girl has a tattoo I see her as decisive and resolute, which are both sexy qualities for me.
  • Tim 2009/06/06 03:00:45
    Just a simple shoulder one, ankle or one the lower back Yeah
  • MaxxaM 2009/06/05 07:19:04
    in their lower backs yeah!!!
  • Fantasy... MaxxaM 2011/04/22 23:24:19
    yes near the sacral center...they can be sexy for the 20ish age group...who will regret it lately unless they join the circus...
  • EastIndianFemme 2009/05/25 23:26:33
    depends how she has it and wears it!!
  • Lizzie Bee *In My Sisters I... 2009/05/16 22:24:51
    Lizzie Bee *In My Sisters I Trust*
    EW EW EW EW EW EW EW NO!!!!!!!!!

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