Are Mustaches Good for You?

AdriHead 2012/08/06 18:31:12
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Things that are good for you: fruits, vegetables... and mustaches? Researchers at “Radiation Protection Dosimetry” found that facial hair actually provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The journal, which focuses on measuring the amount of radiation people absorb, also found that longer mustaches provide more protection than shorter ones. The same goes for beards, of course.

And ladies: you're not excluded in all the (healthy) fun. Separate research has also found that the hair on your head also protects you from the sun -- especially if it's long.


Hipster men of the world, rejoice: Those ridiculous mustaches you have been growing are more than a fashion statement.

washingtonpost reports mustaches health

Read More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/wp/...

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  • Franklin PandahSixx 2012/08/07 13:09:58
    yes and no ...they are not "gay" unless the owner wants it to be gay... Queen mustach
  • PandahSixx Franklin 2012/08/07 13:56:25
  • Franklin PandahSixx 2012/08/07 14:32:58
    well DUH ! He was very gay ...but one hell of a singer and just as manly as anyone else -
    it was great lose when he died-
  • PandahSixx Franklin 2012/08/08 06:02:26
  • Franklin PandahSixx 2012/08/08 13:12:13
    sorry to hear that he was rather talented and made some very good music ...
  • PandahSixx Franklin 2012/08/08 16:22:24
  • Elizabeth 2012/08/07 02:42:18
    not my style.
  • Franklin Elizabeth 2012/08/07 13:14:26
    your 14 - how do you even know what your style is ? Your view will change based on people you meet and how you feel about them ...my first crush was on a girl with glasses - i still kind of like glasses on woman but my real thing is redheads with green eyes (with or with out glasses)
  • Elizabeth Franklin 2012/08/08 01:48:07
    thanks for being judgemental, i do have a style ok? geez...
  • Franklin Elizabeth 2012/08/08 13:13:45
    not judging hun , just observing that your taste will evolve over time . You will see it happens to all of us and its not good or bad it just is-
  • PandahSixx Franklin 2012/08/08 16:22:45
  • Franklin PandahSixx 2012/08/08 22:13:45
    ????? you the one who claimed to set in your ways for life ! TG that I was not so closed minded at that age I would have missed out on some many experiences ...LOL
  • PandahSixx Franklin 2012/08/09 08:30:08
  • Elizabeth Franklin 2012/08/10 21:01:40
    ok, but its still not my type on a guy.
  • Franklin Elizabeth 2012/08/12 12:50:57
    not trying to sell you anything just saying to keep an open mind or you will miss out on so many things ... I have dated every type and I did find what i really like but I have no regrets for trying so many other types and it showed me so many things i might have missed if I had just stayed with what I liked in high school
  • Torchy 2012/08/07 02:39:08
    Blech...hipsters and mustache burns. Count me out of that grossness.
  • Lady J. Murderess 2012/08/07 02:17:06
    Lady J. Murderess
    Im girl........ (shudder) O_o
  • Cat 2012/08/07 02:13:56
    Grandma always liked hers. ;-D lol """"""""
  • Dan 2012/08/07 02:03:23
    I just voted yes because either way is fine with me. Everybody has a choice of their own.
  • Farbiger 2012/08/07 01:54:28
  • Franklin Farbiger 2012/08/07 13:16:42
    ...you do know that if we grow it in full and then trim it back its as soft as a puppies belly ! puppyies belly I have EXE's that still want to touch mine when they bump into me in public.
  • Farbiger Franklin 2012/08/07 14:42:03
    Lol. Really? You shouldn't have told me that. Now if someone I know has a beard and it' fluffy, I'm going to keep petting it. xD
  • Sophie Franklin 2012/08/08 05:46:47
    Now that is cute! I would be okay if the owner had a beard ;)
  • Franklin Sophie 2012/08/08 13:16:47
    I am one of those big-bad biker looking guys who rescues stray dogs all the time ...I have 5 strays in my house right now . People are rarely what they seam to be on first sight -
  • spencerc143 2012/08/07 01:49:09
    If the scientists say so.
  • Lady J.... spencer... 2012/08/07 02:18:14
  • Chris spencer... 2012/08/07 04:48:03
    smartass gif
    really? "if scientist say so"
  • spencer... Chris 2012/08/07 14:33:53 (edited)
    Yeah. Theyre the ones doing research and stuff.
  • RayG 2012/08/07 01:10:18
    Sure hope so....have had one for 45 years
  • iamco2000 2012/08/07 01:02:10
    I wear mine with dignity and it's the appropriate counterpart to my perfectly groomed goatee and 'burns.

    Grace to you, Glory to God!
  • Franklin iamco2000 2012/08/07 13:19:43
    we should post pictures of well groomed facial hair - i am a full beard now but for years had just a stash but it was exactly like .... Tom Selic stash not post pictures groomed facial hair beard years stash and not Tom Selic stash
  • Resp 2012/08/07 00:37:11
    Some guys can wear a moustache and look great.

    Others, nahhh!
  • Pookie 2012/08/07 00:18:27
    No me gusta :I
  • TheR 2012/08/07 00:10:22


    Ghengis Khan

    But I like Beards:

    Santa Claus

  • selena costa 2012/08/06 23:57:25
    selena costa
    i look sexy with one yeah sure. jk anyway i like a little hair sometimes on my guy
  • Tastentier 2012/08/06 23:49:39
    Yes, but what they failed to mention is that mustaches and beards only provide protection for the patch of skin underneath the facial hair :) You still need sunscreen for the rest of your face.

    Also, there is a reason that we aren't covered in hair from head to toe: We need to absorb UVB rays in order to build vitamin D. Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, but too little sun exposure causes vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder. It would therefore make sense to only wear a beard during the summer and go clean shaven in the winter months.
  • John Rafael 2012/08/06 23:25:07
    John Rafael
    no for me.. i would look strange if i had one.
  • whateverbabynevermind 2012/08/06 23:22:55
  • Wake Th... whateve... 2012/08/07 00:32:06 (edited)
    Wake The Sheeple
    Amazing musician, too bad he died.
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/08/06 22:48:34

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