Are Resolutions Easy to Keep or Hard to Maintain?

The Big Question 2013/01/02 22:24:48
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  • JayLynx 2013/01/05 06:31:44
    Easy to Keep
    My resolutions should be realistic or I'll not able to keep them.
    I do not promise the impossible.
  • foxy 2013/01/03 12:23:44
    Hard to Maintain
    If I was a smoker, I think I would give up. it is so anti social, my problem is food. I like it a lot, and I have been told to lose weight. Last year my husband and I lost 2stone by cutting down and walking. This year my legs are too painful to walk like I used to. I suppose this means eating even less. I am not giving up chocolate, I enjoy it too much. I will only eat it in moderation.
  • moonglum 2013/01/03 08:08:13
    Easy to Keep
    it depends what it is
  • lolitalovely 2013/01/03 03:56:27
    Easy to Keep
    It depends on what the resolution is.
  • Mini Twuby 2013/01/03 03:07:17
    Easy to Keep
    Mini Twuby
    Depends what your resolution is!!!
  • Urchyn 2013/01/03 02:58:26
    Hard to Maintain
    Keeping resolutions is indeed tough, however when you need to make a change in your life, have a workable plan, stick to it, it is doable - tough but doable.
  • angel face 2013/01/03 01:57:45
  • Kigan 2013/01/03 00:57:47
    Easy to Keep
    It depends on how realistic you were when making them.
  • Sister Jean 2013/01/03 00:33:24
    Easy to Keep
    Sister Jean
    NEEDED more choices ...like all else in life it depends on the effort you put into it/them
  • tomi.inglis 2013/01/03 00:30:36
    Hard to Maintain
    i make a point to never make New Year's resolutions. I live my life day to day and try not to worry about tomorrow. That's not to say that I don't have goals and I don't make changes but I take it one day at a time.
  • rand 2013/01/03 00:30:33
    Easy to Keep
    At least my last resolution made many years ago has been easy to keep; "make no more resolutions" I resolved.
  • Sister ... rand 2013/01/03 00:33:46
  • Anonymous 2013/01/03 00:14:57
  • bob h. 2013/01/02 23:24:57
    Hard to Maintain
    bob h.
    Depends. This year I've resolved to find a good connection for bootleg cigarettes. After 43 yrs of smoking Camels, I quit 5 or6 yrs ago because of the insane prices and strangely enough feel no better.
  • 111 2013/01/02 22:41:17
    Easy to Keep
    New year's resolution: Forgo any attempt of creating a proper new year's resolution because I'll forget about it by the end of January anyway.

    See? Easy.
  • peaches 2013/01/02 22:28:04
    Hard to Maintain
    364 days is a pretty long time.

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