Are Pit Bulls Vicious???

EverythingObsessed! 2009/03/01 06:36:19
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Personally I don't think any dog is naturally violent it's the owner's fault!!!
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  • Suki 2009/03/10 02:09:13
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    NO, NO and a thousand times NO. Vicious people are the problem. Who do you think teaches the dogs to behave like that? I am a vet tech and every pit bull I have ever met has been the sweetest and most wonderful dogs. There have been so many pits who have sacrificed their lives to save humans and other animals. They are very altruistic dogs with above-average intelligence and perception. It is not their fault if nasty humans mess up their personality. Dogs want to please their owners. If their owners teach them to fight and to be nasty, they will be, but deep down, they will hate being like that and become very confused. The result...a dog with severe psychological problems created by violent and hateful human beings. Any human who has any part in this should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • shay 2012/10/10 00:09:23
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    i cannot believe that there is a bad dog out there only bad owners especially with pitbulls they are such a loving and caring dog. yes they may be protective but they dont attack for no reason bad people make bad dogs and the breed should not be put to shame for stupid people.
  • southernboy 2012/04/10 21:18:09
    Of course not!
    "if you think pitbulls are vicious beast then you see the two legged beast at the other end of the leash." a quote i like
  • Chasdah Scott 2011/11/19 13:04:47
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Chasdah Scott
    i've actually had pits and we raised them to be good so now ppl love to play with them and see them
  • Cindy Allen 2011/11/07 05:12:42
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Cindy Allen
    I have one and he is the sweetest!!!
  • brea 2010/11/20 21:46:34
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Pitbulls are not Viciouse i have one the only way they are is if the owner trains them that way mine is not she is so sweet she is like any other pet sweet outgoing and fun to be with but she is strong!
  • pitbulls 2009/11/03 18:13:38
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    i have a pit bull, who was a rescue dog and unfortunatly he was badly treated, he got kicked, punched, and the previous owner let other dogs attack him, so wen i got him i couldnt take him near any dogs as he would go mental, but i kept percivering, iv only had him for 5 months and last wkend i took him took a dog show for the first ever time and he did fantastic. this prooves that with the right leadership, they are big softies, that wouldn't harm a fly, they only become aggressive when u get idiots that want a tough dog to proove their masculinity, and i think any1 sick enough to destroy such a beautiful breed deserves to be hung by there testicles. sorry bout the language but it justs winds me up wen pitbulls are basically named devil dogs.
  • Andys Wifey 2009/10/17 20:54:34
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Andys Wifey
    pit bulls are just loving dogs! i had one and he never hurt a soul! its the owner who raise the pits to be mean and aggressive! its not their fault at all. so the owners should be held responsible for the actions not the breed
  • Dragonfly420 2009/10/02 07:32:13
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Aggressive pit bulls are made aggressive by their owners. If pit bulls are properly trained and cared for, they are very sweet and loyal companions. But, some people train them to fight or train them as guard dogs. Some people abuse and neglect them. Some people get a pit bull puppy and don't know how to properly train and care for a dog. All those listed above are what make pit bulls aggressive. They are not born that way. I wouldn't recommend a pit bull to a first time dog owner because they do need proper training from an early age. But, they can be great companions when in the hands of good, responsible dog owners.
  • jillian 2009/06/25 14:34:05
    Of course not!
    my grandfathers dog which is a pitbull never hurted anyone
  • Blueheart 2009/04/25 19:56:14
    Of course not!
    they are the sweetest
  • gdgtre 2009/04/20 01:44:29
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Punish the deed not the breed
  • Delynn 2009/03/13 18:57:45
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Just like it's the owner's fault if *any* dog is vicious.

    To quote Abby from NCIS: "Dogs don't kill people. *People* kill people."
  • sk8tergurl4life345 2009/03/12 22:03:20
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    HELL NO! IT IS THE OWNERS FAULT IF IT IS VICIOUS! well first of all they are attack dogs nd they are trained for the wrong reason i have one! i should know! mine i ssuch a sweet lil inicent 2 yr old doggy :-)
  • Lexi 2009/03/12 18:07:37 (edited)
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    owners fault owners fault lika anyother dog tha owners raise

    Not my picture, but it's sooo cute!
  • Happy Gyrl * cuz He Loves Me* 2009/03/12 14:29:14
    Of course not!
    Happy Gyrl * cuz He Loves Me*
    they are misunderstood. animals are in weird ways like humans but completely different at the same time. if the owners are mean to them of course they are going to be mean but its amazing how one can be changed when they see someone has a little faith in them
  • evelyn 2009/03/12 03:23:53
    certain ones are and certain ones are not. it depends on several different contributers... bloodline, owners, enviroment. i like to compare it to almost the circle of abuse. how its common to cycle from one generation to the next because thats what the child is grown up with and drilled into. its like if you have a dog and you dont discourage the negitive behavior it continues. pits are protectors. i think that when people are looking into this breed you need to know your materials and know how to handle a dog.
  • Kelsey evelyn 2010/11/07 23:52:11
    I'v watched a lot of dog shows and I'v seen how they are treated, ur not wrong, but not right, these dogs nature is to do that to protect them selve and some people see how pretty these dogs are and want one, but don't train them right so when they get mad, they do what they think will make their owner happy. :)
  • debbie 2009/03/11 21:51:54
    its alot like the thing with dobermans years ago. too much inbreeding. are they naturally violent? yes that is what they are bred for. an owner can make it worse if he treats the dog badly or encourages his natural ability
  • beav818 2009/03/11 21:31:15
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Sweet as pie..

