Are Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs Healthier?

Daryl 2012/07/10 18:00:00
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According to a new study, if your child grows up with a pup around, he or she is less likely to develop colds and ear infections as an infant. Are kids who grow up with dogs healthier?

CBSNEWS.COM reports:
Babies born in homes with cats also showed a protective benefit against respiratory symptoms, though not as strong
baby dog baby and dog

Read More: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-57468598-10...

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  • BOOGIE-WOOGIE-MUSIC-MAN-ROC... 2012/07/10 19:15:14
    Healthy and happy.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/07/10 19:14:53
  • ♌βļąƈʞƦơșƐ3033♌ 2012/07/10 19:14:10
  • Grant Straka 2012/07/10 19:13:46
    Grant Straka
    Growing upw ith dogs creates a good friendship. My 2 year old brother and Flynn are good friends
  • TJ 2012/07/10 18:56:40
    Speak for yourselves. I grew up with a Dog made of barbed wire and he was addicted to steroids. I lost a lot of blood to that thing. Stupid razor dog.
  • the fuze 2012/07/10 18:55:21
    the fuze
    Seems reasonable I guess.
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2012/07/10 18:49:35
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    One, they build up anti-bodies to allergens and two they are often more active and happier.
  • gvc 2012/07/10 18:35:59
    My brother had asthma he was allergic to dogs and cats.
    We spent many a night in the hospital until they figured out our pets were triggering his asthma.
    I can't sleep with an animal in the bed with me, I wake up with swollen eyes,runny nose and wheezing.
    Maybe it's because we couldn't have animals in the house as children...idk.
  • jasmine1 2012/07/10 18:32:29
    I think some of it is mental health too. I just love our furry friends of all kinds.
  • YeahISaidIt 2012/07/10 18:21:57
    And I had sooo many pets.
  • CA Gal 2012/07/10 17:49:29
    CA Gal
    It's the same theory as Mother's that will not allow their children to play in the dirt. By keeping their children completely germ free, they take away the ability to build immunities and therefore become ill more easily because they have no resistance to germs. Let your kids play with the dog in the mud if they'd like to. They clean up just fine in the bath tub.
  • Riobhca 2012/07/10 17:40:10
    If their immune system gets used to pets when very young, then it is much less likely to overreact to pet proteins when they get older. And being around dogs has other psychological health benefits as well. And a person's psychological state has an effect on the immune system. Those who are depressed can have a lower immune response.
  • Ninjaman 2012/07/10 17:39:00
    i fully agree that animals improve your health
  • Vinny 2012/07/10 17:35:35
    If the dog owner keeps the clean of fleas and worms!! then the babies are safe!!
  • Vision of Verve 2012/07/10 17:25:32
  • saturdayschild 2012/07/10 17:23:40
    Dogs make our lives so much better.
  • jasmine1 saturda... 2012/07/10 18:31:24
    All pets make our lives better. We learn so much from them and they give so much love.
  • saturda... jasmine1 2012/07/13 23:42:27
    Amen to that!! Two of my favorite aphorisms are (Sorry, they're only about dogs):

    My goal in life is to be as good a person my dog already thinks I am.

    And my favorite:

    If dogs don't go to heaven, then I want to go where dogs go.
  • mrdog saturda... 2012/07/11 06:22:38
    thank you....bark
  • Daryl 2012/07/10 17:20:59
    Kids and dogs eat yucky stuff so put together they probably develop a strong immunity.

    kids dog gross

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