  • Attila 2009/03/11 18:29:47
    Of course not!
    I have several now and have owned them, bred them sense 1976. Not no but hells no. This is the most wonderful breed ever.
    The media hype is a bunch of horse pucky as are those that believe that crap. many of the most decorated dogs in the military were APBT. It is just the media working with the government to take away our dogs, our guns and our freedoms. Anyway we have to protect our selves from them they want to remove.
  • zcberry 2009/03/11 17:21:38
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    they are big clumsy dogs, they are protectors. owners fault clumsy dogs protectors I had a black pit and he was so beautiful, yet clumsy.
  • Depp78 2009/03/11 17:12:10 (edited)
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    pit bulls are one of the most loyal dogs you can own and bad owners use the dog's good quality for bad.

    We have a pit bull/retriever mix and she is protective of us and its great because we have a lot of land and we know the kids are pretty safe when she is out with them. We still check on them, but our dog will alert us if there are people near the property.
  • syd 2009/03/11 16:53:21
    Of course not!
    any dog could be vicious if it is trained/treated to be so.i had a pit bull and she was the biggest lap dog...she would knock you down so she could lick you to death :}
  • It's the owner's fault if it is!
    It is how they were raised. My pit is loveable and she is good around kids.
  • Kiyomicupcake eaterofsouls 2009/03/11 05:21:46
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Kiyomicupcake eaterofsouls
    no...anyone could make a dog vicious...i have a pit of my own...and she is a sweet heart...wouldn't hurt a fly...all dogs can be loving, caring and sweet...it's all up to the the one who own them.
  • Kurbdog 2009/03/11 03:01:49
    Of course not!
    I HATE doggie bigots!!
  • BABy L0VE <3 2009/03/11 02:50:54
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    BABy L0VE <3
    I have 3 beautifull pitbull's and they wouldn't hurt a fly! The 6 years old girls chiwawa next door barks and bites more then my dogs! Although pitbull's have a natural instinct to attact.... if there owner has trained them that way, and gave them a reason to act vicious!
  • IKnowwhoyouare 2009/03/11 02:47:30
    Of course not!
    they aren't any more vicious then normal dogs but they are really powerful so the few that are vicious kill people where a vicious mini dog does not.
  • Whitney 2009/03/11 02:01:12
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Pit Bulls are not born mean, but like most bully breeds, or any breed in general, they need alot of socalizing and care when young so they know what's exceptable and whats not. It's the owners fault if they didn't take the time to do it right.
  • yay4bookz 2009/03/11 01:30:11
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Its the owners fault that the Pitbulls are vicious. Not the dogs.

    owners fault owners fault pitbulls vicious dogs
  • Kennedy1st yay4bookz 2009/03/11 21:36:12
    I agree.It's the owners,not the pitbulls.I know 2 and they are so sweet.
    Kennedy ownersnot pitbulls 2 sweet kennedy
  • roger 2009/03/11 01:28:03
    Of course not!
    They can be taught to be vicious. But their basic nature is very loving. They love to play with children more than any other dog. At one time, just about the only breed that was a pet dog in America was the pit bull. Ignorant people have turned this fun-loving pet into an object of fear. How sad!
  • Caca 2009/03/11 01:10:57
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    Well it all depends on the owner and the dog. Is it aggresive, is it trained, does it have a nice owner,is it liked by other dogs or humans. owners fault depends owner dog aggresive trained owneris dogs humans So I can opinionate if its vicious or not !!!
  • GHIhorses 2009/03/10 22:01:17
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    it all depends on how the animal was raised. it will have some issues with other dogs...all dogs do...just because of its breeding
  • Mindy 2009/03/10 19:51:27
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    There are no bad dogs, only bad owners
  • ♥♥♫MusicalBxtch♫♥♥ 2009/03/10 17:38:53
    Of course not!
    i have had three pits and none of them are violent.
  • Emily 2009/03/10 17:11:28
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    If they're trained correctly, they're fine. Any dog can be vicious, sometimes for the good of the owner, as in it is protecting its family. Any wild dog can be violent, not just pit bulls. Any owned dog can be violent with improper training. Seriously, they get a bad reputation. It's easier to control smaller dogs, and pit bulls are larger and tend to just have a different temper in general, but you CAN train them! Some of the sweetest dogs I know are pit bulls. I'd even let small children near them, too.

    It's just like parenting. You do a crappy job parenting your child, the child might grow up to be a crappy person. You take care of your child, teach your child to be a respectable person, then your child could be a great person. Take responsibility for the things you choose to raise, people!
  • Llana 2009/03/10 16:02:09
    It's the owner's fault if it is!
    I'm preaching to the choir but of course, it's the human's fault! I've never had a pit but I know some and they are fun, feisty and loyal dogs.
  • Clay 2009/03/10 14:40:50
    Yes, anyone with a brain could deduce this
  • Dragonf... Clay 2009/10/02 07:50:38
    You are wrong about that. There are a lot of friendly and loyal pit bulls out there. Pit bulls are only made aggressive by abusive, neglectful, and irresponsible owners.

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